Beliefs as an eclectic pagan witch

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

I just want to share how my beliefs has changed overtime and how being a pagan witch is a fluid experience. You definitely don’t stand still with your beliefs and its hard not to go with the flow.

The spiritual side of my practice that are most prominent now are:

– Ancestors

– Spirit Guides, Elemental Spirits, Spirits (Local), Universal Deity (Big fat yellow ball), Mother Earth (As either Cerridwen, Pachamama (Elderly), or Gaia.

– Spirits of things such as stones, rocks, crystals, roots, trees, leaves etc.

– Spirit of my house, Cassandra. (Not a earth bound spirit, but the spirit of my house. Kind of like if team spirit was personified)


My ancestors are lovely people. I talk to them and they talk to me. I feel them putting their hands on my shoulders, or hear their words echo in my mind, which didn’t come from my own thinking, and normally have different voice tones, like maybe a woman or a man.

They treasure being noticed, but they don’t ask me for any offerings. They just want to talk to me, and usher me onto the right path. I research about them all the time, and I will keep going when I find more records of them.

Universal Deity, Yellow Ball

Yellow Ball, or what I just call when I’m talking to it, ‘Universe’, is a spirit being which radiates yellow gold light everywhere, and doesn’t utter a word. It definitely hears what I say, and knows what I’m talking about, but it never replies directly back to me. Not yet anyhow. It replies back indirectly. I might ask a question to it, and during the week I might stumble upon some info or someone talks to me about it randomly out of the blue, and answers my question.

I think it’s how the universal deity shows itself to me, and I’m totally fine with a big fat glowing ball.

Mother Earth, Cerridwen, Gaia, Pachamama.

I haven’t talked all that much about these three. But they are prominent.

Gaia normally comes in the form of a beautiful woman. Her hair is mossy, grassy and green. Her eyes the same, and her complexion is quite young. She is who I ground to and send my line down for my rooting everyday. I see her grab the line in the centre of the earth and attach it to a sort of mechanism. Like plugging me into the earth.

She has the best laughs and great smile. She always encourages me to look within myself and see how I can improve. Be more kind, more compassionate, more forgiving. That’s who Gaia is to me.

Cerridwen, the red head. Aha. She has a big bushy curly head of hair and it is as red as fire. She has a beautiful aura of energy and I love watching her in her kitchen. She is always messing around, sewing this, cooking that, poking the fire. She is a busy body, but she loves her role it seems. Her cottage is deep in the middle of the earth, and she always has her hearth and cauldron fires going.

Pachamama, the short, wise, elderly woman, who takes me on hiking trips through mountains I’ve never visited before. She is a wise woman, and she always has good advice. Walking up the mountains with her is a glowing experience. She small but a fast walker, and she tells you information about the plants as she walks by them. Sitting in a mountain cave with her is probably one of the best experiences one could get when meditating.

Mother Earth. Hmm, I guess she is the personification of the Earth itself, that’s how I can sense and feel her. She’s everywhere, and she feels like a carpet of warm energy beneath you. She’s calm like her waters and strong like her stones. She does talk if you would like to talk to her, but normally you can just sit in silence and listen to her breathing, in and out, then rest. I normally sense her, then I can sense the universal ball. Some how they are connected.


Ah, Cassandra. She wears a white dress with red polka dots and never misses a beat. She is my house’s spirit and she does love to be clean. She is the warning alarm for any negative spirits that come into my house and she’ll normally send a message my way via a dream to notify me. She is joyful and happy and is always smiling. She can leave the house temporarily while another one of my spirit guides takes over being the guardian. Normally my Bear Spirit.

She tells me about up coming news or what to look out for during the week. She’s normally right about things.

Okay well that’s it for today,

Cheers guys, thank you for reading.

I’ve made the effort to follow new blogs so there are new people following me and that’s so nice, welcome to my blog!

Best Blessings,


Ways to Connect: Element of Fire


Let it burn! Witches!

Hey guys welcome back to my blog. I’m your host, Mysty.

Fire is one of my favourite elements and it has 100% helped me in my spellcraft.

Since my Craft rituals involve mostly fire Deities like Bastet. Paying homage to her is mostly in the form of burning something!

With that being said, not all my Deities are associated with the Sun or with Fire. Thoth is associated with the Moon because of his Crescent Beak (so cute, sorry buddy), I’m sure that Athena is also associated with the Moon too.

But Bastet has recently talked to me about working with Ra, (her Dad) and to convince him mortals are, once again, active in their worship of the Ancient Gods. We are, Ra! No worries man. I did have a chat with him recently and he is really warm and inviting.

Sounds like a great Dad. Bastet was just concerned with her Dad not getting as much attention and adoration as he used to, and thus, has gone a bit dormant.

General Tips

  • If you haven’t checked out Ways to Connect: Air, please go do so. It has important links to some prescribed readings for you guys. Which includes amazing posts by professional pagan authors who know their shit.
  • If you don’t read the links, you’re going to find these posts uninspiring, because they are based off ideas of Animism & The Witch’s Pyramid.
  • Ways to Connect: Air, https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/07/14/ways-to-connect-element-of-air/

General things about Fire

  • If you don’t have a spirit or Deity which is associated with Fire that you haven’t connected with or don’t have a particular Spirit Guide for this, that is totally fine.
  • It does help to feel the energy of Fire if you have felt the energy of these types of Spirits, but if you haven’t that’s okay. Candle Meditations are perfect for getting to know fire. Or a Campfire.

Ways to Connect

  • Holding a cup of warm liquid, may it be cupasoup, warm milk, coffee, milo, malt drink, whatever you like. Imagining the energy and the heat inside the cup’s liquid like a little flame. Feeling how warm it is with your eyes closed, completely feeling it. Let your whole body be warm from the energy it gives.
  • An exercise continuing from the first could be, actually making the liquid hotter than it already was, through your intention. Expanding the flame to a visualization of the liquid getting hotter and hotter. Taking a sip to see if its changing or not. More information in my post. Coffee Magick and Deity Talk: https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/04/16/coffee-magick-and-deity-talk/
  • Sitting around the campfire and focusing on the smells, sights, and heat coming from the fire. Feel the aura of the fire. How does it feel? warm? powerful? inviting? dangerous?
  • Light a Candle and do a Candle Meditation
  • Incorporate fire into one of your spells
  • Read up about fire and how it has been used during rituals around the world in both modern & ancient times
  • Solar Energy, feel the warmth on your skin, on your face.
  • Summer Solstice, can you notice the difference of energy?

These are just a few ways you can connect to the element of Fire.

I hope these posts will be beneficial to you in developing your own relationships with the Elements,

Best Blessings,



Thoth’s Wonderful Library of Wonders.

Hello everyone, it’s your host Mysty. Welcome to my blog and I hope you have a good week so far.

Having Thoth as a Patron God is really the bomb. If you have him as a friend he can lend you some of his recommended books in his library.

Well, his Etheral Library. It’s really, really big guys. Probably has an infinite space and information. The Ancient Egyptians believed that Thoth, or Djehuti, had the task and privilege of keeping record of all that has happened, is currently happening and will happen.

You can assess the Library in a couple of ways.

Entrance/Access to Thoth’s Library Collection

Access could be as easy as, Hey Thoth, which book do you recommend for me? During a meditation when calling upon him, He’ll probably direct you to the equivalent book. For example, he directed recently to The Ultimate Book of Energy Manipulation, & What you Need to Know about the Underworld.

Sometimes during my dreams I have physically read the books. But now a days, my dreams sort of manifest as to how Thoth would like me to use the information day to day. He told me recently that “You subconscious is nearly in my Library all the time, other than when you’re sleeping and gone off to other worlds. But in your waking life, it’s here because you want to keep learning at this time. Gathering information is important at this point of your Practices and Journey’s. What you’re doing does come from your heart, but its also coming from what you subconsciously know and learning about.”

During the meditation, you can ask Thoth for access to his library (if you don’t have access). If you’re lucky enough, you’ve seen him working at his desk (writing with a quill onto heaps of scrolls and books) in previous conversations with Him.

This means that you already have access. He loves to multitask so for me he’ll normally be either organizing his shelves or writing, he’s never not doing something. He’s a busy God! He has a lot of responsibilities.

After Access

Looking on the internet or in your local library once asking for his information could be a very valuable search. Make sure to give him some offerings after. (He loves fruit btw).

Secondly, it could be easy as asking him a few questions using a Tarot reading for some answers. Which may direct you to a great amazon review of a new occult book.

Tarot readings are great because they can easily give information, guidance and physical advice from him.

The best course of action is to follow your gut & look out for the signs that yes your subconscious has recently looked at the book he recommended. He’ll only recommend something thats purely for your benefit at the time.

For example, if you suddenly know what to include into this difficult spell, or find it easier to look at auras or something and its related to Thoth’s recommendations, that is 100% from him.

Thank you for reading everyone. May Source bless you in the ways you need for this month.



The Magick of Mount Wellington, Tasmania

Hello everyone! Mysty is here! Back with another smashing post.

So, today I wanted to briefly talk about my experiences and connections made on Mount Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania.

Mount Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania.

Oh. What a beautiful place. Holy shit guys. It was absolutely fantastic, even when the January fires of this year were tormenting the whole island and the air around the Mountain in all directions was full of smoke I still had a blast.

If you’re wondering, the background photo on my pages was taken a-top Mount Wellington, if you wanted to know.


The place felt like I was transported to another world. It’s apparently a sacred mountain to the indigenous Aboriginal community and has a few legends of its own.

What I got from it was this punch of overwhelming power. It was as though someone set of a giant explosion of energy and opened up a gateway to the Overworld.

I found the portal, and soon got over there. The whole top of the Mountain is covered in what looks to be weathered Andesite or Diorite (or Granodiorite) <It depended on which area you went to, but the mountain is obviously covered by igneous rocks> (Just a quick Geological Assessment but it may be slightly off, hey, I’m not a Geologist & I only had 1 day there with 0 tools but this is just my analysis)

So there was these Andesite/Diorite fingers. Looong shaped, roughly weathered, smooth edges. Beautiful. It was like the Mother’s personal hands. It was absolutely amazing. If you closely look in a photo there’s one laying down in the bottom right section. (Just imagine them sticking up like blades of grass everywhere, then large boulders, smaller rocks, pebbles and hardy shrubs dotting the horizon.


The portal to the Overworld was situated on a large, dome-like Andesite/Diorite rock. Not too off looking like Uluru, which had a few of the Fingers around it.

(Since I was on holiday I had no tools) I quickly consecrated a wand from a suitable stick, blessed it to the Goddess, and proceeded with a ritual.

The ritual was a dedication of me to the Craft. To me being a Witch. To my love of the Goddess. The Mother who gave me life, breath and this body. I gave much thanks & offered her my life in return of her blessings.

I thanked the Spirits of the local area too. I didn’t want to leave them out. The wand was ultimately put back into nature to serve as a thank you to the time I spent up there and not only leaving a piece of me behind, but leaving a connection behind so I could easily return in Astral form. (Yep guess what I did later!)

The wand, because I don’t actually use wands, was not consecrated for using in the ritual, just a pure connection from me to the land.

What I did during the ritual was simply place my hands on the large, Uluru like stone, and just talked to the Goddess. That’s it! Only prayer, intentions, a bit of energy work, grounding myself there, feeling the wind, connecting to the Spirit Locoli’s.

This was before I had any Deities watching over me. Before Bastet, Thoth, Seshat & Athena came along. I just spoke to the All-Deity. Source. Mother. Father. Great Spirit.

It was truely a blessing to be there in such a sacred place. The Wind cleansed me from top to toe. The Earth with this massive mountain underneath me grounded me to my Mother and the Portal helped me connect to Spirit.


Months and months later, earlier this year I travelled to the Mountain to cleanse my energy yet again. But something was different this time. Something was so so magickal.

So perfect. Because I did that ritual beforehand, the journey was so strong. My physical body was crying and sobbing, overcome with the energy and the healing medicine of Mount Wellington was filling my body. It was a guided journey and I feel like my practice has definitely benefited from dream work and Journeying so far.

It was the craziest journey I’ve had yet and to this day one of the most powerful and life changing experiences I’ve had. Don’t under-estimate the power you have or how you can easily connect to the spiritual energy of a physical, sacred place.

I’ll never forget Mount Wellington. Tasmania is an amazing place to visit and I’m definitely going back someday.

Thank you for reading everyone. May Source shine down on you highest blessings,


Thursday Talk: Paganism can be Non-Religious

Hey everyone, Mysty here!

I’m really excited to share my thoughts on this type of Paganism.

Many of you would be thinking, Non-Religious Paganism? How does that even make sense..?

It does actually and today we’ll be exploring the how and why it works and how I am also a Non-Religious Pagan.

summer sun warmth field
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

What are Pagan ‘beliefs’?

First, lets look at what is a religion:

religion. noun.
1. “The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.”
2. “A particular system of faith and worship.”
3. “A pursuit or interest followed with great devotion.”
(English Oxford Living Dictionaries. (2019). Define: Religion. Retrieved from: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/religion

Second, lets look at what is paganism: I had to search and search to find an answer that didn’t have the pre-conception that paganism is not a religion.

pagan. noun.

“A somewhat vague term derived from the Latin word paganus. Pagan is a term which refers to a variety of different religions ranging from Wicca, to that of ancient Egypt and even HinduismSome Pagans are of no specific religion, but rather are eclectic. In general Pagan religions have more than one deity, or many gods which are aspects of one (an idea similar to that of the Christian trinity). Another quite common feature of Pagan religions are that they tend to be nature oriented. Pagan can also be used as a derogatory word for any non-Judeo/Christian/Islamic religion.”
by Megan Bennett.
Bennett, M. (2004). Define: Pagan. Urban Dictionary.com. Retrieved from: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Pagan

Did you get that? Paganism can be of no specific religion. Hazah! Someone finally gets it. Holy shit! Thank you Megan.

Furthermore, Religions tend to have:

  • A holy text and a defined set of rules.
  • A type of hierarchical authority which does certain ceremonies and rituals for the members of that faith
  • Has congruent beliefs within all its members.


  • Does not have any holy text or defined set of rules
  • Does not have any hierarchical authority which does certain ceremonies and rituals for the members of that faith
  • Does not have congruent beliefs from one pagan to the next

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that Paganism is not a religion. Full Stop.

I apologise to those who believe that their flavour of paganism is a religion. But you chose it to be that way.

In reality, paganism is not a religion. and some might argue that it is not even nature-centric. (Hellenic Faith. (2018). Paganism is not “Nature-Centric”. Retrieved from: https://hellenicfaith.com/2018/03/04/paganism-is-not-nature-centric/)

Ancient Times

Ahhh.. Ancient Times! What a wonderful period of history where the only evidence we have left are half-translated languages, Prose Eddas written in a Christian context and broken artifacts!

Did you really stop to think that maybe Paganism back in the day, was actually a secular practice rather than a religious one?

Where you there when the Roman’s revering Janus, Mercury and Venus? No, no you weren’t.

Where you there when the ancient Egyptians started revering Djehuti, Seshat or Osiris? No, you weren’t.

So lets just step back a little bit and maybe start to think about this whole Neo-paganism thing to be actually not Neo-paganism at all.

Neo-paganism harps on the fact that its ‘based off ancient religions’. Yeah, it’s trying, but I don’t see your priest of Anubis with the Book of Coming Forth by Day in his hands. I don’t see the Celtic Bard singing insults to the King. I don’t see Russian witches walking and chanting through the woods.

We don’t, because those religions are gone. They were sadly killed off, beaten and trodden on. They’re not coming back unless your great, great, great, … x16 Grandmother who is Bulgarian teaches you everything she knows through dream and trance work.

If you are trying to bring them back, I don’t want to hold it against you. You can do what ever you like. But then you need to reverse a little bit and rather call yourself a Pagan-Reconstructionalist or a Pagan-syncretic if you combine multiple beliefs into one practice rather than stemming from one.

So you’re saying that I’m a hypocrite?

Well. Then you don’t get what I actually believe then do you.

I call myself a Pagan Witch, that is who I am.:

For Paganism I,:

  • Do not have specific religious texts that I refer to
  • Do not claim that I am a Neo-Pagan or Reconstructionalist. I’m not trying to re-create anything here. This is my own Paganism, thank you.
  • Do not ‘worship’ my Gods or Goddesses. I acknowledge them, talk to them, develop meaningful relationships with them. But I don’t worship them. When I practice Henu (ritual bowing) it is a form of meditation and I am bowing to the divine within me. Not for them.
  • Do not worship nature. I acknowledge it, I respect it, talk to it, honour it.
  • Do not worship my Ancestors. For my ancestors, I try to research them, talk to them and respect them by remembering the sacrifices they have done for me to live in a beautiful safe country.
  • Try to follow Buddhist Philosophies. (Buddhism, again, is also not a religion.)
  • Constantly researching philosophies, other beliefs to combine them into my own beliefs.

For Witchcraft I,:

  • Call upon nature spirits and elemental spirits within my work
  • Call upon my Deities to help in workings.
  • Use my own energy.
  • Use meditation, trance, and other techniques for spiritual attunement.
  • Use natural materials, tools and objects such as Crystals, Talismans and Amulets, Herbs, roots, trees, wood, weeds, rocks, minerals. Nature energy, Divine Energy.

–> All to deliver a certain result into the physical world. Not for the purposes of worship.

Therefore I am basically: A pagan secular syncretic witch who has incorporated many beliefs into her own practice.

So don’t call me a reconstructionalist. Don’t call me a religious witch. Don’t call me a Wiccan. Don’t call me a nature-centered witch. Because I am not.

Sorry that this post was a bit serious but if someone doesn’t stand up for my beliefs then no one will.

This post is not aimed and fired at all Pagans who are different than me. No, it’s not. This is a research post. It’s about trying to give you a different perspective then the average Pagan Witch out there. It’s sharing with you who I am, something that is deeply personal to me.

This is why I started this blog. To open up myself to other’s perspectives, but also to open you, the reader, to new perspectives that you might have never read before. Never seen before. Fresh content for you. That’s what this blog is all about.

This blog isn’t about putting people down, it’s about sharing viewpoints, sharing ideas, sharing philosophies and beliefs in an environment where everyone is free to form their own opinions. Isn’t that the root we all share? That the religions or belief’s we had before were a burden, that people were telling us what to believe, telling us what to do, what to say, what to have faith in and we decided no? Isn’t that the core of what witchcraft and paganism is really about? Finding what we actually believe in, what we actually don’t believe in to find ourselves. I think so.

If you’re unsure in what you believe in, what you’re path is. Really don’t worry. Don’t put a label on your practice if you don’t want to. Don’t feel like your flavour needs to fit into this cookie cutter that pagans and witches around the world are doing. You just have to find your own way and you’ll get there.

Peace and Love to you as always,

Song of the Day: Search Inside Yourself – Meditation Music Zone.



*Other references are directly intext.

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Coffee Magick and Deity Talk

Heya guys, me Mysty here! Coffee magick? Deity Talk? Lets have a look.

I really dislike my coffee being luke-warm. Ew, gross gross, disgusting! How do I heat up my coffee to my desired temperature? With my intentions of course.

I chant in my head: (While imagining a fire starting inside the coffee fluid)

Heat of Pachamama x until the coffee is to your desired heat

It works! Each sip is hotter than the last! So awesome, its like not even physically possible in terms of science, but science hasn’t explained magick yet. Thanks Pachamama.

Normally Pachamama is associated with Earth. But I associate her with the deep inner core of the Earth, and its really, really hot down there! Estimated at 6000 degrees Celcius. Holy Shit! She’s one Hot Goddess!

This is really similar to my relationship with Brigid [Pronounced Breet] (which I see her as a Goddess, tending to her Cauldron above her Stone Hearth. Her Red, curly hair surrounds her head, chillin’ in her cottage, always doing something. Always busy. Her cottage is down, down, down in the middle of the Earth. The Heat of her Hearth is the core of the Earth. (When I journey to her anyways.))There is a lot of different artworks and depictions of Brigid and such. I normally only find out later on which Goddess is which and it normally matches the main descriptions of their likenesses through Artworks, and associations.

Really is no surprise that Brigid is associated with Hearths, Earth, Water and Fire. Like wow Brigid you really tick all the boxes there! I guess I had to Journey through the Earth to find the Cottage for the first time. But I would get glances of just her face, just her and her bright red hair before making the effort to Journey there.

Apparently she’s also called the Lady of the Well? In nearly all Mythologies (Norse and the like) have some sort of Well with the Fates around it. (And Brigid apparently has 3 fold aspects, kind of like Hecate which has 3 phases of the Goddess in one. Madien, Mother and Crone. But I’ve never seen the other two, just the ‘Mother?’ (She’s not pregnant so idk)).

I think the 3 fold Deity thing has been stolen from the Three Fates and The Morrigan. The 3 fold aspect of Cerridwen and Brigid has only become popular in Modern Paganism… coincidence? I don’t think so. I think this is like combining Deities like the stupidity of  Thoth-Hermes. Yes, I didn’t make that up, that’s a real God from the time period when Greeks and Egyptians both lived in Hermopolis. It doesn’t do them either any respect or justice. (From my opinion).

Cerridwen’s Threefold Goddess figure was coined by Robert Graves. Thus can be entirely UPG. I also highly doubt that Brigid’s Threefold-ness is historically accurate either. I think this goes more to the 3 rivers and 3 sons which were named after her, not within herself as a Deity. (Outlined in Druidry.org, Brigid: Survival of a Goddess). Nothing in that post defines her as a triple Goddess.

So, lets do our research. If you’ve found a mythological source (that is reliable please) about Brigid being a Triple Goddess I would love to know. No Hippie Wiccan sights or any sites which do not include Druid or Irish/Celtic information. People who claim to know their Lore and Mythology now-a-days are getting a little slack. Getting a little inaccurate. I prefer maybe even an anthropology Student article or thesis about Ancient Celtic Culture. I would love to know if a triple aspect Brigid is legitimate.

This is due to me trying to respect my Ancestors. Many of them were Scottish, French and Prussian. So I really have a mix of different Ancestors and connecting the dots for me is difficult!

Another way I do magick is more of a kitchen magick thing. Like when I’m making dinner or making another family member tea or coffee I stir a spoon a certain number of times anti-clockwise and clockwise and invite healing/positivity/whatever I would like to offer to my family while making their favourite beverage!

It’s really a nice way to include your family in your magick, even if they don’t know you’re doing it, you’re basically gifting them a little piece of energy to them and I enjoy doing it. My family has been a lot better with inviting positivity in and letting things go, and forgiveness in our family. So it really does work.

Thanks guys for reading, let me know what you think about the Three-fold Goddess. Is it Wiccan propaganda? Is it legit? Are there mythological references to back it up? When I’m not getting bombarded with uni assignments I’ll do more research on it as well. 🙂 Thanks.

May your Spirit Guides and Deities bless you to find your highest good.

Song of the Day: Deep into the Earth – Jana Runnalls.


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UPG – Unsubstantiated Personal Gnosis