Keeping your Electronics working as they should.

Hey everyone, Mysty here.

Have you ever had a laptop or phone not work the way they should? Crappy keyboard that sometimes works and doesnt work.

Well then you might be having the same issues as me.

A technician came out to fix my laptop, about 2 years ago, and about a week after he fixed it, it had the same problems yet again, just in another place.

So, I decided that because the warranty was going to expire, that a bit of magic was needed.

Before i’ve used sigils before, but I just put it underneath the laptop, and without much success. Maybe it will work slightly better for around a few hours only to belt out again.

But with this sigil, it’s lasted a whole two days already.

Ingredients/ Materials.

-Coffee foam

-1 leaf of your choosing

-Pen, you normally use, or you can cleanse/consecrate a new one

-sigil you know that keeps that part of the computer running, found in meditation

-A large ish piece of paper which can act also as a parcel for all the ingredients.


0. Centre and Ground before beginning.

1. Gather your ingredients and make sure your paper and leaf are proportional, so your paper can fold around it neatly and make it like a little parcel, you can even tape yours together. The leaf can be dry/near dry or new, doesn’t matter, but I prefer that you guys say please and thank you to the tree you are using, it will boost the effects of this.

2. Think about the sigil you’ve got, and write it out carefully. Think about the function of the sigil and activate it with the coffee foam. The coffee foam is the energy of the spell.

3. Dab little blobs on the leaf, place the leaf ontop of the sigil, and imagine the leaf as sort of the guiding part of the spell, it will keep the sigil going and in check. The leaf has been around for a while, it knows how the outside world works, and its being used here as a link from the sigil to the electronic device. Even if its closed up in the parcel, there’s only going to be a piece of paper between it and the computer.

4. Wrap up the paper, making sure the coffee ish side is in some layers of folding, in a square like pattern, as you would normally fold paper. And sticky tape if you want.

5. Say a few words to activate the sigil, and run it over the part that is going to work. (but at the moment keeps messing up). When doing the ritual, be careful to not say anything negative. Mine was along the lines of, “This keyboard will always work, from this time forth, with 100% efficiency and capability”.

6. Keep saying the little prayer, and maybe even do some visualisation of the energy coming from the paper parcel into the computer/device.

7. When using the device, you can now keep it near it, or underneath, on the lid of the laptop, wherever you feel its best. You can tape it there, or bluetack, whatever you fancy.

8. Centre and ground after completing the ritual.

Alright so thats basically it, its very simple, but it works.

Cheers guys,


A Meditation of Gratitude

Hello everyone, Mysty here. Recently I have been doing sitting and walking meditations and focusing them on gratitude.

My life after doing this has transformed into a happier and healthier one. The things I am grateful for, even if they are small, have also transformed into great things.

I had a long assignment due on the weekend. It was tough and I didn’t think I would finish in time. But I thanked the universe for giving me the opportunity to go to university, to be educated and to have enough time to complete the assignment. Gratitude is a part of magic that both affirms and keeps energy rolling.

Gratitude is powerful magic, and is probably what people get confused with ‘positive affirmations’. But the problem with positive affirmations is if you just positively affirm that something is true, it doesn’t always work.

Rather, take the time out of your schedule, out of your busy life, just to walk around for 10 minutes during your lunch break. Actually be grateful in the moment of where you are, be grateful for the body you have. Don’t dwell on the negative things you see, try to see the uplifting things around you, and the area you live in will come alive.

Start talking to local spirits, they are in fact the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the earth you stand on. They are your life line and without them, you wouldn’t be alive.

I talk to them everyday, no matter what my schedule and they thank me for that, I feel them behind me everyday, helping me progress into someone better.

You know I can’t remember the last time I was angry with someone. Really. I can’t. I just don’t want to be angry anymore, nor do I want to cause anger or hurt. I rather talk to them about what’s bothering me, what I would like them to change or do to make something be better than raise my tone and get upset.

I feel like this is directly been cultivated by my meditations of gratitude and I hope that you can start a practice of it too.

Some tips:

– Don’t wait for something to be grateful for. Do something, be grateful for the outcome you need as though its already occurred and go for it

-Be grateful for what you have, your garden, house, trees, shelter, food, water. We should be reminded that the essentials we need to survive could be taken away at any moment. Some areas of the South East near Brisbane are not getting supplied water, anyone could be next. It’s up to each one of us to be prepared, get some water tanks and boil rain water.

-Do a walking meditation. Start by focusing on your breath and your body. How does it feel? Tense in this part? loose in the other? Just let everything go. Breathing in and out, once you feel you’re ready, have a look around you. What do you see? Birds, leaves, tree bark, snow, rain drops, cars, buses. Doesn’t matter what you see, just have an attitude of gratitude and you will see the world become so much different.

Thank you guys for reading. Mindfulness and gratitude go together, like peas in a pod. No matter where you are or what your circumstances, we should be grateful for what we have, no matter how small. That small bit of gratitude will transform into large, large blessings for your life.


Simple Rain Spell in times of drought.

Hello everyone Mysty here.

What do you do in times of drought? For years, sometimes decades at a time, Australia has suffered in the past and currently in the present with serious drought.

Farmers are forced to watch their livestock die, sell their livelihood, their land, their way of life, or they think this trauma is just too much and they quit on life.

How heart aching it is to see. It brings me to a deep sadness inside every time I see burning fires or drone and helicopter footage which scan thousands of square acres that is just baked earth.

We need some change. A good amount of water. Well. As I’ve said before, don’t ask for something that you don’t deserve, no matter what. There is and still is a delicate balance to keep in this world. Weather you like it or not. That’s why when you try to do spells to ‘win the lottery’ they will 99.9% of the time fail, due to you being, inevitably asking for something that is a) nearly impossible b) material wealth c) something that you don’t immediately need d) is out of the scope of your natural means.

What I mean by (d) is, its not every day that you go and by a lottery ticket. Nor is it in your best chances to win. There’s a larger probability that you may get struck by lightning or bitten by a shark, than to win the lottery.

Magic, as we know at the present moment, works on probability, intentions and will. If you have all 3 of them with the right mindset, you are roughly (90%) good to go. The other 10% of getting a spell to work is things like environment, time of day, ambience, No. of interruptions, No. of distractions and irritations and so on. Even if their in your own mind.


Why don’t people, of all religions pray together for some turn around. Some positivity.

It’s because people don’t know the power they possess.

Just three days ago, the very impossible happened. It rained!

We’ve only seen approximately 370 mm this year in total in the South East and now this tally can at last be added to.

But why did it happen? How did it happen?

From one. Little. Pagan.

That’s right, yours truely.


It is an honour and a privilege to serve my community. Without praise or thanks. As I’ve said in one of my previous posts Rain Bottle Spell the local spirits, either large and mighty or the small, those small spirits you would sometimes overlook. I’m not the person who would. Even the little mist spirits, rain drop spirits to the large spirits of the water catchment in my area, the sky, the trees, the earth. Australia. I spoke to all of them, sometimes individually, sometimes as a collective through my heart, through my actions, words and thoughts.

I prayed for about 2 months before the rain covering the South east, from Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast, putting out some bushfires on the way and sprinkling here and over there. That’s exactly what I aimed for.

But praying by itself, as I have noticed doesn’t do a lot, unless alot of people have the exact same mindset, ambition, will and intentions, Day to Day, at, probably the same time of day, to get the same result of just one simple spell. Those are just my observations.

I was aiming to help the animals, to help the trees the plants, to not suffocate from more smoke, heat and fire. My main aim and purpose was to let the rains stop the fires and hopefully stop any further damage.

The Main Spell Part

All I did was set my message, my intentions into the universe, and directly to the spirit of Australia, the Ocean and the spirit locoli to collectively talk amongst themselves to take the rain into manifestation.

I asked this, as I grabbed a stick. I said the words along the lines of ‘As I give you a part of the dry land, Body of water, please grant us a part of your wetness’ and chucked the stick straight into the river. As a I saw the big splash of water rise and fall back into the river I imagined the power of the river moving my intentions with its current.


An Eagle. Again! went over the exact site of where I through the dry stick into the river.

It was as though it was looking at my handiwork and thought ‘Hmm, this little witch wants some rain, I can organize that’

Yep, just three days ago, within a storm where meteorologists thought that ‘not a drop of rain was forecast within this thunderstorm’.

So if you’re just sitting there, looking at your phone, wondering who you are, what you stand for.

Do you stand for good? For change? Positive differences? They could be made by you. After all, you are a part of the universe manifesting in a body, are you not?

Can’t you see the difference you can make, to your life? To the lives of thousands of people. I hope that you can. Because, even though we may be reborn to a new body in our next life, if you so believe like I do, all that matters is the present.

I think our real purpose of why we are here, is to become more compassionate to others, charitable, kind, loving, generous. We need to become human. Otherwise we would learn nothing, do nothing and be nothing.

We need to start with small differences, to bring about a great positive change, otherwise, we are for-fitting a wonderful, cheerful life.

Best Blessings from the universe to you,


Obsidian – An Ultimate Grounding Stone.

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog, I’m your host Mysty.

So today I would like to share my thoughts on one of my most favourite stones I have.

Black Obsidian.

Black Obsidian is excellent for anyone beginning or continuing their relationship with working stones.

Working stones work with you when you need their help and its good to start a relationship with them before you begin working with them.

This might mean including then on your workbench/ altar when:

– Doing a ritual if you think it’s appropriate

– Meditations, prayers, small spells and divinations

– On your table when you’re reading up about something or researching

– Reading a new book, maybe even talking to them what you found out or explain to the stone what you discovered in your own words.

– Reading up specifically about that stone, and seeing what really fits with your specimen you have and what it feels like to you.

My Obsidian, I’ve learnt over time, is very calming. When I’ve had a bad day or bad bowl movements (which is common for me), I’ll take it in my hand, and sit with it during meditation. Or I will close my eyes and converse energies with it.

When I say converse I mean, sort of evenly trade energies. So it might give me calming energy and I respectfully give it some of my bad energy, then I’ll direct that bad energy into the Earth.

Find the small little rituals which seem right to you.

Not everyone is going to channel, direct, feel/see, sense or connect with energies and beings the same as everyone else! Otherwise this would be a very boring world in deed.

Perhaps this is why our psyche has been made this way, otherwise authenticity could be mocked, misused, or completely falsified.

This is why each practitioner should have their own set of rituals, spells, and so on that they develop themselves. Of course reading material will help, but don’t do it word for word, action for action. Otherwise your magick will be lost in the ritual, and it would be ineffective. Like a mime who tries to talk by moving his mouth but could never have an audible conversation, so can the meaning of your words and actions be mimed, then no one can hear you.

Thanks for reading,

I’ve been very busy lately, and I will try to post when I can, but uni days will prevail until its over with.


Animal Symbols -#2- Eagle

Hello everyone, Mysty here. Back with another Animal Symbols post.

So exciting!

Have you ever seen an eagle, flying gracefully in the sky. How it has that sense of higher things, flight and wisdom?

I did see one last week! It was beautiful. Only there for one second then its gone. It showed up while I was having a funeral for one of my animals.

Having a homestead means having a few of your animals die. That’s just life. But sometimes you need to be reminded that life is about having fun. There’s some good times and bad times, but no one said you can’t have any fun. The Eagle told me to slow down a bit, stop being so emotional and have a higher perspective.

The animal was suffering. Obviously. It was time to go. There will always be an end to a suffering. Maybe that will be death, or recovery. Both are for the best. To end the suffering.

Eagle, wanted me to know that a higher perspective was what I needed. Focusing on the here and now are great, but a universal perspective is also in decline.

What does the Eagle mean to me?

  • Grace
  • Wisdom
  • Eye in the sky, perspective
  • Letting go of emotional attachment
  • Being in touch with the flow of life. Qi/Ki/Chi
  • Listening to your inner guidance/wisdom

The Eagle, and all animal totems have a special place in this world and the spirit world.

To invoke their medicine in our life is truely an honour. Let’s keep the respect up. They want to work with us if only we listen.

Best Blessings,


Book Review: Reiki Shamanism – A Guide to Out of Body Healing.

Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog, Myst Nokomis. I’m your host, Mysty!

This book is written by Jim ‘Path Finder’ Ewing. It’s an extremely interesting book and I highly recommend it.

There’s no dangerous journeys or rituals. No disclaimers needed for this book. It’s totally holistic & is a great starting place for looking into both Shamanism and Reiki and explaining how they work together so so well.

What did I love about this book?

  • That it was so easy to read and understand
  • example rituals were actually unique and interesting
  • explanation of key concepts and ideas were fantastic
  • note section at the back clearly summarises the whole text
  • shows and explains the core basics of both Reiki and Shamanism & puts them together holistically for healing good
  • Emphasises that the healing comes from the client and the shaman is a facilitator of change and healing, but the healing comes from the acceptance, asking, and intent of the client
  • Clearly emphasises that you cannot heal someone who doesn’t give permission to do so.
  • Clearly emphasises that you have to ask your guides to help you. Not wait for their help.

What did I find that could have been improved?

  • That the Reiki side could have been explained in more depth. But the author knew he wouldn’t have space and ultimately just put a recommendation list instead. Which I’m fine with.
  • That a more in-depth explanation of journeying would have been appreciated because I have a lot of trouble with it and I feel like many of my journeys are forced. But then turn out to be relevant in some way or another.

What did I ultimately learn from this book?

  • That Reiki methods can be used with Shamanism to create a holistic approach to alternative medicine
  • That Shamanic Journeying can be sometimes confusing, and that’s okay.
  • Journeys can use a multitude of entrance ways such as computers, sink drains, stormwater drains, electricity and various other openings to access non-ordinary reality.
  • Psychic healing methods that he explained (which he uses Reiki to do) is exactly what I do (such as extracting harmful energies (normally black) from the system and placing them in a water bucket (his was real, mine is imaginary). But I did this out of intuition. No one taught me that it was a wrong way or right way to extract harmful energies out of bodies. It turns out that our inner knowing is so special and this life is more about relearning rather than learning new lessons or skills.
  • That through Journey’s or way that he sees energy is strangely similar to mine.
  • That crystals can be used as temporary vessels to hold soul fragments while journeying and is a good place to keep them during soul retrieval until ready to implant the piece back into the client.

Alright so that concludes my honest review. I absolutely loved this book. It was truely inspiring. It taught me to stop thinking myself as a non shaman, because I’ve been doubting my abilities recently. To just believe and to affirm that I am a shaman. That I am a holistic healer. With the proper training in the future I can heal a lot of people and spirits and I am ready for this calling. I always have been. Ever since I started on my pagan path, all the way back to when I was 14. I’m still that girl and I will always have my inner intuition with me. That is my most valuable tool. This book has made me trust my own skills and knowledge.

I highly recommend to check out this book when you can. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars and I gladly recommend it to all of you.

Best and Highest blessings from the Universe to you,



Hello everyone, Mysty here.

So I’m going to be talking about how my life is going to slowly change over the next few years. But, before we’re going to get into that I wanted to briefly say that I’ll be doing some podcast and book reviews pretty soon.

I’m reading quite a lot of books (on Paganism, Witchcraft, I Ching, and Shamanism) so please look forward to my honest reviews of them.

The reviews will be just a standard ‘what was good what was not good what was stand out’ from each book.

For the podcasts I’m looking at listening to at least 10-15 episodes before I say my honest review.

So, yes! Those are the exciting things going to happen on this blog very shortly (when I have enough time to right them after being at uni, uni is very hectic at the moment).

So what are the big changes in my life I’m talking about.

Well. I’ve had a chit chat to myself. I’ve done I Ching, Meditation, research. Quite a lot of steps to get to this point, and I’m not going to be indecisive any longer.

I an going to study to become a Massage Therapist after finishing my Engineering degree, then do Reiki, then do my Shamanic Training.

I know it seems like a long list of steps and there’s many more baby steps in between. But I really, truely want to help others from the bottom of my heart. I can’t ignore it any longer and once I’m finished my degree it’s going to be by by Brisbane, hello to inland Queensland.

Why am I moving too? Well, for starters, Brisbane is a shit hole. It has shit food, shit people and on top of that, no leg room for anyone being pagan. They’re hiding in their occult stores and there’s only around 5 of them. 5. I’m sure they’re are many pagans in Brisbane, but it’s not like I can be apart of it.

Even then, if you try to have a conversation with them, they try to invite you to all of these events, which I would love to go to, but I’m in the closet so I kinda can’t. Brisbane just doesn’t feel right in my bones for me thanks. And neither the people, even the pagan ones. There’s just that vibe thats always there, lingering, overshadowing everything.

It’s also a time for me to move on. My family is highly demanding, highly forceful of my direction in my life and I cannot take it anymore. They’ve done it since I was born and they’re not slowing down. It’s a toxic environment for me and I need to leave and move on with my life.

So, that’s going to be a lot of change.

It’s about time and from now until finishing my degree I’ll be preparing.

Thank you all for reading,

Best blessings,