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March 2019:

The Start of a New Journey:

Favourite Songs which make Me Witch:

Plant Series: Do humble backyard weeds have a purpose?:

Southern Hemisphere Wheel of the Year?:

April 2019:

Welcome to My Altars:

Why I flip My Elemental Directions:

Songs of Praise:

Deity Contact (Bastet):

How to help Earth Bound Spirits:

The use of Backward Speech in Witchcraft:

How to use a Pendulum:

Why am I a Pagan?:

Why am I a Witch?:

13 Goals for the Modern Witch:

Why I don’t use a Wand:

Quiet Public Altars:

Magick Bottle Spells:


Why I don’t Cleanse Natural Items for Crafting:

Plant Series: Developing Friendships with Plants:

Coffee Magick and Deity Talk:

Rain Bottle Spell:

Meditation Music:

My First Tarot Deck:

Easter Break + Updates:

Monday Magick: Sigil Magick.

Tune Tuesday: Persephone – Kellianna Guitar Chords.

May 2019:

Witchy Wednesday: Energy Play.

Thursday Talk: Important Notes.

Monday Magick: Energy Vampires

Tune Tuesday: An Ancient Wind Song

Witchy Wednesday: Bastet, Goddess of Buses

Thursday Talk: Paganism can be Non-Religious

Monday Magick: Diverse Divination

Tune Tuesday: Homemade Instruments

Witchy Wednesday: Meditation in the Middle of Chaos

Thursday Talk: To you the Reader.

Friday: Poem for Highest Blessings

Saturday: The Eye

Magick Monday: Sigil Magick Part 2