Beliefs as an eclectic pagan witch

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

I just want to share how my beliefs has changed overtime and how being a pagan witch is a fluid experience. You definitely don’t stand still with your beliefs and its hard not to go with the flow.

The spiritual side of my practice that are most prominent now are:

– Ancestors

– Spirit Guides, Elemental Spirits, Spirits (Local), Universal Deity (Big fat yellow ball), Mother Earth (As either Cerridwen, Pachamama (Elderly), or Gaia.

– Spirits of things such as stones, rocks, crystals, roots, trees, leaves etc.

– Spirit of my house, Cassandra. (Not a earth bound spirit, but the spirit of my house. Kind of like if team spirit was personified)


My ancestors are lovely people. I talk to them and they talk to me. I feel them putting their hands on my shoulders, or hear their words echo in my mind, which didn’t come from my own thinking, and normally have different voice tones, like maybe a woman or a man.

They treasure being noticed, but they don’t ask me for any offerings. They just want to talk to me, and usher me onto the right path. I research about them all the time, and I will keep going when I find more records of them.

Universal Deity, Yellow Ball

Yellow Ball, or what I just call when I’m talking to it, ‘Universe’, is a spirit being which radiates yellow gold light everywhere, and doesn’t utter a word. It definitely hears what I say, and knows what I’m talking about, but it never replies directly back to me. Not yet anyhow. It replies back indirectly. I might ask a question to it, and during the week I might stumble upon some info or someone talks to me about it randomly out of the blue, and answers my question.

I think it’s how the universal deity shows itself to me, and I’m totally fine with a big fat glowing ball.

Mother Earth, Cerridwen, Gaia, Pachamama.

I haven’t talked all that much about these three. But they are prominent.

Gaia normally comes in the form of a beautiful woman. Her hair is mossy, grassy and green. Her eyes the same, and her complexion is quite young. She is who I ground to and send my line down for my rooting everyday. I see her grab the line in the centre of the earth and attach it to a sort of mechanism. Like plugging me into the earth.

She has the best laughs and great smile. She always encourages me to look within myself and see how I can improve. Be more kind, more compassionate, more forgiving. That’s who Gaia is to me.

Cerridwen, the red head. Aha. She has a big bushy curly head of hair and it is as red as fire. She has a beautiful aura of energy and I love watching her in her kitchen. She is always messing around, sewing this, cooking that, poking the fire. She is a busy body, but she loves her role it seems. Her cottage is deep in the middle of the earth, and she always has her hearth and cauldron fires going.

Pachamama, the short, wise, elderly woman, who takes me on hiking trips through mountains I’ve never visited before. She is a wise woman, and she always has good advice. Walking up the mountains with her is a glowing experience. She small but a fast walker, and she tells you information about the plants as she walks by them. Sitting in a mountain cave with her is probably one of the best experiences one could get when meditating.

Mother Earth. Hmm, I guess she is the personification of the Earth itself, that’s how I can sense and feel her. She’s everywhere, and she feels like a carpet of warm energy beneath you. She’s calm like her waters and strong like her stones. She does talk if you would like to talk to her, but normally you can just sit in silence and listen to her breathing, in and out, then rest. I normally sense her, then I can sense the universal ball. Some how they are connected.


Ah, Cassandra. She wears a white dress with red polka dots and never misses a beat. She is my house’s spirit and she does love to be clean. She is the warning alarm for any negative spirits that come into my house and she’ll normally send a message my way via a dream to notify me. She is joyful and happy and is always smiling. She can leave the house temporarily while another one of my spirit guides takes over being the guardian. Normally my Bear Spirit.

She tells me about up coming news or what to look out for during the week. She’s normally right about things.

Okay well that’s it for today,

Cheers guys, thank you for reading.

I’ve made the effort to follow new blogs so there are new people following me and that’s so nice, welcome to my blog!

Best Blessings,



Throwing a stick to bring back water

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

So I would like to thank everyone who supports me online. Thank you for reading my posts, especially when I’m in such a hole full of work to do.. in short I think this degree is killing me.

But I’m still here!

What I would like to share today, is an important step in any craft. How to actually achieve results, and for the most part, why do these results happen as they do, and how do we effectively control the outcome of our work?


In witchcraft, there’s some substantial amount of behind the scenes work from spirit in general. Everything you see is either influenced by a larger spirit and/or has it’s own spirit. Even down to electronics.

Birds, trees, rain, leaves, you name it, if you just sit down in nature for a while and be still, nature around you is working. Ants are moving, birds are making their nests, trees are growing. They have their own agenda. How did they get that agenda? We don’t really know that answer, but what we could say is, the spirit of that animal is within each of the animals continuous. Each animal of the same species will likely have the same tendencies, same level of intelligence, same methods of obtaining food, no matter how bizarre and they live! They’re still here, despite all the recent changes to our planet, for the most part plant and animal life is continuing. But quite alot have become extinct and I’m pretty saddened by that.

How does this effect your craft?

Well, every one has local animals, plants, rocks, stones, trees. You have these sorts of spirits in your area. They provide you the air you breathe, the water you drink, unless you get it trucked in… The point is, is that spirit is part of your daily life.

Saying hello and talking to these spirits is a wonderful part of life. It truly is. I’ve been through alot of hardship this semester of university but I have been carried by my spirits more times than I can count.

They lift me out, pull me up to start again, to have best friends as spirit, is probably the best decision I’ve made. Within the last minutes of trying to finish an awfully lengthy assignment, an extension was given to everyone in the class. I was shocked. It was no short of a miracle.

I thanked my spirits and it just came down in rain. Gratitude is probably one of the most powerful magic you can ever do.

Spirit affects your life and your magic, if you don’t acknowledge the workings of life around you, even if you don’t believe them as spirit. Maybe just acknowledge them as nature, life, or another name.

How to achieve results

Theres a few things that magic needs for it to manifest into the world:

-Purpose of the spell: You need a purpose before you can continue and you need to have your intentions and motivation stuck to this purpose.

-Willpower: do you really want xyz to happen? Why do you want it to happen?

-Visualization: Imagine what would happen if this event did happen, what are you feeling, thinking, doing at this time. E.g. For a rain spell you would be jumping for joy, basking at the rain, looking up to the sky and smiling, finally thinking, rain is here! it’s finally here!

-A representation in the physical world: You need to tie your spell to something. For example, for the recent rain spell I did I tied the spell to the action of me picking up a dry stick and throwing it into a body of water. Why? Because I associated the communion of dry ground being made wet again with the stick splashing into the water and becoming saturated.

-Focusing your intentions to get your result: Throughout the spell, you need to constantly think about your purpose, your goal. Without adding in any negative feelings, thoughts or words into the spell which might counteract your willpower to change into xyz. It’s hard, I know its hard, I struggle with that sometimes, but you can do it!

-All things after this are secondary.

Why didn’t my spell work?

Probably because you didn’t do basic things like

-Talk to local spirits/Gods/Deities to help you. (If applicable) >Which all need some form of working relationship before being called upon

-Willpower: Do you really, really, really want this to happen? Is your heart in it. Inside the spell, radiating its energy. Please ask outside powers to help you in large spells (like changing the weather) because you will be utterly drained of, not ironically but the following :

—-Willpower, sense of purpose, energy fueling the spell.

— It’s kind of funny that I only noticed now that a spell is an equation, what you put in is actually taken from you directly if you don’t have other sources to fuel the spell. So please please ground your self, centre yourself. Afterwards go have fun! your work is over, go get a coffee, have some chocolate. Be kind to yourself because you might have some backlash.

-Not having the right mindset- Get into a slight trance to put of that logical part of your brain

-Not focused enough on the intention of the spell

-Whoops you might have said something negative in the spell about the purpose ‘my cat is wild and free -to- my cat is free to pee’ (thats just a rhyme gone wrong example) those sorts of peter piper sentences are really hard, especially if you’re like me who makes spell words on the fly. You might miss a rhyme somewhere then you’re like, well shit. Start over, Start over. Rewind!

Thank you guys for reading my posts! I truly appreciate it.

Being in the broom closet is hard, and I hope that I’ll be able to be free to live my own life soon, once i’m finished this shit degree.

See you guys!



Why am I a witch?

Hey everyone! Mysty here. Welcome to my pagan-witchy-blog.

So today I want to go through the reasons and episodes that I had which led me to being a witch.

Photo taken by me. Logan River.

UPDATES: August 2nd, 2019:

Hey guys, so I’m here today fixing up this post because of my recent post. Why I have to let go. https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/07/29/why-i-have-to-let-go/

So, being a witch has really blessed my life. It’s helped me take control of my addictions, my anger and frustration, anxiety and depression and has lifted me out of toxic mindsets.

My Craft comes from my heart and I feel like it’s more Druid and Shaman like than before. I speak with the pieces of the plants and herbs I use in my spells and rituals. I speak to the land spirits and the spirit inside me. I greet the dawn with a welcome and say, Hail.

Meditation and Journeying have really emphasized to me that my witchcraft days have only begun and there’s so much more for me to learn. I know I need to find a suitable teacher in this life soon, but someone that will also respect what I’ve learnt so far and how I’ve developed relationships with both my tools and ally’s (natural items like stones, crystals, candles, leaves, seeds, you name it).

I’ve been reading a lot of herbalism books and I would love to do more of that in my practices.

Journeys are becoming more prominent. I had a horse spirit come talk to me, and I saw the same horse the very next day. I played and patted him in real life and I feel like when he came to talk to me the night before, it was a sign that my work is becoming more involved with the spirit world and I need to trust in my own abilities just that little bit more. (Without certain events happening that day, I would have never met him, it really was an alignment)

I, and all of you, have these amazing gifts within us. Either you have awakened them, or starting to like me. Or, you’re putting it off, or it just doesn’t appeal to you and that’s okay. We can choose where our paths go in this life, but sometimes Spirit comes to talk to us and, some of us, (me included), were always meant to be in this line of service, and we have to be patient and listen. Others, don’t need to work with Spirit and that’s okay. There’s many lines and paths that we can all take on this magical journey, and they all lead to the center. (More information on that in this post) https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/07/24/health-issues-and-re-aligning/.

There’s something else I’ve learnt over the course of this year. Take everything you see on the internet with a pinch of salt. Mercury (and other planet) retrogrades are nothing more than a natural occurrence and optical illusion which covers reality. The reality of a retrograde is that particular planet LOOKS like its going backwards, only because it’s passing our orbit and we’re rotating in opposite directions. It doesn’t mean the planet is moving backwards, its moving forwards! It just LOOKS like it’s moving backwards.

Because of all this, astrologists have made up some gobbity-goop just so we can blame things time and time again on the retrograde and not on the real causes of the calamities that happen in these periods. Wake up.

My personal journey is taking a turn. I no longer look towards Deity’s for help. I look towards the universe itself. I send a prayer out into the universe every morning and I give gratitude every night and I really has changed my practice and my perspective on life. The universe is waiting to give us blessings and if that’s in the form of your personal Deity’s. Keep asking them for help and guidance, they are happy to help (most of the time).

My Deity’s definitely helped me to get to this point. I acknowledge the massive part they had to play within my journey so far, but I have to let go of my preconceived beliefs and look into the abyss. I have to take that leap of faith and land where ever Spirit wants me to go. I have to trust in the universe and my gut feelings that this is the path for me. I feel it within my whole body and in my heart that this is where I need to be. Why I started this journey in the first place was to find myself and the correct path for me. For now, I have. I say thank you to the path that brought me here, and I say welcome to the new one that awaits me.


April 8th, 2019:

So, I really loved Nature as a kid. I would go outside and play. Play with stones, with rocks and stuff. I would chuck stuff into ponds that would dissolve and think, WOW that’s magical! I would get a rock and squish mock-orange oranges into a paste and well, I don’t remember the point of that one. But I do remember a lot of nature experiences that I had.

I had a lot of vivid dreams as a kid and I even still remember them to this day. I mean, as a twenty year old that’s quite an achievement because I don’t remember what I had for dinner three nights ago.

I remember smells and experiences from my childhood. And then school came around and I had a real trouble with school work. I could read really well but my spelling was awful and I didn’t know what clocks did even until 7th Grade (like 12 years old). So, fast forward into 12th Grade (last grade, being 16 years old) and I find out that I am dyslexic. It really shook me how all my teachers up to that point could not see my dyslexia. Like, holy shit were they blind.

Anyhow, so dyslexia funnily enough actually helps me visualise things in my mind in a 3D way. I can play videos in my mind and put rules on it (like gravity etc) so this really helps me in my Engineering Degree at the moment.

So, I use dyslexia in my magick too! Quite ironically. I can visualise really well and I can basically feel and see energy if I really want to.

So, in school, like probably 9th to 12th Grade I was looking into other religions and stuff and I came across Paganism and Witchcraft. I thought I was really interesting. But, I brushed it off after I finished school and didn’t touch it until maybe the end of the first year of my degree.

I started really researching, looking at books and then I had my first encounter with a Goddess. Athena. She is really fucking powerful, holy shit. Not to mention smart. So, she just waltzed into my house, gave me a copy of her big spear (It’s really sharp, silver, and shinny) and left.

That was probably the turning point in my discovery of the Craft. It made me realise that this stuff is actually real, and this included the visions of the future that I was having. She really was just protecting me and looking after me. So, I thank Athena all the time for her protection and even though she doesn’t really communicate with me all the time, I can feel her big presence when she’s in my house some times. Like right now. (I’m tingling all over right now and her big presence is in my house at the moment). She was the first Goddess to tell me that I’m not on this journey alone and so many gifts from my Spirit Guides have followed on from Athena.

The second gift was from my Spirit Guide, Mei. She is a Chinese Maiden from I think the Han Dynasty. In her Garden I went and she gave me a jade necklace, full of round beads. She was basically inviting me to the spirit world and welcoming me in. Kind of like a Spiritual Lei (For Hawaiians out there).

I then recently got gifted a black disc, from Warra my Kangaroo Spirit Guide, which transforms between a circle, rectangle and a square shape. This is like the screen between the spirit world and the physical world. After receiving that I had the huge blow out with a spirit which waltzed into my house a few months after! (Which is in the post How to help Earth Bound Spirits found here: https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/04/05/how-to-help-earth-bound-spirits/ )

So, that’s my journey so far in being a witch. My coming of witch story as some say.

I continue to be a witch because I know I can take control of my life and destiny is not set in stone. I create my own reality and witchcraft is a tool to do so. The most important tool is yourself in the Craft.


Song of the Day: Persephone – Kellianna

Highest Blessings from me to you,

I wish you the best in your Craft.



The Magick of Mount Wellington, Tasmania

Hello everyone! Mysty is here! Back with another smashing post.

So, today I wanted to briefly talk about my experiences and connections made on Mount Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania.

Mount Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania.

Oh. What a beautiful place. Holy shit guys. It was absolutely fantastic, even when the January fires of this year were tormenting the whole island and the air around the Mountain in all directions was full of smoke I still had a blast.

If you’re wondering, the background photo on my pages was taken a-top Mount Wellington, if you wanted to know.


The place felt like I was transported to another world. It’s apparently a sacred mountain to the indigenous Aboriginal community and has a few legends of its own.

What I got from it was this punch of overwhelming power. It was as though someone set of a giant explosion of energy and opened up a gateway to the Overworld.

I found the portal, and soon got over there. The whole top of the Mountain is covered in what looks to be weathered Andesite or Diorite (or Granodiorite) <It depended on which area you went to, but the mountain is obviously covered by igneous rocks> (Just a quick Geological Assessment but it may be slightly off, hey, I’m not a Geologist & I only had 1 day there with 0 tools but this is just my analysis)

So there was these Andesite/Diorite fingers. Looong shaped, roughly weathered, smooth edges. Beautiful. It was like the Mother’s personal hands. It was absolutely amazing. If you closely look in a photo there’s one laying down in the bottom right section. (Just imagine them sticking up like blades of grass everywhere, then large boulders, smaller rocks, pebbles and hardy shrubs dotting the horizon.


The portal to the Overworld was situated on a large, dome-like Andesite/Diorite rock. Not too off looking like Uluru, which had a few of the Fingers around it.

(Since I was on holiday I had no tools) I quickly consecrated a wand from a suitable stick, blessed it to the Goddess, and proceeded with a ritual.

The ritual was a dedication of me to the Craft. To me being a Witch. To my love of the Goddess. The Mother who gave me life, breath and this body. I gave much thanks & offered her my life in return of her blessings.

I thanked the Spirits of the local area too. I didn’t want to leave them out. The wand was ultimately put back into nature to serve as a thank you to the time I spent up there and not only leaving a piece of me behind, but leaving a connection behind so I could easily return in Astral form. (Yep guess what I did later!)

The wand, because I don’t actually use wands, was not consecrated for using in the ritual, just a pure connection from me to the land.

What I did during the ritual was simply place my hands on the large, Uluru like stone, and just talked to the Goddess. That’s it! Only prayer, intentions, a bit of energy work, grounding myself there, feeling the wind, connecting to the Spirit Locoli’s.

This was before I had any Deities watching over me. Before Bastet, Thoth, Seshat & Athena came along. I just spoke to the All-Deity. Source. Mother. Father. Great Spirit.

It was truely a blessing to be there in such a sacred place. The Wind cleansed me from top to toe. The Earth with this massive mountain underneath me grounded me to my Mother and the Portal helped me connect to Spirit.


Months and months later, earlier this year I travelled to the Mountain to cleanse my energy yet again. But something was different this time. Something was so so magickal.

So perfect. Because I did that ritual beforehand, the journey was so strong. My physical body was crying and sobbing, overcome with the energy and the healing medicine of Mount Wellington was filling my body. It was a guided journey and I feel like my practice has definitely benefited from dream work and Journeying so far.

It was the craziest journey I’ve had yet and to this day one of the most powerful and life changing experiences I’ve had. Don’t under-estimate the power you have or how you can easily connect to the spiritual energy of a physical, sacred place.

I’ll never forget Mount Wellington. Tasmania is an amazing place to visit and I’m definitely going back someday.

Thank you for reading everyone. May Source shine down on you highest blessings,



What to Witch when you have no time at all?

Hey guys, Mysty here! I have found a few slithers of time and here I am. I love my blog and I hope you all have benefited from my posts so far.

Its really important to me to keep going with My Craft, even though I may not have the right time carved out to do a ritual during the week. I barely have time to do anything of my choice between my family or my life.

Being forced into a degree I hate, a Church I dislike and a City I am not fond of anymore.

Everyday I wake up, wanting to be in some place else. A cottage in a thick forest, a mountainside retreat, a Buddhist Temple down the street (there is actually one down the street, very lucky for us). < and yes I knew it rhymed. Do it all the time.>

So between my life and trying to get my life to where I want it to be, how do I keep being a practicing Witch? (& Pagan).

I’m going to make a list of things that fit for both that I do on a regular basis, and also some things that I aspire to do on a regular basis.

Pagan Daily’s

  • I talk to my Gods & Goddesses. At the moment, Bastet, Athena and Thoth. I talk to them about random stuff & something that they might want to help me with at the time & then giving them an appropriate offering w/ a mini “Will you accept ~this offering~ in exchange to do ~this action~ Please/Thank you” Ritual
  • General offerings to my Gods & Goddesses, since they keep my house & things spiritually protected and purified. <When I say ‘purified’ it means the typical ‘cleaning/cleansed’ that other witches do say, but not with the -wipe the spiritual slate clean sort of cleanse- >
  • Rituals using herbs and/or trees and plants outside when I go for a walk. Doing a walking meditation while walking and acknowledging the sights and sounds I come across.
  • Talking to plants & having a good conversation with them.

Witchy Daily’s

  • Energy psy ball meditation
  • Candle or silent meditation
  • Meditation for cultivating peace
  • Sigil Spells
  • Warding my house, self healing, protection and/ or purification.
  • Divination
  • Writing in my Book of Shadows
  • Research & Listening to Podcasts. Read, read, read. Library when I can.
  • Purification of my tools, crystals, loose things, stones, etc
  • Finding good tools outdoors and respectfully asking for it, then dedicating it if successful
  • Putting back natural items which have completed their purpose. De-dedicating it, purification, thanking ceremony & placed back in a good wild-spot
  • Small rituals with my Deities when I can.

Aspired Daily’s

  • More focus on my psychic abilities and gifts. Nurturing them.
  • Focusing more on my manifesting powers & more spell work
  • More focused and twice daily meditations.
  • Doing a small course in meditation & asking my local Buddhist community.
  • Attending the Buddhist temple when I can.
  • Using my crystals more in my work
  • Wild crafting and using what I know about botany in My Craft.

Thanks for reading everyone!

What are your daily’s? What do you aspire to do daily in your Practice? Don’t feel like this is a pressure test. Doesn’t matter what you do or when you do it, but I feel like a regular routine makes our Craft grow and develop. Mine definitely has so far. I still have growing room & more to learn.

Highest blessings everyone, may luck find you well.


Thursday Talk: Important Notes

Hello guys, Mysty here. So I want to talk about the certain knowledge that you need to understand before you start playing around with witchcraft, with paganism and with spiritual progress.

Photo by Janko Ferlic on Pexels.com

I really hope that everyone interested and practicing either or all of the following areas which cover Neo-Paganism, Modern Witchcraft or ‘New Age’ Practices have done this sort of internal evaluation of their beliefs, opinions, thoughts, emotions and feelings, ideas and perspectives on the following. It is really important and you should do this not only before you continue after your research and also fairly regularly while you are a Practitioner.

For Crafting:

  • What is Witchcraft? History of Witchcraft? Modern History of Witchcraft?
  • History of Animism.
  • Energy Manipulation, Energy Visualisation, Energy sensing & sight development.
  • Clairvoyance, Claircogniance, Clairsentience, …
  • Casting Circles, psychic protection, Spiritual protection against negative entities and negative spirits. House warding, personal warding,
  • Types of Circles – ‘bubbles’, 3D sphere, 2D circle, Casting, Calling Quarters and Diminishing (Opening/Closing).
  • Banishing, Attracting, Binding Magick.
  • Origins of correspondences & Sympathetic Magick –> Voodoo
  • For Kemetic: Egyptian: Book of the Dead (Book of Coming forth by Day).
  • Hermetics, Hermetic Laws. Harm none?
  • What is magick? What is Manifestation? Threefold Law? Laws of the Magnus. 13 Goals, Phases of The Moon, Elemental Spirits/Guardians, Elemental Directions
  • The general structure of a spell
  • The general structure of a ritual
  • Types of Magick? Sympathetic Magick (Representative & Associative Magick), High Magick, Chaos Magick (Using your own magickal Power), Invocation, Evocation.
  • Impact of thoughts, emotions, energy and auras towards you and other people.
  • Emotional Chords, Emotional Attachments, How to release emotional baggage, How to let go of emotional ties.
  • The Evil Eye –> How your thoughts and actions impact people around you and yourself.
  • Podcasts – 3 Pagans and A Cat, Millennial Pagan Podcast…
  • Types of Divination – Pendulum, Tarot, Runes, …
  • After researching, researching, and researching, Write down what your thoughts and opinions are of the following:
  • What is Magick to me? What is manifestation to me? Do you agree with what you have researched, why or why not?
  • Is Magick ‘white’, ‘black’ or ‘grey’? What is your thoughts on ‘Harm none’ and is this even appropriate? Are you responsible for the magick you create? Are you responsible for what you inadvertently ‘attract’ into OTHER peoples lives (The Evil Eye, Impact upon others)
  • Hermetic Laws, do you agree with them or disagree? Why or Why not?
  • Polytheism? Dualism? Monotheism? Atheism? Agnostic? What is your thought process and understanding about your beliefs (even if you are secular)?
  • Animism? Does this include inanimate objects? Why or Why not?
  • Do I feel like my Practice is going to be different than my beliefs? Or are they going to be integrated? Why or Why not?
  • How am I going to record my thoughts, feelings and experiences?

Recommended Beginner Resources:

patheos.com, thetetraktys.com, Grove & Grotto, Raymond Buckland, Pagan Atheists, The Witch of the Lupine Hollow, The Travelling Witch, Exemplore, Lavender Moon, Doreen Valiente (Very different person to Virtue, please don’t mix them up!).

Do not recommend Beginner Resources because they are outdated:

General Gardener, Scott Cunningham, Lewis James, Cassandra Eason, Doreen Virtue (is now questionable).

For Paganism:

  • What is Paganism? What are the types of Paganism?
  • History of Paganism.
  • Mythology and Cultures of your choice: Egyptian, Norse, Celtic, Welsh, Native Americas, Incas, Aztec, African & Hoodoo, Aboriginal Australia, Hawaiian, Roman & Greek, British Traditional Witchcraft, Wicca.
  • After Researching, write down your thoughts on the following questions:
  • Do you agree with the Balance between Male and Female? Why or Why not? Are there other opinions which should be addressed?
  • What have you learnt from the mythology you have researched? How are they different and how are they congruent and similar? Do you agree with it? Do you think they mythology has been tampered by Christian and Non-Pagan re-writers? (E.g. Prose and Poetic Eddas)
  • What are the similar or consistent practices between these cultures and pagan practices in the past? Shamanism? Town/Village Healers? Cunning folk? Rituals for prosperity and successful hunts?
  • What are the consistent beliefs between each culture or ancient practices in the past? Animism, Fertility Gods and Goddesses, Internal and External Conflict, Fool/Joker (E.g. Loki), Mother Figures (E.g Frigg, Pachamama), Father Figures (E.g Wiccan God, Cern, Odin All Father), Creation Stories (E.g. Egyptian, Greek, Norse, Incan, Mayan…).

Recommended Beginner Book & Resources:

The Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Magick, Meditation and Psychic Development
by Christopher Penczak.

The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak.

Prose Edda, Poetic Edda,
Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton (Greek)
The Viking Spirit: An Introduction to Norse Mythology and Religion by Daniel McCoy
The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt by Richard H. Wilkinson

For Spiritual Progress:

  • Chakras, Spiritual and Astral forms of the body,
  • Meditations, Guided Meditations, yoga, balancing Chakras, Energy manipulation
  • What is Spiritual Awakening? What is Spiritual Ascension?
  • Meditation –> What is it? Ego, “Selfing”, “This is it”, Concentration vs Non-thought vs Q & A meditation sessions.
  • Visualisation techniques, manifestation techniques,
  • Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Spiritual Protection, Raising Vibrations,
  • Astral Protection and Projection, Dream work, Shadow Work, Deja vu,
  • Subconscious, Superconscious, Scientific reports

Recommended Beginner Book & Resources:

wingsforthespirit.com, soultruthgateway.com, ask-angels.com, johannaburkherdt.com, michellebeltran.com,

I hope that if you haven’t done anything like this yet that you start to consider what you know, what you don’t know and what you can improve on in the future. The individual journeys that we are on are all different, but they all have similarities in one way or another.

Everyone is talking about diversity. But what is your diversity? How do you differ from the norm? What are your opinions? Have you compromised your beliefs because of x? Seriously have a sit down, whenever and in your own time, theres no forcing here, and just have a look. Don’t judge yourself. No comparing against others, just an analysis. To discover where you’re at, where you were and where you’re going.

Happy travels, happy trails. As you do this, some things may become clearer and your practice will substantially improve.

Highest Blessings,

Song of the Day: The Goddess and the Weaver – Spiral Dance, Woman of the Earth.


Quiet Public Altars

Heya guys, Mysty here.

So I’m going to quickly share about the public altars that i do, quietly. Yes, quietly. Why quietly? Because I don’t have a coven/grove/group yet and I’m currently in the broom closet myself. Also, people starring at you while doing magick is a little weird. But, doing this in the park didn’t get me any weird looks at all actually!

This photo was taken by me of one of the altars I set up outside.

Now, it doesn’t look like much! It’s not supposed to! You don’t want to attract any unwanted attention. And I think burning things in public is illegal. So I didn’t do that. Also, I use things that were naturally found in the Garden (My city’s Botanical Garden, but not the beautiful flowers the staff put so much effort into maintaining)

So, its a few sticks and twigs with a bit of foliage. What is it for? Well, the Triangle to me represents my connection to things. This is specifically for my Ancestors. Since I don’t have an Ancestry Altar, this is for them, and the tree this was under, I felt like I needed to place it under this tree.

So, the act of me connecting the sticks together physically is me trying to connect more to my Ancestors. Thats what it was used for in this instance.

If you can safely walk into your local gardens, consider yourself lucky. Some of my relatives, where they live, they don’t have that luxury. So, be grateful for your local facilities and use them.

I asked the local spirits last week, the spirits of the trees, especially this one, if I could develop a relationship with them, and they agreed, and so did this beautiful Fig Tree. It instantly said a big yes. I think it quite likes the attention and I really felt tingles all over when I asked permission. So, this week I set up an Altar.

Sometimes we don’t have adequate space in our living quarters. Sometimes being solitary excludes us from needed resources and freedom that Witchy or Pagan connections could give us.

I can only do outdoor rituals when no one is home. I can only burn incense also when no one is home. I can burn candles whenever I want, yay, but thats about it. If I started doing Senut and Henu to my Gods and my family was home, I don’t think they would be very impressed.

So, we all have our limitations. That’s okay. We learn to live with them, adapt to them. I’ll give the experience and lessons I’ve had about saving space and being a quiet witch.

  • Have things within a box.
  • Use the top of the box as an altar
  • Have little baby bottles which you’ve made to have transportable spells with you [I will post about these later]
  • Leave things also in the open. Be slightly open to your witchiness to not draw suspicion. E.g. The first time I lit candles in my room my family were really confused, but they got used to it. I’m a woman of many hobbies stemming from languages to music to just about everything so, they eventually thought “this is a part of her routine now”
  • Do ritual outside if you can. This allows for extra space. ya-hoo! Go to your local garden and you don’t have to bring anything with you. Just be yourself.
  • Music. Cleanses space easily. Quick, fast, powerful. Also can be used well if you make your own songs and sing it as a spell. Or Poetry. Or Writing. Whatever is your thing.
  • Sigils, small spells using backwards speech.
  • You don’t need a fancy place to do ritual if you can’t. The most important tool is yourself. Everything else is secondary which helps you bring yourself into a magickal working vibration.
  • Shamanic Journeying using online meditations. I did one last night and it was really powerful.

So, do you have a local garden? Do you have a local pagan/meta store? If so, talk to the owners, get to know them. Even if its the one of 3 stores in the whole City. Even if theres only 1 store. Say Hi if you want to.

If you’re a solitary like me, maybe you can make some important connections. I know I really need to work on that.

Today, I’m going to my local store to get my first Tarot Deck! So excited!

Thanks for reading.

Song of the Day: Satyros – Faun.

Highest Blessings to you all, from me, Bastet, Seshat and Djehuti.