Crystal Grid: Love and Acceptance

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

Today is about accepting yourself in the present moment. Each Crystal Grid will have the instructions just as last time and will help guide you through the process of using the grid in your own time and place.

Grids are powerful in that they never change. The main steps are 1) decide on what to focus on 2) intent and meditation 3) activate the grid 4) ground and centre 5) watch what happens in your daily life, were there any results?.

Do you love yourself? Even just a little bit? Do you accept who you are? What you look like? How you feel? Do you accept the gift that is your body?

Sometimes it’s really tough to see the blessing of what body you have been given. Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s so great about yourself. In today’s age there is constant problems about people doubting themselves, not living their dreams, throwing themselves into an endless job they hate, or every time they look in a mirror they can never manage to say anything nice or never smile.

Do you do that sometimes? Do you feel like you’re not good enough?

These thoughts and feelings really run deep. They stem from society and get rooted into our hearts and minds and before we know it, we think and act just as Susan down the road, who thinks the same thoughts and who says the same words to herself.

How do we break out of these habits? How do we actually start loving who we are, and what we are? It’s a really long journey. It is. It’s tough, I know. But you have to start somewhere! You have to make some effort. Do some jumping jacks! Pick up yourself from the bottom.

No one else is going to motivate you unless you do. That’s something really important to know. If you’re not going to raise that dumb bell no one will for you.

The same is for your thoughts, no one is going to clean it up for you.

But here’s a grid that might help.

When you need self acceptance, self love. This is the grid for you to start nurturing that. This is a grid to help you, motivate you to be in the right mindset to elevate yourself from darkness and to actually smile at your complexion.

What’s in the grid?

Pumice – You need to be light, airy, fluffy and without any fear. You need to take things as they are and just accept them as they are. Trust that what you are being called to at this time is important for your future and your individual progress and that nothing will stop you.

Brecciated Jasper – When you can’t find the words to say to yourself, listen to yourself on the inside. What are you thinking, what are you saying? What are your muscles saying? Inner awareness and soul awareness is what you need to work on to continue making positive progress in your life. Clarity and being resilient through a period of change, growth or rebirth is essential.

Turquoise – To be calm on the inside and letting the coolness permeate outwards. Peace will assist you to listen to your inner wisdom and just let things go that you cannot control.

Quartz Tumble – To provide the energy and motivation to overcome obstacles, raise vibration, realise your dreams and set things in motion.

Rainbow Hematite – To keep balance and grounding through a time of transition, healing, growth or transformation.

How to activate the grid

You can use this grid anytime. Anywhere.

Start by either printing the picture out or having it on a computer screen or phone.

Get into a meditative state and ask yourself why do you need to use this grid at this time?

Set your intentions, and maintain a steady grasp on them throughout the ceremony.

Take a crystal which has a point and either:

a) tap the point on one of the edge stones in the crystal grid and visualise it becoming like an electrical circuit, getting wired up from where you are pointing towards the centre with white energy cords, feel the vibrations of the cords as the link each crystal up together, once all of them are linked up, the middle should burst into a colourful beam which sends the intention and energy of the grid out, up into the sky, or down into the earth, depending on what type of grid it is, and for what intension it is for.


b) Point the crystals pointy end to one of the most outside crystals in the grid and blow onto the crystal, activating the grid all at once, and sending the energy column where it needs to go into the universe, similar to method (a)

You can use any activation technique.

Ground and Centre.

Important notes.

Remember, the crystal grid is a time stamp. It is a grid that you can use anytime, anywhere, and draws on your power and your intentions. Not my crystal babies. 🔮🔮

Grids are like sort of a digital spell. It’s already laid out for you, all you have to do is activate it, in your own creative way and your intention and power sends it off, shooting out into the universe, and you intention will be met with a response in due time.

The crystal grid uses energies from each crystaline parent spirit (E.g. the spirit of quartz, the spirit of calcite) not the individual spirits of the pieces that I have displayed.

Thank you all for reading.

Coffee Magick and Deity Talk

Heya guys, me Mysty here! Coffee magick? Deity Talk? Lets have a look.

I really dislike my coffee being luke-warm. Ew, gross gross, disgusting! How do I heat up my coffee to my desired temperature? With my intentions of course.

I chant in my head: (While imagining a fire starting inside the coffee fluid)

Heat of Pachamama x until the coffee is to your desired heat

It works! Each sip is hotter than the last! So awesome, its like not even physically possible in terms of science, but science hasn’t explained magick yet. Thanks Pachamama.

Normally Pachamama is associated with Earth. But I associate her with the deep inner core of the Earth, and its really, really hot down there! Estimated at 6000 degrees Celcius. Holy Shit! She’s one Hot Goddess!

This is really similar to my relationship with Brigid [Pronounced Breet] (which I see her as a Goddess, tending to her Cauldron above her Stone Hearth. Her Red, curly hair surrounds her head, chillin’ in her cottage, always doing something. Always busy. Her cottage is down, down, down in the middle of the Earth. The Heat of her Hearth is the core of the Earth. (When I journey to her anyways.))There is a lot of different artworks and depictions of Brigid and such. I normally only find out later on which Goddess is which and it normally matches the main descriptions of their likenesses through Artworks, and associations.

Really is no surprise that Brigid is associated with Hearths, Earth, Water and Fire. Like wow Brigid you really tick all the boxes there! I guess I had to Journey through the Earth to find the Cottage for the first time. But I would get glances of just her face, just her and her bright red hair before making the effort to Journey there.

Apparently she’s also called the Lady of the Well? In nearly all Mythologies (Norse and the like) have some sort of Well with the Fates around it. (And Brigid apparently has 3 fold aspects, kind of like Hecate which has 3 phases of the Goddess in one. Madien, Mother and Crone. But I’ve never seen the other two, just the ‘Mother?’ (She’s not pregnant so idk)).

I think the 3 fold Deity thing has been stolen from the Three Fates and The Morrigan. The 3 fold aspect of Cerridwen and Brigid has only become popular in Modern Paganism… coincidence? I don’t think so. I think this is like combining Deities like the stupidity of  Thoth-Hermes. Yes, I didn’t make that up, that’s a real God from the time period when Greeks and Egyptians both lived in Hermopolis. It doesn’t do them either any respect or justice. (From my opinion).

Cerridwen’s Threefold Goddess figure was coined by Robert Graves. Thus can be entirely UPG. I also highly doubt that Brigid’s Threefold-ness is historically accurate either. I think this goes more to the 3 rivers and 3 sons which were named after her, not within herself as a Deity. (Outlined in Druidry.org, Brigid: Survival of a Goddess). Nothing in that post defines her as a triple Goddess.

So, lets do our research. If you’ve found a mythological source (that is reliable please) about Brigid being a Triple Goddess I would love to know. No Hippie Wiccan sights or any sites which do not include Druid or Irish/Celtic information. People who claim to know their Lore and Mythology now-a-days are getting a little slack. Getting a little inaccurate. I prefer maybe even an anthropology Student article or thesis about Ancient Celtic Culture. I would love to know if a triple aspect Brigid is legitimate.

This is due to me trying to respect my Ancestors. Many of them were Scottish, French and Prussian. So I really have a mix of different Ancestors and connecting the dots for me is difficult!

Another way I do magick is more of a kitchen magick thing. Like when I’m making dinner or making another family member tea or coffee I stir a spoon a certain number of times anti-clockwise and clockwise and invite healing/positivity/whatever I would like to offer to my family while making their favourite beverage!

It’s really a nice way to include your family in your magick, even if they don’t know you’re doing it, you’re basically gifting them a little piece of energy to them and I enjoy doing it. My family has been a lot better with inviting positivity in and letting things go, and forgiveness in our family. So it really does work.

Thanks guys for reading, let me know what you think about the Three-fold Goddess. Is it Wiccan propaganda? Is it legit? Are there mythological references to back it up? When I’m not getting bombarded with uni assignments I’ll do more research on it as well. 🙂 Thanks.

May your Spirit Guides and Deities bless you to find your highest good.

Song of the Day: Deep into the Earth – Jana Runnalls.


Winter, Cymres, Druidry.org. (N/A). Brigid: Survival of A Goddess. Retrieved from: https://www.druidry.org/library/gods-goddesses/brigid-survival-goddess

UPG – Unsubstantiated Personal Gnosis