Music in Magick

Hello everyone, I’m your host, Mysty.

So today, I’ll be talking to you all about how Music can be used as a spell or during ritual.

In Ritual work

During my rituals I normally have an opening song, basically to raise the vibration of the circle, normally done after I’ve cast. Then I proceed to call in the Elements, say a sentence each for them, turning in each direction. Then I call in Deities. Do the main spell work. If I have made a special song for that Deity, I’ll normally play or sing it and dedicate it to them as an offering for helping with the spellwork. Then basically repeat the steps prior but in reverse.

Thats how my rituals normally go. That is a really brief summary but yeah. Thats all you really need as a framework rubric.

(This is why I’m solitary because I really don’t like strict squares when doing magick)

In Spellwork.

This is where the fun’s at.

  • The whole spell could be the song. It could be a verse long and have a rhythm & melody you’ve created and the lyrics are the words and intention of the spell.
  • You get to make rhymes and rhythms for little spells you can do on the fly.
  • If you’re good at an instrument, doing an instrumental could be a spell or done before and after a poem or words are said.
  • You can pick a song you really like, doesn’t matter what it is, could be Katy Perry, could be anything. Make sure the lyrics are exactly what you want to manifest into the world. Perform the song with a lot of enthusiasm, and visualize when the words and music come out of the speakers that (I normally do green, but any colour will do) a certain colour of energy comes out of your mouth & from the speakers. If you’re listening it on earphones, I guess this method won’t be as effective but you’ll have to do other types of visualisations.

A General Note

With any spell or ritual you really need to put all your will and intentions into the spell, to push what you want to manifest into the world. Which also comes with visualisations & intentions set MUST be in FUTURE TENSE. No buts about it. It has to be framed like its already happened and you must believe it is either currently happening or going to happen and you can see yourself in it (either doing it or being involved or your reaction after it takes place)

Thank you for reading as always,

Take Care, I’ve been under the weather lately so that’s why my posts are slow.



Why do I love Music this much?

Hello everyone, Mysty here, back with another new post.

How are you? Hope this week has been good and if not, just know that you create your own reality and it really is all up to you with where you currently are and how you live your life.

Today, is a special post. I get to talk about music. Ahh, such a pleasant pass time, hobby, profession and joy to so many people around the world.

With that being said. I think the reason why it is so popular is because it promotes feelings of every kind.

If you think about it, as soon as you put on music it’s in the back of your mind, changing your mood. If it’s a love song, this might make you dance, or maybe hip hop. If it’s a country song you like, you might want to tap or sing along.

Music isn’t just a bunch of notes, it shapes and changes us.

Scientists have confirmed that talking to plants nicely & uplifting classical music makes plants grow better and faster.

On the other hand, heavy metal music, sad music, negative talk and shouting lead to the plant being, well, basically sad. Poor plant.

I always talk to my plants when I water them. It’s a good time to get to know them, what they need, why they need it and just some general conversation. I make sure they feel included, make them feel good about themselves or cheer them up when they feel down. I’ve had a plant come back 3 times from being dry, brown and flaky, to be green, alive and happy. All just with words.

So I guess this leads me to a point where, if those types of music either uplift or putdown a plant, what is it doing to us when we listen to that?

I guess everyone is different. Songs affect us in so many ways, and if you genuinely don’t like a song, you’re put off from the first few notes starting (I know I am).

But maybe we should review what we listen to. Is it good for my soul? Is it uplifting me? When I listen to this, does it make my day better or worse?

I think a sort of scanning test for a good solid week should do it, listen to each genre on different days, and at the end of the day, ask yourself a few questions and see how you feel.

Sound is just vibrations. Thus, music is a collection of vibrations. Vibrations in different frequencies, tones, keys, pitches, words, alter our perspective and our own vibrations.

Theres a reason why spell words are said aloud, they are literally altering reality. The vibrations from your mouth are the magick & are far more powerful then just saying them in your head. I would say that yes it is powerful to affirm things in your mind, but you would have to do it a number of times to be as potent as saying it aloud.

I might make a post later on which will outline how to use music in magick.

Thank you all for reading,

Best Blessings,


Tune Tuesday: Homemade Instruments

Hello everyone, Mysty here. Today I’m going to share a few ways you can make instruments at home to use in ritual.

Clap Sticks

If anyone knows me well enough, I love wood. I love sticks and all things natural. There’s just something special about them.

I have two dried Mangrove pods as my clap sticks I use to keep in time while I’m singing in ritual. I use it in place of a ritual bell too to mark the beginning and end of certain steps of rituals. I use it while I’m walking in a circle to mark out the ritual space to clear the energy, clear the air of any unwanted stagnant energies. Really helpful and they have been really clear and great.

Photo by WARREN BLAKE on

** It took actually a whole 2 years for my mangrove pods to fully dry.**

Have a look at the different woods that naturally occur in your area. Birch? Oak? Cedar? Maybe for those in the Northern Hemisphere. Southern Aussies, Eucalyptus? Native Pencil Cedar? Melaleuca? Or even trees regarded as evasive weeds that you need to cut out anyhow. Sorry other countries I don’t know about your trees unfortunately. But generally for everyone:

  • Anything that could be hardened over time, and could give a nice, clear sound is ideal. You should go for woods that would be used for making weapons such as bows, spears etc because they have fine fibers and actually have what’s called resonance. Where you hit the wood and the whole wood vibrates.
  • Ask your local Wood carving or Whittling professional about which woods they use for different things
  • Select the wood once you’re more acquainted with their uses and choose an appropriate one.
  • Go to your local tree in your area and ask it for either a limb it has already shed or carefully cut one off. (I don’t believe in cutting things off of trees to be used for magickal purposes, but this will be your clap sticks, not mine. Do what you think is best) –> Make sure the wood is a decent thickness because it does need to dry out & you’re going to be using it physically, it needs to be solid.
  • Make sure you dry out your selected wood after harvesting it. This step will take between 5 weeks to 3 months or longer. You should be able to take another sample which dried in the same amount of time and be able to effectively burn it in a bonfire or cut it without having any moisture in the middle.
  • **To speed up the drying process, if it is a soft wood and the bark is quite like a layer in itself, take a whittling knife, being careful, and strip the branch.
  • After the Drying Process, Cut your clap sticks to size and enjoy. You may have to do trial and error with different woods to get your desired sound out of your clap sticks.

Recycled Materials

I love recycling. But Australia is famous for being flip-flopping about their recycling services. So I love to reuse things rather than put them in the recycling if absolutely necessary. This is because Australia needs to be a bit more environmentally friendly before I can 100% say everything I put into recycling is actually being recycled properly.

  • Glass bottles: thick glass bottle + spoon = instrument

Could be used also with water in it for different notes. The more water in the bottle the higher the note essentially. Use a spoon as a hitter or something that makes a clear sound. Decorate it as you want and place it on your altar! Again, it doesn’t have to be a massive bottle, it could be a baby one.

  • Glass bottle: two glass or plastic bottles + sand/filler/water = instrument

Who doesn’t love a good rain instrument. Well that’s what I call them anyhow. It basically sounds like rain. Really nice. Good for ambience.

Clothing Bells

Have you ever noticed that shamans from various cultures have bells on their clothing. I know right, pretty cool. They jingle everywhere and I think that’s really fun. But its also used to get into a trance state on the go and for some shamans it’s really effective for them so this is another way to incorporate music into your practice.

  • Literally sew on little bells to your ritual clothing if you have some.
  • Or, make a shaker
  • Or, make a Egyptian sistrum.

Advanced Instruments

There are some serious DIY instruments out there.

  • Dulcimers
  • Lap Harps
  • Drums
  • Bamboo Flutes
  • Lyres
  • Thumb Pianos

And many, many more to choose from. If you’re like me and super indecisive have a look at a few videos on youtube how people make these at home and choose the one you’re most interested to give a try.

Happy tunes guys and let me know what your music projects or any other projects you’ve been working on so far.

Song of the Day: Bear – Jaiya.

Highest Blessings.


Tune Tuesday: An Ancient Wind Song

Heya everyone! Welcome back to my Blog. Mysty here.

When I was a teen I would sing to the wind. I still do! I sing to the wind all the time. The trees and and long grass sway and dance in reply as I sweetly sing a little tune the Wind taught me.

dandelion nature sunlight
Photo by Nita on

Long before I was a serious witch or pagan I had a fascination of the Wind. How it works. What convection is. All that cool stuff. Then the Wind started following me throughout school, where-ever I walked. Filling my skirt with air, having to push it down or firmly pushing me along or tailing behind me.

Sometimes the Wind, the Spirit I called Kylisi, was going on and on too much and I would have to tell him to stop or calm down.

Whenever I would hang washing outside I would sing a song it taught me.

There’s no words, there’s no reason. It only invokes Spirits of Air. After every line you sing, the Wind grows stronger and stronger, almost to a bellowing until you stop singing and all turns to quiet. It really is a powerful, yet simple tune.

Here is the song:

(ta = 1 note length, ti = 1/2 note length)

B D C# E
(ta, ta, ta, ta)
Ah ~ Ah ~, (rest)
B D C# E B
(ta, ta, ti, ti, ta)
Ah ~ Ah ~ (rest).

  • The D and the following notes are in the next octave
  • The second B on the second line goes back to the original B
  • If you change to a higher octave after a few lines the Wind increases.

Add in any lyrics you like. Add in extra notes, this is just a base.

This song has been the basis of my relationship with Wind Spirits and probably the one of the main reasons why my Rain Bottle Spell worked for me. This is because the Wind was used to talking to me, and when I asked it to carry the rain, It did out of curtesy.

This is not the only song I sing to the Wind. There are many others and virtually any song you sing with an intention to connect more efficiently to the element of Air will work, even non-air related songs.

I wish I could add in an audio file for you guys so you can hear what it sounds like! My other songs I’ve posted about too! But does not accept any because I am on a free account. (Since I don’t get paid for doing any blog posts! I totally wish I was though). Maybe there’s a way to get around this audio file thing. Probably YouTube.

Thanks for reading as always. Maybe in the future I’ll make a youtube account for you to listen to my songs I have covered so far.

Song of the Day: K’ai – Song of the Mermaid by Lisa Dancing-Light. Sophia Songs. [This is one of my favourites, and is really similar to the Wind Song in this post].

I love you all!

Virtual hugs from me,

May your guides in your life help you progress to your highest good,


Meditation Music

Hello guys, its me Mysty. Today I’m going to share with you my favourite meditation music which I use to meditate on the bus, on my bedroom floor, for slight trance etc.

Just in the instances where I have time to reflect or I ask my Spirit Guides to show me the information I need to know for that day or that week or what I need to focus on during this time.

Photo by Diego Madrigal on

I really love Spotify and listening to all the music they have. They really have a wide collection and I really recommend it. They have changed their adds to being minimal or it gives you 30 mins add free music. Of course you could also go for the Premium Option, but I like free stuff!

All rights to the music posted here go to their original owners. I do not own this music nor am I a sponsor of the music listed.

  • Return to Yourself – Parijat, Reiki, Healing Waves
  • Pineal Gland Activation – Meditation Music Zone, Instant Auto Hypnosis
  • Sweet Kiss – Yaima
  • Weightless Part 1 – Marconi
  • Ra Ma Da Sa – Snatam Kaur
  • Pads of Redemption – Masala Roo
  • Pranayaam Mantra – Sadhana Sargam, Mantras to Start the Day
  • Heart of the Lotus, Part 2 (Jor) – Stevin McNamara – Shatki Guitar

Some ambience I always love listening too:

  • Rain Sounds!
  • Campfire Sounds
  • Bamboo Forest
  • Flowing Rivers
  • Koto or Guzheng instrumental music

Dragon Ritual Drummers are a really, really good band and I cannot stress enough how awesome they are and need a special mention. My favourites of theirs are:

  • Serpentine Seduction
  • Tuatha De Dannan
  • Black Queen
  • Afri Afrique

Some songs make me imagine that I’m walking and dancing around in a circle doing ritual dancing. There’s a special sequence and its not like I’m making it up it just comes naturally to mind. I really would like to try to dance these sequences (even though I suck at dancing). I’m willing to give it a shot!

I do have a wide range of different music I listen too. Not just in meditations or pagan witchcraft but I’ve learnt a lot of languages and I respect many languages. I always love to learn more and more. I’m a super sponge. Even though I don’t know much about Kundalini yoga or Kundalini meditation I wanted to add this in for readers to also expand their listening to various forms of music to help readers develop in meditation, trance and in the future I’ll be doing a post just on my progress on Shamanic Journeying & Astral Projection.

Let me know what are your favourite meditation songs/music/playlists on youtube, CD’s or spotify and how have they been working for you.

Thanks for reading as all ways. Best and Highest Blessings to you. I know your Guides, Ancestors, and Deities are watching over you.

Song of The Day: Om Mani Padme Hum (theres lots of versions so have a look on youtube)


Songs of Praise.

Being a Witch and being a Pagan comes with some responsibilities.

One of those responsibilities is showing adoration to your Deities. (If you so choose to).

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Today, I’m going to be discussing my Deities (who also chose me too).

So, the first Deity which formally chose me is Bastet (Bast, Ubaste). So, she sent three cats to my house. The one was pitch black, the other white and the other grey. They each had various days they would turn up, somewhat mysteriously, to my house. They snooped around my garden, day after day until… Dun dun DUUnn. I got a Katy Perry perfume bottle! In a shape of a cat! Which was a gift? When I saw it I thought….hmmm. Coincidence? I think NOT.

The cats kept coming around until I eventually started researching her, thinking that this couldn’t be out of shear luck.

Then, I formally introduced myself to her in prayer and I asked her to be my Patron Goddess, and she accepted! I really am excited about working with her, and so far she has been so hospitable it is truly a blessing.

So, lets go to the reason why this post is called Songs of Praise.

So, do you remember in a previous post that I talked about being a musician and a singer. Well, I am! I’ve been teaching myself violin since 2016 and I have been a guitarist since I was 11 years old!

So, what does this have to do with adoring the Gods? (Goddesses and Deities too because sometimes Deities don’t have genders or have multiple! So I prefer the term Deity). Deities love music. That’s the reason.

One way we can show them how we care, is through music. Through some traditions (or if you’re eclectic too) use music to express their relationship, feelings, emotions to offer songs of praise to the Gods in order to:

– Be a formal ritual offering or part of a ritual that we perform such as an opening song or prelude.

– Ask for something from the Gods, and this in a form of a song (Sort of like a prayer)

– Dedicate a song to a particular God or Goddess because of adoration.

These are just a few simple ways it can be used, but how do you go about writing a song? Can you even write a song? Yes, yes you can. I’m here to show you some tips.

My main method I use:

  1. Develop a relationship with the Deity that the song is for.
  2. Start with a clear theme and reason why this song is going to be sung.
  3. Try and come up with some lyrics and a rhythm/melody by trial and error. Visualisation helps.
  4. Have Fun! When you are in the moment having fun, that’s when the best songs come out.

I will share a part of the song which I wrote for Bastet:

Oh Bastet, Keeper of the Sun.
One’s Who’s Flames, Guide us on.
Her sacred crown, fills the Sky.
With bright sun rays, on us shine.

Now, I’m not going to give you the rhythm or the music key because it would be too confusing (Maybe in another post sometime). But this shouldn’t stop you from getting ideas to make you’re own songs about your Deities.

Some songs which are similar and give me inspiration:

  • Persephone – Kellianna
  • I hear you Calling – Chalice and Blade
  • Freya, Shakti – Emerald Rose
  • Siuil A Ruin – Irish Folk Song
  • Lady Moon – Jenna Greene
  • Trotto – Estampie (One of my fav’s!)
  • May it Be – Enya
  • The Goddess and the Weaver – Spiral Dance

I hope this post inspires you to write songs for your Gods and Goddesses (and all Deities). I am really lucky that one of my passions is music and I can play instruments but if you can’t, don’t be discouraged, anyone can create music if they are passionate about the message it brings.

Highest Blessings and have fun!