Elemental Spreads: Spirit

Hello guys, Mysty here. Back with more Tarot/Oracle Spreads.

Today is about Spirit. This isn’t important to everyone’s practice, but generally when I say ‘Spirit’ or ‘Spirits’ I’m usually talking about actual Elemental Spirits, Earth-bound Spirits which are dead humans which haven’t been mourned properly and need assistance to get to the Spirit Realm, or its just the over arching term of Spirit.

Spirit as an umbrella term is more about Deities, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Angels, Guides, Spirit Animals, Totems, Local Spirts (Called Spirit Locoli sometimes), Physical Elemental Spirits like Lake ___ Spirit. It’s really an over arching term for anything that is classified a spirit or higher being.

So, these Spreads will hopefully touch on some things that you may associate with the term, Spirit or Spirits. If you don’t believe in Spirit or Spirits, then that’s okay, go check out my other posts 🙂

Spread 1: Heard not Seen

This Spread is only for talking to Spirits, opening up a conversation with them. This is very much like how I do it; but in spread form: (Open up a session when talking with a particular spirit)(Only for psychics and mediums pls)

1: Spirit, how would you best describe your situation currently?

2: Spirit, have you seen the light of the Spirit Realm?

3: Spirit, can you give me some clues as to which ancestry line you come from?

4: How can I help you at this time?

5; Spirit, is there any other information you would like to add at this time?

(Either continue the reading with the spirit using Tarot or other methods or Close Off, Thank the Spirit for coming, and firmly say Goodbye)

Spread 2: Ancestors

Ancestors are, basically the revered dead (honoured). Normally the ones that you communicate to have seen the light (successfully been mourned, are on a scale of enlightenment/towards being a higher being), have alot of knowledge in the fields that you are interested in, and thats why they are contacting you or, are need of some assistance of some kind, or you need some assistance, or they’re just cool and they want to come talk to you.

1: Ancestor, which line of mine do you originate from?

2: Ancestor, What is the main message that you would like to convey?

3: Ancestor, is there anything I need to do for you?

4: Ancestor, is there any information about this that you would like for me to receive?

5: Ancestor what is your advice moving forward?

Spread 3: Spirit Guide

Choose one of your Spirit Guides to communicate with first.

1: Spirit Guide, what is the overarching theme of your message?

2: Spirit Guide, what is the most crucial thing for me to learn about this situation?

3: What is your advice on this situation?

4: Are you the best Guide for this, or is another Guide suited for this?

5: What medicine (animal/life energy) should I call upon, if needed?

6: How can I develop a stronger relationship with you personally?

Spread 4: My Spirit

1: Higher Self, what does my Spirit need at this time to keep in balance?

2: Higher Self, how should I go about providing this?

3: What are the advantages if I do?

4: What are the disadvantages if I don’t or what will I miss out on?

Circle of Ancestors

Hello All, so I have an exam tomorrow. So in a spirit of love and support, I am giving you all this poem I have made for my ancestors. They really have been a support for me during this time and I encourage you all to do some ancestry and find the links you have with so many, who, inevitably still live on through your body, blood and mind. They are deep inside you, just waiting for you to say hello.

Fig Tree, Brisbane Botanical Garden.

So, I wrote this poem to give you a feeling of how they have helped me through this time.

When I’m feeling down,

when I’m ready to give up,

You are here to hold me up.

When I don’t feel strong,

and when I feel I can’t go on.

You are my circle of love.

You surround me and raise me from the deep.

Your hands are on my skin,

Your voices cheer me on,

Your smiles are all I need.

And I can’t wait to see you again,

I can’t wait to say,

Thank you.

Blessings be with you guys,

Song of the day: Myrdhin – Tartalo Music ft. Ian Fontova.


Monday Magick: Diverse Divination

Hello everyone, I’m Mysty, your fun-loving syncretic pagan witch.

Now before I get into the types of divinations I expand on in this post I’m just going to come out and say that I do divination for myself and I believe that divination doesn’t have to be for clients.

Photo by Achim Bongard on Pexels.com

Whoever it is out there who says “You can’t use divination for yourself that’s stupid” is stupid. I seriously disagree with these sorts of views and statements and I feel like the people who are professional who believe this should find another job.

Divination is for understanding and expanding your awareness. It is a tool to see a perspective that you were not conscious of in the first place and can definitely be for yourself, not just clients. It’s not necessarily all about looking into possible future outcomes. It’s not necessarily about giving advice about something. It’s actually more about asking a certain spirit helper, spirit guides, ancestors or your subconscious and higher selves about questions that you would like answers to.

Alright well now that’s out the way, lets begin! **By the way I use UK English which we use in Australia so, favourites not favorites. Thanks!

Using Song Playlists

Yes this is one of my personal favourites. When you don’t have your Tarot cards or Oracle cards on you. You can actually use your playlists on your phone or ipod or whatever you have nowadays. Walkmans anyone? Haha.

Anyways so how I do this is as follows:

  • Choose a playlist to use, can even be a small or big one, or your whole song libary.
  • Think of a question. State out loud or in your head the question you would like to ask and direct it to the playlist, naming the playlist. (E.g. Instrumental playlist I would like to ask you about ___)
  • Say to the playlist, please if you would like to answer me, I will skip __ times to your answer)
  • So the final statement would be (E.g. Instrumental playlist, I would like to ask you about ___, if you would like to answer, I will skip 8 times to your answer)
  • Press shuffle, skip the # of times chosen. There is your answer.
  • Carefully do an analysis on the song. Listen to the song. What are the lyrics? What are the implied meanings in the song? What is the song about? How does this apply to the question you asked? Does it answer your question?

This is really, really fun and you should enjoy it. The more times you ask that particular playlist, the more accurate the answers. Although I would limit the number of times you ask any one playlist to around 3-5 questions per day. Then thank the playlist after you’re finished. This is really similar to how you would develop a relationship with a deck. Imagine that each song is a unique card in your ‘playlist deck’ and each have a special meaning just like a normal physical deck. But, now your deck is portable. I feel like that’s pretty cool.

Using a pebble in water

This is a really simple Yes or No answer divination method.

  • If you are in an area where there is pebbles and a body of water nearby, preferably a pond or still body of water like a deep puddle.
  • Take a pebble that catches your eye if you are ready to do a divination. Ask the pebble, May I use you for answering a question? If it says yes, continue, if it says no, pop the pebble down and thank it for it’s time.
  • Ask the pebble a question, state that even # of ripples created will be a yes and odd # will be no. Or vice versa, whichever you prefer.
  • Proceed to ask the question and throw it into the body of water however appropriate.
  • Observe the results.

I personally haven’t done this before, but I feel like I needed to include this to the post because I felt like this is really interesting.

Coffee Cup Divination – Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling

This one is really, really cool guys. I can say I’ve done it a couple of times for myself and it is super duper cool. One think I must say is that I know absolutely zero about the original Turkish coffee method but I have my own method, as I do for most things.

I asked a question once, I flipped over the cup and there was a smiley face! A smiley face, isn’t that cool as! I was just so giddy after that reading I really loved that.

So, I am a big fan of the Coffee Cup Divination and this is how I did it.

  • Brew ground coffee in a distiller. Pour it into the cup. Preferably like a sort of square shaped cup. Make sure its black, no milk.
  • While drinking the coffee, think and contemplate on a question. Ask it to a deity or something. I asked mine to Bastet, because she loves coffee.
  • Once finished and you can see the dregs flip the cup onto a saucer or plate and wait until you feel like you need to flip it over. (approx. 3-10 mins)
  • Flip back over the cup and notice the first thing that you see and what you intuitively think it means. Don’t really worry about fine details. I’m not a professional and neither are you. Don’t sweat it.

Special Mentions

  • Bone Throwing – Really cool, ancient method used by a variety of cultures throughout time. Tried and true method
  • Pendulums – Also an ancient method of divination, have a look at my past post about How to use a Pendulum. here: https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/04/07/how-to-use-a-pendulum/
  • Runes – Ancient method. Tried and effective. But it does take time to develop a clean relationship with the Rune Set. I feel like this is for more Norse Pagans/Witches.
  • Ogham – Celtic form of the Runes basically. But completely different and unique in its own way. Really cool way of divination and I would love to try it
  • Tasseography – Tea Leaf Reading. I have done some of this and I would like to get better at it.

Thank you for reading as always. Tomorrow I’ll be talking about Music in my Tune Tuesdays. If you have some fun out there divination methods let me know! Comment below I really love learning about new methods.

Song of the Day: Speak to Me – Jaiya

Highest thanks and blessed be your day,


Rain Bottle Spell

Hello All. Welcome to my Blog, I’m Mysty. Today’s topic of witchy-ness is my personal favourite spell, Rain Bottle Spell.

Now. There are a few parts to this spell and I would not recommend this if you are a beginner or not well versed in magickal rituals.

Who I will recommend this to is to people who are having trouble on their properties. There’s a Drought in Australia pretty much everywhere all the time (like 95% of the time I’ve actually been alive). So, Australia really needs to up it’s game on Water, but we can up our game on our properties if we have serious problems.

Photo by Bibhukalyan Acharya on Pexels.com

Having a property and seeing your animals suffer because of Drought is the main premise of this Spell. This spell only attracts the rain that your property SHOULD be getting okay. Not EXTRA. Being an engineer and well versed in these sorts of things, especially hydrology and Water Engineering, I know that if you start concentrating water to where its not supposed to be, you can land up creating Droughts on other properties okay. Please don’t do that. -> You are responsible for your actions, spiritual, physical and magickal, regardless if this is your personal view or not.

At our property, for around 3-4 months there was absolutely not a drop of rain. EVEN though that the surrounding properties were getting rain? Actually decent amounts. I thought to myself, this isn’t right, I need to fix this. My Christian family members have been praying for rain and so have I, but it just wasn’t working and I seriously needed to put some OMPH into this spell to make it really work.

So, the end goal of this Spell is to actually only ask for what you should and will receive and be completely open to it. Our Summer was harsh but as soon as I finished the spell, little drops were already spitting on my face, and that day a massive storm it and 20 mm of rain blessed our property, then 6 mm then 2mm on the following days! I knew that I worked! [By the way, I did record all these numbers and all my ritual proceedings in my BOS so that this post is accurate. Go to my Journaling Blog Post to see more]

So, the actual Spell! Lets have a look.

Part 1: Bottle Meditation

Now I say Bottle Meditation for a reason. You are basically meditating while making the bottle up. You put all your energy about the rain, all the thoughts of rain. The sound, the smells, the ground getting wet you visualize and imagine with all your senses and with all your will.

Each component you add to the Bottle is like topping up the energy. Its putting in more chances (if you like) of the rain falling. You are quite literally changing reality.

Now, to change reality is a big thing. A lot of energy needs to be accumulated for this to work. This is why I suggest that you make a relationship with your Land Spirits. The Spirits of the Sky, the Water, the Rain, Storms, and the Wind. They all have a part to play in the cycle of rain. The water is evaporated from large pools of water like the ocean (Water Spirits). Then the rain gets bundled up into clouds, (Sky Spirits). Then the Wind Spirits and the Storm Spirits shape this clouded bundle and the Rain spirits deposit this rain to your property. Rain is a complex issue and you must respect both the process of rainfall and the spirits involved.

This is my opinion and guess what. It only rained when I buried the Bottle on the site of the property and conversed with these spirits did it actually start raining. I thought at first the spell bottle sitting in my room would work! I was heavily mistaken!


-Salt, Purification, cleansing and consecration of the bottle
-Pumpkin Seeds, Signifying the physical rain drops falling and prosperity to the land
-Water Signifier (choose 1 or more): Blue candle wax, Blue dust/glitter, Mother of Pearl crushed, Blue ribbon or something that you represent with the element and spirits of water.
-Air Signifier (Choose 1 or more): Ash, incense burnt, a herb you associate with air, dandelion seeds, something that you represent the elements and spirits of air
-A Scroll with the intentions of the spell written in poetic verse.

Method (SMIB = So mote it Be)

-Gather Ingredience, Ground and Centre, Meditate for a while, Cast energetic Circle. (Optional, do this spell while its raining or while you listen to rainfall music)
-Place items one by one into the bottle with focusing on the intensions and either saying out loud or in your head the following: (Some examples, its better to come up with your own words)

1. Salt:
Body of Salt, Body of Earth,
I Invoke thee now and ask to please cleanse, purify and appoint this bottle
within the sacred use of magick
So mote it Be

2. Pumpkin Seeds
These seeds I place within this vessel,
to represent the raindrops upon the land
May it rain x 3
Oh tiny drops, bless this land
with fertile rains
from your clouds above

3. Water Signifier added + Incantation. Air Signifier added + Incantation. Scroll:

YOU MUST DO THE FOLLOWING PART: ( you can change the words but developing a relationship with the Spirits for this Spell is very important).

Spirits of Water, Spirit of Air, Keepers of the Rain; Far and Fair,
Please grant us your rains from above,
That our animals will have enough to eat,
For they are hungry and thirsty. Oh Spirits of Water and Air,
We invoke thee to bless us with thine powers.
To grant us now herewith your rains from above,
Your rains from above x 3

** Do for each ingredient, don’t put too many in because you need space inside the bottle for the scroll and part 2.

-Finishing off the bottle, Adding in all your intentions and energy about rain and the process of rain and then closing the bottle. Say:

Spirit of Water, Spirit of Air, we invoke you here this day
That your rainfall come our way,
To us, to our help and aid,
For this bottle, we now trade,

Humbly accept this offering by,
That we graciously ask of your blessing to reach us from on high.

Part 2: Bottle Spell Part 2 – Full Moon.

To the original jar add:

-Grass Seeds from the property. To connect the property and the spell together. (kind of like the hair of the property, kinda cute)
-(At this point I added blue candle wax, just add something which is blue or which you represent with the water dripping onto the property.

-Light the candle first/ grab your Rain representative. (I just don’t like using fluids in my bottle spells, I feel like if the words from scrolls inside are washed away that it makes the Spell lost, anyways that’s my opinion):

-Adding the Grass Seeds:

As these grass seeds are added
so too shall each and every plant on the property be blessed
by this spell,

*taking the wax, pouring into the bottle while saying the following*
that as this blue candle wax is poured over these grass seeds,
so too shall the rains fall upon ever grass see at [insert street address here]
that it’s lands may be blessed by the rains above! SMIB!

-I asked my Gods (at the time different to Bastet, Thoth and Seshat atm) which I called upon Odin, Freya, Frigg and Eir. I asked them to help with the Spell. It was really powerful and I probably couldn’t have done it without them. So, thank you to Odin, Freya, Frigg and Eir for helping me out. They are still very special to me and they are the Gods of my Ancestors so I do feel still a very big connection to them, but at the moment my Kemetic Pantheon are moving me along.

-Thank your Deities/Spirit Guides/Higher Power/Source energies for attending the Spell Ritual.
-Quiet time with the bottle. (Is really important). (While holding the bottle & a grounding stone (e.g. Obsidian). Say the following (or imagine the spell being sucked into the Earth and taking all the excess magickal energies)

I send this spell into the Earth x2
I send this spell into the sky x 2
I send this spell into the universe x2

-Then take a charging stone (e.g Clear Quartz)
I charge this spell with my intensions,
I send this spell into the sky
into the clouds to rain upon [insert property name here]

-Tell your Spirits/Spirit Guides/Deities/Source what you’re going to do about it! (Which is the actions of going to the property and having a good ol’ chat with the Land Spirits and burring the Bottle on the property.

Part 3: Burring and Land Spirit Ritual

After the Chinese New Year, I did a few rituals connecting me to the Spirits of the Land. I talked to the Sky Spirits, Water Spirits, Earth Spirits, Air, Rain and Storm Spirits.

I talked in languages that I did not know. I know it sounds crazy, but I knew what I was saying. I was chanting in words that I long have forgotten and it really fueled the spell and the connection to the Spirits so strongly that as soon as I finished the ritual, it started spitting rain and thus resulted in 20 mm being drenched on the property that same day.

It wasn’t a planned ending ritual to this spell at all. It was made, on the spot, through my intuition and it really just came from the heart. I pleaded with them. I offered my energy and they offered theirs. It was truly a spectacular ritual and one of the first of me being fully present and just talking to the Land Spirits in their own language!

There was no structure. My highly analytical mind now took a backseat and I was fully in the moment. I raised my hands up to draw the connections in and pressed them into the earth to send it all through the ground, through the earth like little cords.

It was truly a fantastic ritual and I wish others could have witnessed it, but I also feel like it was so personal to me that it couldn’t have happened any other way.


Alright, so this has been probably the longest post I have ever written, took me over an hour to do it! Please only do this ritual if you are seriously drought affected and need some rain and only concentrating on the rain that should be falling on your property but is missing for some reason. Again I am not liable or responsible for the damages you cause to yourself and your property or to others and their properties.

I feel like in the context of my family’s property we were changing things very drastically and I feel like the Land Spirits were not feeling appreciated and thus decided to take it out on us by removing our rain. Once then establishing a bond with them, a true connection to them I really did feel like they wanted to help. This witch down there is saying hello! Let’s talk to her. This spell has really blessed my spiritual progress and helped me realise that I do make my own reality, my own life is shaped entirely by me. Whatever I put in, I’m going to get out.

Thank you for reading this long post, so sorry for that! But I wanted to make it as detailed as I possibly could for you to understand the context, the reasoning and the methods of the spell to either recreate it in your own way or just as a reference to a well-structured, well explained spell!

Best Blessings of the Gods to you,

Song of the Day – Witch’s Rune – S J Tucker. (A good song which outlines some common themes of Wiccan Rituals)



Journaling has become a large thing in my practice. It is a practical way to record Dreams and Journeyings when you will forget after maybe minutes or hours.

My Dream Journal also has Oracle Card Readings, Spirit Communications, Pendulum Communications and various other things which I associate with Divination and Spirit Journeys. If I don’t, my clarified UPG’s and spiritual development might be forgotten by me. My memory is shocking. Sometimes its good sometimes its bad. Why have more than one book for these things? But to be fair as I continue to go deeper into Tarot, I’ll put my readings in a separate book.

My Book of Shadows is a completely separate book to my Dream Journal. This is because its somewhat more towards Crafting like Spells, Rituals, Deity Info and things like that.

Do what you think is best to how you should record these things. Definitely don’t kid yourself by not recording stuff. I bet you won’t remember that encounter you had 3 years ago unless it was very, very powerful.

Dream Journaling is really important to me. If I didn’t properly record my dreams, I wouldn’t know the proper way to approach the Spirit that came into my house. Maybe even be open to that through my dreams in the first place.

My dreams have become less chaotic and more mediocre from that time since I put up specific boundaries between me and Spirit Entities from now on that are permanent until I say so.

More about that in this post, How to help Earth Bound Spirits: https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/04/05/how-to-help-earth-bound-spirits/

But I wanted to go more into Shamanic Journeying to continue my Spiritual Development rather than put it on hold because I have forbidden any Spirits of any kind to come into my Dreams from now on as the conditions I set for all Spirits.

So, I basically closed the door on them. Since the projection of the imagery that the particular Spirit who barged into my house wasn’t very welcoming. She had a black hooded cloak on the first time I saw her in a dream before the major one and I couldn’t see her face. She was in a dark place, standing outside my house, and she did not look inviting at all. So, out of my I’m not taking any of that thank you attitude, I basically cleansed my home and put up barriers. It lasted a week before she came into my dreams again. So, seems like she was desperate this time. That time she showed me her face. She looked like a completely normal human. She asked me Do I know French? Like seriously? No, just because my Ancestors are French, doesn’t mean that I know a word of French, Lady. Obviously, may be this was her last option, last breath of any energy she had left. The question didn’t make sense but her expression and emotion did.

Her skin was white, her face full of wrinkles and I full on grabbed her arm and was nearly about to fucking banish her until she said that. I feel like in that moment of my dream it sort of shocked me back into that moment to think, Oh, oh wait she’s actually a human and she needs help.

After this final dream I had, She was playing with the lights in my house, letting them flicker up and down, around about 5 times in a space of an hour during next day while I was chillin’ on my couch. Maybe she was angry because in the most recent dream I sat her down on the same couch I was sitting on at the time of me chillin’. She was probably thinking Why isn’t this witch helping me now? She’s just sitting on her Ass.

I really had to do that ritual the day after this to open up a way for her to get back to the Spirit World. She’s back there now, I sometimes get little flashes of energy, little reminders like her name pops into my head like she’s saying hello. Just to tell me that she’s okay now.

Her Ancestors were absolutely there at the ritual that day and they made me very emotional while doing the proceedings. It was a really special time for me being my first real-responsibility as a Practitioner to do that sort of thing. I’m really grateful for that experience.

I hope as you have read this post and my other one How to help Earth Bound Spirits to consider recording your findings, your spiritual development, progress and any significant encounters you’ve had. It really is important and I can’t stress it enough.

What-ever you’ve been doing. Dreams, Journaling, Communications through to Spirit, your Spirit Guides or Personal Deities. They’ll be grateful when they don’t have to repeat themselves.

Song of the Day: Night of the Holly King – KIVA

Thank you all for reading. Best blessings to you and goodluck on your journeying. I know I have a long road ahead of me, but I know which direction I’m going in. I hope as you journal that your path also becomes more and more clear,


How to help Earth Bound Spirits

Hello all, hope you’re ready to get a bit serious.

Spirits are a part of this world just as much as we are. They don’t have physical bodies but they definitely have spirit bodies. Personally touching a spirit in my dreams recently really opened me up to the possibility that I can help Earth bound spirits cross over when they are trapped in an Earthly plane (our world rather than the spirit world).

Some of you may be thinking in the back of your mind “is this chick INSANE. Like who does she think she is, telling us about spirits and shes not even a medium, what a load of ****!”

clouds dark dramatic heaven
Photo by Adam Kontor on Pexels.com

Well. To be quite plain I’ve been seeing spirits since I was a kid and this lady-spirit which (in retrospect, quite rudely) entered my dreams (twice actually!) to ask for my help on getting her to the other side. Now, she didn’t even specifically ask me that I had to go out of my way in ritual to specifically talk to her just to help her move on from MY HOUSE. (Yes, sounds pretty rude). Anyhow, I thought Well I can’t just leave her here, I’m going to have to help her otherwise shes going to keep feeding on OUR energy to say alive.

So, after the dream encounter (which wasn’t pleasant because she literally just waltzed into my house & into my dreams without invitation) I decided to research and see what I had to do to successfully help her. This is what I eventually learnt after reading about twenty articles and blogs later:

  1. Set Spiritual Boundaries. When in a ritual setting (casting circle, calling quarters, having protections), specifically and clearly state To All Spirit Entities and Energies The terms of the conditions in which YOU can contact THEM. ** This is the key. You need to establish all your boundaries to include something about under the conditions of only you contacting them so include boundaries on:
    – The Time(When), Place(Where), and Conditions (How) YOU will contact THEM. Because if you don’t specifically say this in the terms you propose, they can just waltz into your dreams, into your awakened conscious mind and say hello.
  2. You need to have a connection with either a certain Deity or Spirit Guides to help the Earth Bound Spirit successfully cross over into the Spirit World.
  3. You need to Engage the spirit (at a later time) after setting your intentions of your Spirit Contact Boundaries as per Step (1).
  4. Once engaged in ritual, Cast Circle and ask your Guides/ Deities to act as a Gatekeeper which acts like someone standing between an open doorway, you can still contact the spirit and converse with them, but your Spirit Ally is always protecting you.
  5. Use a method of communicating tool or intuition to talk to the spirit, or ask it to give you information via visuals/audio.
  6. Understand the situation of the particular spirit. Ask if they are ready to go to their Ancestors (this really helps them move on). And possibly ask her Ancestors to preside at this meeting before continuing.
  7. Ask the spirit what is their name, and what was their favourite thing to do. Just to get to know them, you need to develop a good relationship just for a short while.
  8. Then ask them, who out of your Spirit Allies would they like for them to guide them back to the Spirit World.
  9. Open a portal to their Ancestors and ask their Ancestors & Your Guides to assist.
  10. With the Spirit Guide from your personal group of Allies they chose, instruct them to take the Earth Bound Spirit to the Spirit World and ask the Ancestors to greet them upon entry.
  11. Say Thank you to the Spirit. Dismiss them and formally say GOODBYE.
  12. Thank your Deities and Guides, Safe Travels and Farewell to thee.
  13. Closing Ritual. Opening the circle back up. Grounding via Eating, Drinking or grabbing your favourite grounding stone or go have a relaxing bath.

Okay, so thats a rough guide. For me, my ritual to help my Earth Bound spirit went definitely along these lines.

Some experiences I had:

– The Earthbound Spirit did like Bastet but was not willing to go to the Spirit World with her, I asked her if she would like to be led by my Kangaroo Spirit Guide, Warra. She said yes. [Since she lived in Australia for a long time, she was accustomed more to the image of a Kangaroo, so please be mindful of what is best for the Spirit]

– the Earth bound Spirit I had, did not have a good connection to me, but as I started conversing with her more and just more casually being open with her, she told me her name properly and the ritual went much smoother after this.

-Do a bit of research. Now its probably not going to be like I had to do. The Spirit was tripping the lights and dimming them up and down and stuff so I really quickly had to do the ritual 3 days maximum after her waltzing into my dreams.

I highly doubt that you will have a similar encounter, but if you can see spirits in your dreams like I can and stuff maybe you should invest a little time into understanding how this all works, rather not like me and leave it to the last minute.

Alright, thats it from me.

Happy Ghostbusting my fellow witches, pagans, psychics, mediums and spiritualists alike. I hope this post is a good start for you but I also hope you continue to develop strong relationships with your guides so you can properly do this if needed.

Highest Blessings from me and my Spirit Team:


Welcome to my Altars

Heya guys, its me Mysty. Today I thought of introducing you to my Altars!

Yes Altar(s), a plural word!

But before all this, I’ll answer why I have Altars and what do I use them for.

Altars for me, are a part of a sacred space which you create. Normally by cleansing the space through incense or sage-ing.

Sage-ing NOT smudging. Smudging is a clearly defined traditional Native American ritual (and also in other traditional rituals as well from various cultures). So please don’t say “I smudged my house last week” Because that’s actually incorrect and highly inappropriate.

So, please use the term Sage-ing or sage-ed.

Sorry about that, so lets go back to Altars. They serve a wide range of purposes such as:

– Ancestor Altars

-Deity Altars

-Ritual Altars

-Personal Reflection Altars

-Spirit Respect Altar.

Now, I don’t have Ancestor Altars but I do have each of the last 4. So I will talk about them in turn.

Deity Altars:

This, is my Bastet Altar. It has various nit-bits but what the main things are is:

-Bastet’s Figure. Which is my Katy Perry perfume Bottle. I asked first if Bastet approved of her being represented like this and she said yes.

-Offerings: Now this might not be obvious to the normal pagan. But, in Kemeticism you normally give something that either i) doesnt rot ii) can be eaten by you. So, I normally offer my pieces of jewellery to Bastet. See the tiara and offering bowl in the photo.

-Other Items: Various items which are not necessary but are important to Bastet, as she protects my home while I’m asleep, away or at home!

-Candle: I light the candle in her name, and do a prayer over it and dedicate the flame to her and invite her to always be with me.

Thoth/Djehuti Altar:

-I am still making more of a relationship with him so its still in progress.

-This is an example of a Altar in progress and that is totally fine.

Some items which are important:

-Figure: Bird, well Djehuti is an Ibis-headed God, kind of obvious.

-A stone which represents the cosmic egg: So there is a stone which represents Thoth’s cosmic egg which he hatched out of and thus created himself and this world. (Basically represents the ever-expanding universe)

-Offerings: I normally offer Djehuti flowers from my garden and I did that during the week.

-He doesn’t necessarily like candles, he told me.

-Ritual/ Personal Altar:

This is my personal Altar. I place things from all of my altars onto another altar to do rituals and that is a portable one, so I can take it outside and such. But this is my personal altar. Its purposes:

-My Sacred space

-My daily candle lighting for reflection, consistency, peace.

-Meditation space, reflection space, prayers and Senut & Henu bowing.

-Small spells

Ritual Altar:

With the ritual Altar, (I might put in an image later on).

-For rituals only, is portable and normally consists of other things on my other altars, such as grabbing my Bastet Figure.

-For spells and worship only. Only using my wooden altar top (a different one to the one in the personal altar) (Its a small wooden portable surface)

-Sometimes used for Tarot card reading and small rituals inside.

Spirit Respect Altar:

Now, this is probably pretty specialised. This is an Altar for my Spirit of my House, Cassandra. She helps me during ritual, watches over my possessions, our house, and is the personally wields Athena’s Spear. Thats a story for another time. Athena was one of the first Deities which contacted me, and is still highly important to me.

She is the only one which wields that Spear, which is basically the power core to my House’s spiritual defences.

She also manages the 3 Ward stones which are on that altar around the candle. Basically guarding the 3 main entrances into my house. The front door, sliding side door and the left hand side laundry door. I frequently give these stones some energy by going to one of the doorways and going in a clockwise motion around the doorframe with black obsidian while muttering a protection prayer.
(In the southern hemisphere, clockwise direction is used for banishing and anticlockwise is used for attracting. So I’m banishing negative entities and spirits)

Ever since I started doing this, there has been no infiltration into my dreams or my house.

I casually talk to Cassandra all the time and she is very pleasant and easy to converse with. I ask her to take care of our house before we leave and I thank her for protecting our home.

Alright so those are my Altars everyone!

Let me know about your meditation/spiritual/sacred spaces/altars and why you use them.

Best Blessings, from me, Bastet, Djehuti and Seshat.

May your days be long on the Earth, in health and happiness.

May you never hunger.

May you never thirst.