How to Ground

Hello everyone, Mysty is back!

So I would like to take the time out to specifically talk about grounding and grounding techniques.

What is grounding?

Grounding is a way to connect ourselves to the earth, either in a shallow, tree root way, or in a deep tree root way.

Your tree roots that you visualise could be a cord of light, a metal cord that you throw down, to the Earth Mother, and you can connect to her more effectively that way.

You must ground before and after a ritual. It’s also good to do before you start your day. It keeps you connected to the Earth and your decisions are more focused on what is important, and your attitude will be less moody, and more forgivable.

I know I can get really angry when people push my buttons. But I find that if I meditate, ground and centre in the morning, I am more aware of my thoughts and words I say, and that leads me to be in a space where I can let go and forgive a lot easier.

For ritual, grounding is essential, without it you will feel a bit woo woo after doing one. Ritual incorporates other parts of our mind and spirit that, for the most part are tucked away when doing mundane tasks. Grounding before the ritual is to get your mindset towards the magical, and grounding after the ritual is to finish what you’re doing magically so that you can continue with mundane life without feeling light headed, dizzy, or scatterbrained. You may have other symptoms like constipation, stomach aches depending on what magic you did, how you did it and how it affects you personally.

Methods of grounding

There are several ways to ground. The most popular is the tree root method.

Tree Root Method (5-10 mins)

  • Either laying down or sitting in a comfortable meditation position, take a few deep breaths and relax, extend some roots, small ones from the bottom of your body into the ground. It doesn’t matter if you do this inside or outside, but outside is best.
  • Grow the roots in size and shape as they grow deeper into the ground, and let them go into the ground as far as you would like.
    Say a prayer or a short message to the Earth Mother or whoever you identify with the Earth, and ask her to take the negative energies that you’ve picked up from your daily life and to deposit them into the roots. Ask her to transform these energies into either neutral or positive ones.
    Ask if you can receive spiritual nourishment from the Earth. Let it fill your body, let it touch your heart.
    Say thanks, slowly make the tree roots smaller and smaller until the energy of them go back into your spirit body.
    Take a few deep breaths.
    ** This will keep you grounded for 1 day.

Line Drop Method (5-10 mins)

  • Either laying down or sitting in a comfortable meditation position, take a few deep breaths and relax
  • Drop a line down into the Earth or Inner Earth if you prefer. Let the line go really long and don’t force it down it will just gladly drop down by itself and you get better at this with time. It doesn’t matter if you do this inside or outside, but outside is best.
  • Pay attention to the colour of the cord and if it has been connected to something at the bottom. Mine is normally connected to a device which sucks the negative energies I’ve accumulated into the tube and down into the earth. I can see the energies being transmuted into something better. It turns either into neutral energy which just sits there in slabs on shelves, waiting to be used for something later or it turns into positive energy.
  • You can ask for the positive energy to go to someone or something specific. For example, if you know someone who has an illness, disease or is in a bad situation, you can ask for this energy to be gifted to them with a particular purpose. (e.g. I ask that this positive energy is gifted to Joan to aid her in fighting her cancer, that she may recover from her surgery and therapy).
    Ask if you can receive spiritual nourishment from the Earth. Let it fill your body through the tube, let it touch your heart.
    Say thank you and either keep the deep cord there or if there are side effects and you feel too stretched with your spirit body or if you cannot move while grounding, please remove the line.
    ** Don’t worry, grounding techniques are there to help you get grounded and they last 1 day.

You don’t need your lines or roots down 24/7 because that will drain you mentally and psychically. That is the complete opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. A grounding technique works because you intentionally do it, and it is a tool to intentionally remove all the blockages, spiritual baggage and shit you’ve been carrying around from day to day, and just letting it go.

Thank you for reading my blog,

Best Blessings,



Simple House Purification Ritual

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

So today I would like to go over a really simple house purification ritual/ceremony.

I think ceremonies are more fluid and rituals follow things step by step. I find that ceremonies that I make on the spot are much more powerful than rituals, for me personally.

I feel like my magic can flow wherever its needed within the spell and if animals giving their medicine are nearby I am much more aware and receptive of their help.

So all you need is:


-Burnt herbs

-Fresh herbs

-Preferably a clear path all the way around your house, but can be optional.

Why these ingredients?

The burnt herbs should be from a previous spell which attracted health or wellbeing into your life, personally, not an external spell (i.e. for someone else) this is to tie you yourself to the spell, not anyone else.

This will basically rule out any negativity dispelled from your house directly into the outside area, of the protection circle you are casting and protect you personally as well, as the caster.

The fresh herbs give the spell power, it draws up energy from the surrounding earth, from the core of the earth and from the sky straight into your circle.

Blend them together and start from the Earth Direction (either north or south depending on location) and go around your house sprinkling your mixture in clockwise for southern hemisphere and anti clockwise for northern hemisphere.

Why these directions?

– This comes from how the earth rotates while traveling around the sun. Clockwise for southern hemisphere is banishing and Anti clockwise is attracting. Vice versa for the northern hemisphere.

-Same with your elemental directions. Earth for me is towards Antarctica and Earth for northern hemisphere would be towards the Arctic Circle


So you want to start out by blending your herbs together. Fresh and dry. Each herb you use will be for a specific purpose.

Basil for me represents protection and abundance. Sage is for clearing the energy and making it fresh. Chili is for boosting the spell’s power and rosemary is also for protection. Siratro (local herb) for me represents binding of the spell into the physical world.

So, take some herbs that you represent personally with protection, purification, binding and/or banishment. Could be anything from daisies to dandelions I don’t care what you use, the main thing when doing spells is, what does it mean to you?!What does it represent for you?!

Without this, your spell will not work.

Next, you want to walk in the opposite direction of your sun’s path across the sky, for us down here, thats clockwise, for you northern hemisphere folk, that’s anticlockwise. You’re making a barrier, not only physically (with the herbs) but energetically and psychically (with your mind).

Don’t worry about going around your house and having to tie the circle you make with other areas you cannot reach. That’s okay. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you just need to create a circle of protection and this happens if you walk around your house at least 80% in the correct direction and then grab lines that need to be connected together.

Finish in the same location you started in (Earth Direction) to finish of the spell.

Thank you all for reading my posts,

Best Blessings,



Ancestors “Don’t talk to me”

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. I’m Mysty.

So last night was a pretty good experience, I could feel, sense and see the energy that my ancestors gave off around me as I was laying on my bed at night time. Not just some of my ancestors but all of them. From all of my past lives, even my Arcturian family.

So my ancestors from this timeline has created a lot of strive in the now. Their family curse, is ineffective communication, leading to family abuse for decades which normally results in divorce. On one side of my family.

So as I was talking to all of them, I could feel their sense of love for me, and it was in a great spiral of energy going upward, towards the sky. But some of my ancestors didn’t join in. They bickered, moaned and complained. One of them told me “Don’t talk to me!!” in a harsh, attitude-filled voice. A Woman over the small chatter of my ancestors.

I stopped everything and looked in her direction, I immediately knew who she was. All the other ancestors either kept going with their small conversations or just stayed quiet for a bit, and looked in her direction.

It was dark in my room, for the duration of this. So I can easily see the energy changes in the air, her face as well.

I drew a banishing pentagram, and I banished her negative energies, harsh words, and family curse from my life. A outline of grey chalk looking dust exited my finger as I drew the pentagram in the air, doing a ‘banishment of spirit’ configuration, (Starting from the top and going down to the left, for me).

The pentagram, once complete went completely black, solidified and I pushed it straight at her. I banished her from my life, with just some simple words, simple spell, but my tone was full of resentment for her. She was the one that started the shit in my family. She was the one who led my grandparents to act like children to my mother and her siblings. My mother is now mentality unstable due to it. Due to neglect, due to negative talk towards her. Never encouraging her and always putting her down. Always bickering, always arguing, always fighting, even to this day, even when they are divorced and they never want to talk to each other. That shit started from this ancestor, seven generations back.

I deleted her from my circle, her dust is only dust. Her life, her only life, her spirit can roam in darkness, no one to remember her, no one to call out her name. No one to reincarnate her. Maybe as a slug, but who knows.

An important note

Witchcraft is not just dark, its light as well. You cannot have one side without the other. You cannot claim to heal others if you cannot banish them from your life, hurt them or inflict them with a curse.

I know I can do both, but very rarely do I CHOOSE to do both. There’s a difference between ability and skill.

Now I know some people are new to my blog, and welcome to you guys! I’m so glad you could make it here. I truly love working with my ancestors and spirits.

But there’s a time and place to bring about change. That could be bringing yourself new job opportunities. It might be removing someone from your life that is selfish, abusive and hurtful. It may be asking for a blessing to move to a different town for reasons that may be in a grey area.

Witchcraft has no colour. It’s not black or white, or grey. It’s about changing something, it may be a situation, it may be a person or place, and this change brings about certain consequences.

Bringing a new job opportunity to you, might mean someone else misses out. Bringing rain to you might mean that someone else is missing out too!

So don’t label witchcraft to be good or bad or something else. It’s none of those things. Good and bad are labels that we as humans have created to try to simplify out lives but it has done the opposite.

Would you say that abortion, to save the mother’s life is murder? Or is it saving her life?

Would you say that euthanasia is morally correct if someone wanted to go that way? To not suffer, to be in peace, to be mentally there when they go?

What do you think? Magic is just the same. There’s no right or wrong, good or bad, there is only love or pain.

If you’re bringing rain to you, to bring water to your property because your animals are dying, that is love.

If you are saving your descendants from years of hurt by banishing negativity from one person, that is love.

Best Blessings,



Divination for the week ahead: November 18th

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

So today I’m back with the reading for the week ahead.

This time I’m using my new deck, Angles and Ancestors by Kyle Gray and illustrated by Lily Moses. It’s a beautiful deck and I highly recommend it. It’s not one of those gordy looking angel decks, (that I personally do not like and does not mesh with me at all)

Before we start, as the disclaimer says, all photos which have content from another illustrator or author, all rights go to them.

So today’s question was, For the collective (you guys following my blog), what do we need to ask for assistance this week?

The answer was The Magic Guardian – Unlock the Magic Within.

I think that’s very powerful for this week. The transition into 2020 will be a rough time if we don’t get our energies sorted out. We must be vigilant and calm, going with the flow and following our intuition into the light of 2020.

What things do you need to let go of? What things can you cannot control? We need to let go of so many obstacles that are created by ourselves, and this comes back to spiritual and magic blockages. Most of which are self imposed.

Do you doubt yourself? Doubt your magic, intuition, psychic, empathic, shamanic..the list could go on, abilities?

I love the wings of the Magic Guardian. Remember that we can rise above our doubts and bring into the world great things.

I did another successful rain spell yesterday, with barely any tools. I love the spirits associated with the rain and the eagle which carried my message to the ocean and by the end of the day it rained! Hard. Not just anywhere, in Queensland, and on our property. You can make a difference if you just believe you can.

Magic is within you, outside you and within everything you see. It doesn’t matter if an object is inanimate or not, it still has magic.

Please tune into the magic around you this week, and your life will start to glow from within you, and change your life around you.

Seeing the beauty of everything comes when we are truly connected to the heartbeat of nature. Grandfather Fire, Grandmother Earth, the spirits of the elements, they are real and they will listen to you, if you develop a relationship with them.

I love magic, I love being a pagan, and I love being a witch. I hope you get intouch with your inner magic this week and try to reach out to the magic in your local area, I would love to hear about it.

Best Blessings,



Beliefs as an eclectic pagan witch

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

I just want to share how my beliefs has changed overtime and how being a pagan witch is a fluid experience. You definitely don’t stand still with your beliefs and its hard not to go with the flow.

The spiritual side of my practice that are most prominent now are:

– Ancestors

– Spirit Guides, Elemental Spirits, Spirits (Local), Universal Deity (Big fat yellow ball), Mother Earth (As either Cerridwen, Pachamama (Elderly), or Gaia.

– Spirits of things such as stones, rocks, crystals, roots, trees, leaves etc.

– Spirit of my house, Cassandra. (Not a earth bound spirit, but the spirit of my house. Kind of like if team spirit was personified)


My ancestors are lovely people. I talk to them and they talk to me. I feel them putting their hands on my shoulders, or hear their words echo in my mind, which didn’t come from my own thinking, and normally have different voice tones, like maybe a woman or a man.

They treasure being noticed, but they don’t ask me for any offerings. They just want to talk to me, and usher me onto the right path. I research about them all the time, and I will keep going when I find more records of them.

Universal Deity, Yellow Ball

Yellow Ball, or what I just call when I’m talking to it, ‘Universe’, is a spirit being which radiates yellow gold light everywhere, and doesn’t utter a word. It definitely hears what I say, and knows what I’m talking about, but it never replies directly back to me. Not yet anyhow. It replies back indirectly. I might ask a question to it, and during the week I might stumble upon some info or someone talks to me about it randomly out of the blue, and answers my question.

I think it’s how the universal deity shows itself to me, and I’m totally fine with a big fat glowing ball.

Mother Earth, Cerridwen, Gaia, Pachamama.

I haven’t talked all that much about these three. But they are prominent.

Gaia normally comes in the form of a beautiful woman. Her hair is mossy, grassy and green. Her eyes the same, and her complexion is quite young. She is who I ground to and send my line down for my rooting everyday. I see her grab the line in the centre of the earth and attach it to a sort of mechanism. Like plugging me into the earth.

She has the best laughs and great smile. She always encourages me to look within myself and see how I can improve. Be more kind, more compassionate, more forgiving. That’s who Gaia is to me.

Cerridwen, the red head. Aha. She has a big bushy curly head of hair and it is as red as fire. She has a beautiful aura of energy and I love watching her in her kitchen. She is always messing around, sewing this, cooking that, poking the fire. She is a busy body, but she loves her role it seems. Her cottage is deep in the middle of the earth, and she always has her hearth and cauldron fires going.

Pachamama, the short, wise, elderly woman, who takes me on hiking trips through mountains I’ve never visited before. She is a wise woman, and she always has good advice. Walking up the mountains with her is a glowing experience. She small but a fast walker, and she tells you information about the plants as she walks by them. Sitting in a mountain cave with her is probably one of the best experiences one could get when meditating.

Mother Earth. Hmm, I guess she is the personification of the Earth itself, that’s how I can sense and feel her. She’s everywhere, and she feels like a carpet of warm energy beneath you. She’s calm like her waters and strong like her stones. She does talk if you would like to talk to her, but normally you can just sit in silence and listen to her breathing, in and out, then rest. I normally sense her, then I can sense the universal ball. Some how they are connected.


Ah, Cassandra. She wears a white dress with red polka dots and never misses a beat. She is my house’s spirit and she does love to be clean. She is the warning alarm for any negative spirits that come into my house and she’ll normally send a message my way via a dream to notify me. She is joyful and happy and is always smiling. She can leave the house temporarily while another one of my spirit guides takes over being the guardian. Normally my Bear Spirit.

She tells me about up coming news or what to look out for during the week. She’s normally right about things.

Okay well that’s it for today,

Cheers guys, thank you for reading.

I’ve made the effort to follow new blogs so there are new people following me and that’s so nice, welcome to my blog!

Best Blessings,



Divination: for the week ahead, November 11th

Hello everyone, Mysty here. This weeks reading for the week ahead is here for you all. This is a general reading for all who are following me (the collective) and aims to help have a bit of insight into the week.

I’ve been doing divination since near the start of my journey being a witch and I guess I’ve been developing it for the past few years, first with a pendulum and now with Tarot and Oracle cards.

The deck I’ll be using for the reading is Steven D. Farmer’s – Messages from your animal spirit guides – Oracle

The question that was asked this week is:

What guidance can you give the collective this week?

The Answer:

Rattlesnake – The experiences that you’re presently going through are an initiation into fulfilling your purpose as a healer.

Okay. This is really interesting! Maybe some of you have been drawn to provide healing to others or maybe to yourself at this time.

When we are called to a higher purpose, we have to loose all the baggage we’ve been holding on to.

Have you been going through a rough spot? Yeah. I know I have too. We have to just hang in there and know that we’ll get through it.

At this time you need to both trust in yourself and in your friends to help you get through this time. Its important for you to stay connected to your friends and family.

This is a big process for our own healing as well as facilitating the healing of others at a later time. I know I’ve been called to a healing position for the future and I’m going to be stepping into the role of a Reiki Practitioner in the near future. So this is really relevant to me too!

The rattlesnake by itself to me means change. When a rattlesnake is confronted, it perks its head up and starts rattling its tail. Its an alarm, in a way. Its a warning sign that there’s going to be something around the corner. Shamanic Initiation? New direction? It will be different for each of us. But know that you have the willpower and determination to get through it.

For you guys, I feel that something is going to push you into a direction that you didn’t see coming, and that this is your time to heal and grow. This is to not only help you but to help others if you so choose too later in life.

Thanks for reading,



Crystal Grid: Love and Acceptance

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

Today is about accepting yourself in the present moment. Each Crystal Grid will have the instructions just as last time and will help guide you through the process of using the grid in your own time and place.

Grids are powerful in that they never change. The main steps are 1) decide on what to focus on 2) intent and meditation 3) activate the grid 4) ground and centre 5) watch what happens in your daily life, were there any results?.

Do you love yourself? Even just a little bit? Do you accept who you are? What you look like? How you feel? Do you accept the gift that is your body?

Sometimes it’s really tough to see the blessing of what body you have been given. Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s so great about yourself. In today’s age there is constant problems about people doubting themselves, not living their dreams, throwing themselves into an endless job they hate, or every time they look in a mirror they can never manage to say anything nice or never smile.

Do you do that sometimes? Do you feel like you’re not good enough?

These thoughts and feelings really run deep. They stem from society and get rooted into our hearts and minds and before we know it, we think and act just as Susan down the road, who thinks the same thoughts and who says the same words to herself.

How do we break out of these habits? How do we actually start loving who we are, and what we are? It’s a really long journey. It is. It’s tough, I know. But you have to start somewhere! You have to make some effort. Do some jumping jacks! Pick up yourself from the bottom.

No one else is going to motivate you unless you do. That’s something really important to know. If you’re not going to raise that dumb bell no one will for you.

The same is for your thoughts, no one is going to clean it up for you.

But here’s a grid that might help.

When you need self acceptance, self love. This is the grid for you to start nurturing that. This is a grid to help you, motivate you to be in the right mindset to elevate yourself from darkness and to actually smile at your complexion.

What’s in the grid?

Pumice – You need to be light, airy, fluffy and without any fear. You need to take things as they are and just accept them as they are. Trust that what you are being called to at this time is important for your future and your individual progress and that nothing will stop you.

Brecciated Jasper – When you can’t find the words to say to yourself, listen to yourself on the inside. What are you thinking, what are you saying? What are your muscles saying? Inner awareness and soul awareness is what you need to work on to continue making positive progress in your life. Clarity and being resilient through a period of change, growth or rebirth is essential.

Turquoise – To be calm on the inside and letting the coolness permeate outwards. Peace will assist you to listen to your inner wisdom and just let things go that you cannot control.

Quartz Tumble – To provide the energy and motivation to overcome obstacles, raise vibration, realise your dreams and set things in motion.

Rainbow Hematite – To keep balance and grounding through a time of transition, healing, growth or transformation.

How to activate the grid

You can use this grid anytime. Anywhere.

Start by either printing the picture out or having it on a computer screen or phone.

Get into a meditative state and ask yourself why do you need to use this grid at this time?

Set your intentions, and maintain a steady grasp on them throughout the ceremony.

Take a crystal which has a point and either:

a) tap the point on one of the edge stones in the crystal grid and visualise it becoming like an electrical circuit, getting wired up from where you are pointing towards the centre with white energy cords, feel the vibrations of the cords as the link each crystal up together, once all of them are linked up, the middle should burst into a colourful beam which sends the intention and energy of the grid out, up into the sky, or down into the earth, depending on what type of grid it is, and for what intension it is for.


b) Point the crystals pointy end to one of the most outside crystals in the grid and blow onto the crystal, activating the grid all at once, and sending the energy column where it needs to go into the universe, similar to method (a)

You can use any activation technique.

Ground and Centre.

Important notes.

Remember, the crystal grid is a time stamp. It is a grid that you can use anytime, anywhere, and draws on your power and your intentions. Not my crystal babies. 🔮🔮

Grids are like sort of a digital spell. It’s already laid out for you, all you have to do is activate it, in your own creative way and your intention and power sends it off, shooting out into the universe, and you intention will be met with a response in due time.

The crystal grid uses energies from each crystaline parent spirit (E.g. the spirit of quartz, the spirit of calcite) not the individual spirits of the pieces that I have displayed.

Thank you all for reading.