Divination: For the week ahead.

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

I would like to start doing a regular divination for us all for the week ahead.

For everyone who reads my posts, this is for you.

I would like, through these sessions, expand my intuition and hopefully give us some insight to our lives, no matter what we do or where we live. This is not for the matter of being right or wrong, but what could happen, what could unfold through the week.

This weeks card is given to us by the lovely Earth Magic Oracle Deck by Steven D Farmer.

Okay, I’ve pulled out a card, asking ‘What should we focus on this week?’

The card that wanted to give us a message this week is ‘Crystals – Focus’.

Very fitting.

The card illustrates a cave, full of amethyst crystals masking the walls and are framing the cave, looking out into the world towards a snowy mountain and blue sky.

This card to me means to focus on what is happening in your life right now. Your family, connections, work, friends, spirituality, practices. They are all equally important at this time and we need to show them some thought. But, sometimes this can become too much. We can become thinned out, spreading our focus on too many things at once. It becomes overwhelming, frustrating and trying to balance life is like walking on a tight-rope. One wrong foot and we could be slipping, falling down into the black net below.

There’s always a net though, and you can always get back up, and try your go again. Practice makes perfect. We need to focus our gaze ahead, to concentrate on where our feet are going and to trust in both ourselves and in our spirit guides to help us progress forward. If we are stuck we need to ask them for help and guidance.

What you put your focus and heart into, that is where you’re going. If you don’t like where you’re headed, you need to change your focus, change direction, and look towards a new dream and a new future.

Happy trails everyone,

Best Blessings.


Can you spot him?

Hello everyone, It’s Mysty.

Today I asked my Spirit Guides, tell me which path I should take on my walk today.

I’m not sure if you can see him, but theres a lizard and a friend right there on the rock. Yep, that’s a snake. Gotta love Australia.

There was people nearby too, but the snake was pretty calm.

What kind of wisdom does the snake offer us?

Snakes are highly intelligent, have good eye sight and sense of smell, are fast, agile, and live in a variety of climates. From rainforest to desert, thousands of species have adapted and climatized over millions of years.

This snake, I believe, as it was rearing its head towards me, waving its tongue in the air before I flashed a photo was telling me to look closely at my life right now, and that I should take the time out to reflect on the year before it closes and to listen to my inner self as I slither down my own path through the lies and misconceptions of the world.

What promptings, thoughts or feelings did you get when you saw the snake in the photo? What messages did you get when you saw the body of the snake chilling on the rock?

Either quietly contemplate or share with us all in the comments below.

Best Blessings,


Why I don’t celebrate ‘Neo-Pagan’ Holidays.

Hello everyone, Mysty is here!

Just in time for *cough* Beltane *cough*.

Well, with the title I gave to this post, you’re probably wondering what does Mysty have in store for me today.

Just as we might like to kid ourselves here in the pagan community, no offence meant, but we really love culturally appropriating things, and it really is not our place to do so.

Lughnasadh, Litha, ‘Mabon’ and Imbolc are Celtic or Welsh, Yule and ‘Ostara’ is Germanic, Samhain is Gaelic, and Beltane is just about Wiccan Deities getting funky in the bushes.

So where do we draw the line between appropriation and honestly practicing something?

I’ve just removed absolutely everything and anything from my practices that may or may not have been from an ancient practice. Why? Because even though no one is looking when I do my ceremonies and rituals, I can physically and spiritually feel these ancestors looking at me and frowning.

My ancestors are a heavty bunch. I have a mix of bloods in me and consists of German, Prussian, French, British, Scottish and probably more if I keep researching. But I’ve done some extensive research on my ancestors and they’re a lovely bunch.


I can feel and see their disappointment everytime I open a safari page about what colours, plants scents etc are associated with __ ‘Pagan’ holiday.

So, I’ve stopped and to replace my ‘holidays’ I normally just follow inspiration about what I should work on, focus, enjoy or celebrate at different times of the year.

The physical changes of the seasons, eclipses, equinoxes and solstices I will still enjoy and celebrate because these you can physically witness and these to me are the raw, cycles or the Earth and I will celebrate them with my full heart. But I won’t be calling them weird and totally inappropriate names.

All these wondrous holidays were dreamed up by none other than Robert Graves and Gerald Gardener, with the ludicrous names as well. Accompanied by Doreen Valiente.

In the introductory paragraph I did put some quotation marks around some holidays there. Why I did this was to explain briefly that the names we give to such ‘important’ times of the year are highly specific, Gods/ Characters or Deities which the average Pagan has never heard of before.

Mabon is from the lovely Mabon Ap Modren, the Hercules type figure of the Welsh pantheon. Who, in essence, leads a hunt, which leads to an important marriage, and he is only mentioned a few times in Welsh mythology. (He has literally 2 lines).

Ostara, has barely any records at all. She’s the Deity who turns a bird into a rabbit to keep it alive and going, but the poor thing still lays eggs. Which is probably canon for the Easter Bunny today.

So, don’t you see. These ideas have been slapped together on a page, fed to us, and then we as Pagans can either leave behind these ideas or blindly adopt them. We have the choice.

Some of these names are appropriate, don’t get me wrong. In a sense, even Ostara is an appropriate name for Easter time celebrations and the Spring Equinox, but there’s a time and place, and I think the Gerald Gardener and crew didn’t quite hit the mark there. You can’t just slap a Deity name on a holiday that no one has barely any information about, and then make everyone call it that name. That’s the definition of retarded.

I would understand if it’s to bring light to these feint characters in our history to bring them to life again somehow, to name something in their honour, but where in the hell would we know them from a bar of soap? Yeah?

Why couldn’t you just call it Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice and Autumn Equinox. Is it really that difficult to pronounce? It took me forever to learn the proper way to pronounce Lughnasadh anyhow?

People on Lughnasadh are probably not worshiping Lugh! I mean come on, give the man a break, it’s His holiday, not for Pagans, unless they’re actually worshiping and celebrating Lugh’s victories and his life giving light.

So, I hope today, you can go and maybe consider what you call your holidays. Maybe even do some research about the different holidays and why they were practiced and for what purposes.

May our wisdom always shine through our words and actions so we may be a light to others and gift ourselves love and joy so we may bring compassion and peace to others.

Thank you for reading as always.

For Beltane, I’ll just be sitting under a tree, meditating, and not muttering the word Beltane.


Throwing a stick to bring back water

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

So I would like to thank everyone who supports me online. Thank you for reading my posts, especially when I’m in such a hole full of work to do.. in short I think this degree is killing me.

But I’m still here!

What I would like to share today, is an important step in any craft. How to actually achieve results, and for the most part, why do these results happen as they do, and how do we effectively control the outcome of our work?


In witchcraft, there’s some substantial amount of behind the scenes work from spirit in general. Everything you see is either influenced by a larger spirit and/or has it’s own spirit. Even down to electronics.

Birds, trees, rain, leaves, you name it, if you just sit down in nature for a while and be still, nature around you is working. Ants are moving, birds are making their nests, trees are growing. They have their own agenda. How did they get that agenda? We don’t really know that answer, but what we could say is, the spirit of that animal is within each of the animals continuous. Each animal of the same species will likely have the same tendencies, same level of intelligence, same methods of obtaining food, no matter how bizarre and they live! They’re still here, despite all the recent changes to our planet, for the most part plant and animal life is continuing. But quite alot have become extinct and I’m pretty saddened by that.

How does this effect your craft?

Well, every one has local animals, plants, rocks, stones, trees. You have these sorts of spirits in your area. They provide you the air you breathe, the water you drink, unless you get it trucked in… The point is, is that spirit is part of your daily life.

Saying hello and talking to these spirits is a wonderful part of life. It truly is. I’ve been through alot of hardship this semester of university but I have been carried by my spirits more times than I can count.

They lift me out, pull me up to start again, to have best friends as spirit, is probably the best decision I’ve made. Within the last minutes of trying to finish an awfully lengthy assignment, an extension was given to everyone in the class. I was shocked. It was no short of a miracle.

I thanked my spirits and it just came down in rain. Gratitude is probably one of the most powerful magic you can ever do.

Spirit affects your life and your magic, if you don’t acknowledge the workings of life around you, even if you don’t believe them as spirit. Maybe just acknowledge them as nature, life, or another name.

How to achieve results

Theres a few things that magic needs for it to manifest into the world:

-Purpose of the spell: You need a purpose before you can continue and you need to have your intentions and motivation stuck to this purpose.

-Willpower: do you really want xyz to happen? Why do you want it to happen?

-Visualization: Imagine what would happen if this event did happen, what are you feeling, thinking, doing at this time. E.g. For a rain spell you would be jumping for joy, basking at the rain, looking up to the sky and smiling, finally thinking, rain is here! it’s finally here!

-A representation in the physical world: You need to tie your spell to something. For example, for the recent rain spell I did I tied the spell to the action of me picking up a dry stick and throwing it into a body of water. Why? Because I associated the communion of dry ground being made wet again with the stick splashing into the water and becoming saturated.

-Focusing your intentions to get your result: Throughout the spell, you need to constantly think about your purpose, your goal. Without adding in any negative feelings, thoughts or words into the spell which might counteract your willpower to change into xyz. It’s hard, I know its hard, I struggle with that sometimes, but you can do it!

-All things after this are secondary.

Why didn’t my spell work?

Probably because you didn’t do basic things like

-Talk to local spirits/Gods/Deities to help you. (If applicable) >Which all need some form of working relationship before being called upon

-Willpower: Do you really, really, really want this to happen? Is your heart in it. Inside the spell, radiating its energy. Please ask outside powers to help you in large spells (like changing the weather) because you will be utterly drained of, not ironically but the following :

—-Willpower, sense of purpose, energy fueling the spell.

— It’s kind of funny that I only noticed now that a spell is an equation, what you put in is actually taken from you directly if you don’t have other sources to fuel the spell. So please please ground your self, centre yourself. Afterwards go have fun! your work is over, go get a coffee, have some chocolate. Be kind to yourself because you might have some backlash.

-Not having the right mindset- Get into a slight trance to put of that logical part of your brain

-Not focused enough on the intention of the spell

-Whoops you might have said something negative in the spell about the purpose ‘my cat is wild and free -to- my cat is free to pee’ (thats just a rhyme gone wrong example) those sorts of peter piper sentences are really hard, especially if you’re like me who makes spell words on the fly. You might miss a rhyme somewhere then you’re like, well shit. Start over, Start over. Rewind!

Thank you guys for reading my posts! I truly appreciate it.

Being in the broom closet is hard, and I hope that I’ll be able to be free to live my own life soon, once i’m finished this shit degree.

See you guys!


Keeping your Electronics working as they should.

Hey everyone, Mysty here.

Have you ever had a laptop or phone not work the way they should? Crappy keyboard that sometimes works and doesnt work.

Well then you might be having the same issues as me.

A technician came out to fix my laptop, about 2 years ago, and about a week after he fixed it, it had the same problems yet again, just in another place.

So, I decided that because the warranty was going to expire, that a bit of magic was needed.

Before i’ve used sigils before, but I just put it underneath the laptop, and without much success. Maybe it will work slightly better for around a few hours only to belt out again.

But with this sigil, it’s lasted a whole two days already.

Ingredients/ Materials.

-Coffee foam

-1 leaf of your choosing

-Pen, you normally use, or you can cleanse/consecrate a new one

-sigil you know that keeps that part of the computer running, found in meditation

-A large ish piece of paper which can act also as a parcel for all the ingredients.


0. Centre and Ground before beginning.

1. Gather your ingredients and make sure your paper and leaf are proportional, so your paper can fold around it neatly and make it like a little parcel, you can even tape yours together. The leaf can be dry/near dry or new, doesn’t matter, but I prefer that you guys say please and thank you to the tree you are using, it will boost the effects of this.

2. Think about the sigil you’ve got, and write it out carefully. Think about the function of the sigil and activate it with the coffee foam. The coffee foam is the energy of the spell.

3. Dab little blobs on the leaf, place the leaf ontop of the sigil, and imagine the leaf as sort of the guiding part of the spell, it will keep the sigil going and in check. The leaf has been around for a while, it knows how the outside world works, and its being used here as a link from the sigil to the electronic device. Even if its closed up in the parcel, there’s only going to be a piece of paper between it and the computer.

4. Wrap up the paper, making sure the coffee ish side is in some layers of folding, in a square like pattern, as you would normally fold paper. And sticky tape if you want.

5. Say a few words to activate the sigil, and run it over the part that is going to work. (but at the moment keeps messing up). When doing the ritual, be careful to not say anything negative. Mine was along the lines of, “This keyboard will always work, from this time forth, with 100% efficiency and capability”.

6. Keep saying the little prayer, and maybe even do some visualisation of the energy coming from the paper parcel into the computer/device.

7. When using the device, you can now keep it near it, or underneath, on the lid of the laptop, wherever you feel its best. You can tape it there, or bluetack, whatever you fancy.

8. Centre and ground after completing the ritual.

Alright so thats basically it, its very simple, but it works.

Cheers guys,



Witchcraft can’t be taught,

it can’t be made,

it can’t die,

you’re just relearning

what you forgot inside.

It’s something you grow,

something to throw,

at your enemy or foe,

something to give,

something to take,

be grateful or;

it will be your last mistake.

Witchcraft can fly,

soar through the sky,

it’s alive, breathing,

it can never die.

It can heal, it can break,

it can treasure, it can take,

it can hide, it can change,

it can whisper or rearrange.

Can be tamed yet untamed,

caged but free,

timed yet untimed,

endless possibilities.

Witchcraft you cannot see,

witchcraft is there if you just believe,

with no eyes to see or ears to hear,

it goes wherever your will is bared.

Don’t be shy,

When working with spirits always say goodbye,

treat witchcraft well and it will do the same for you,

or the evil you pull will lead a trail straight back to you.


A Meditation of Gratitude

Hello everyone, Mysty here. Recently I have been doing sitting and walking meditations and focusing them on gratitude.

My life after doing this has transformed into a happier and healthier one. The things I am grateful for, even if they are small, have also transformed into great things.

I had a long assignment due on the weekend. It was tough and I didn’t think I would finish in time. But I thanked the universe for giving me the opportunity to go to university, to be educated and to have enough time to complete the assignment. Gratitude is a part of magic that both affirms and keeps energy rolling.

Gratitude is powerful magic, and is probably what people get confused with ‘positive affirmations’. But the problem with positive affirmations is if you just positively affirm that something is true, it doesn’t always work.

Rather, take the time out of your schedule, out of your busy life, just to walk around for 10 minutes during your lunch break. Actually be grateful in the moment of where you are, be grateful for the body you have. Don’t dwell on the negative things you see, try to see the uplifting things around you, and the area you live in will come alive.

Start talking to local spirits, they are in fact the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the earth you stand on. They are your life line and without them, you wouldn’t be alive.

I talk to them everyday, no matter what my schedule and they thank me for that, I feel them behind me everyday, helping me progress into someone better.

You know I can’t remember the last time I was angry with someone. Really. I can’t. I just don’t want to be angry anymore, nor do I want to cause anger or hurt. I rather talk to them about what’s bothering me, what I would like them to change or do to make something be better than raise my tone and get upset.

I feel like this is directly been cultivated by my meditations of gratitude and I hope that you can start a practice of it too.

Some tips:

– Don’t wait for something to be grateful for. Do something, be grateful for the outcome you need as though its already occurred and go for it

-Be grateful for what you have, your garden, house, trees, shelter, food, water. We should be reminded that the essentials we need to survive could be taken away at any moment. Some areas of the South East near Brisbane are not getting supplied water, anyone could be next. It’s up to each one of us to be prepared, get some water tanks and boil rain water.

-Do a walking meditation. Start by focusing on your breath and your body. How does it feel? Tense in this part? loose in the other? Just let everything go. Breathing in and out, once you feel you’re ready, have a look around you. What do you see? Birds, leaves, tree bark, snow, rain drops, cars, buses. Doesn’t matter what you see, just have an attitude of gratitude and you will see the world become so much different.

Thank you guys for reading. Mindfulness and gratitude go together, like peas in a pod. No matter where you are or what your circumstances, we should be grateful for what we have, no matter how small. That small bit of gratitude will transform into large, large blessings for your life.