Simple House Purification Ritual

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

So today I would like to go over a really simple house purification ritual/ceremony.

I think ceremonies are more fluid and rituals follow things step by step. I find that ceremonies that I make on the spot are much more powerful than rituals, for me personally.

I feel like my magic can flow wherever its needed within the spell and if animals giving their medicine are nearby I am much more aware and receptive of their help.

So all you need is:


-Burnt herbs

-Fresh herbs

-Preferably a clear path all the way around your house, but can be optional.

Why these ingredients?

The burnt herbs should be from a previous spell which attracted health or wellbeing into your life, personally, not an external spell (i.e. for someone else) this is to tie you yourself to the spell, not anyone else.

This will basically rule out any negativity dispelled from your house directly into the outside area, of the protection circle you are casting and protect you personally as well, as the caster.

The fresh herbs give the spell power, it draws up energy from the surrounding earth, from the core of the earth and from the sky straight into your circle.

Blend them together and start from the Earth Direction (either north or south depending on location) and go around your house sprinkling your mixture in clockwise for southern hemisphere and anti clockwise for northern hemisphere.

Why these directions?

– This comes from how the earth rotates while traveling around the sun. Clockwise for southern hemisphere is banishing and Anti clockwise is attracting. Vice versa for the northern hemisphere.

-Same with your elemental directions. Earth for me is towards Antarctica and Earth for northern hemisphere would be towards the Arctic Circle


So you want to start out by blending your herbs together. Fresh and dry. Each herb you use will be for a specific purpose.

Basil for me represents protection and abundance. Sage is for clearing the energy and making it fresh. Chili is for boosting the spell’s power and rosemary is also for protection. Siratro (local herb) for me represents binding of the spell into the physical world.

So, take some herbs that you represent personally with protection, purification, binding and/or banishment. Could be anything from daisies to dandelions I don’t care what you use, the main thing when doing spells is, what does it mean to you?!What does it represent for you?!

Without this, your spell will not work.

Next, you want to walk in the opposite direction of your sun’s path across the sky, for us down here, thats clockwise, for you northern hemisphere folk, that’s anticlockwise. You’re making a barrier, not only physically (with the herbs) but energetically and psychically (with your mind).

Don’t worry about going around your house and having to tie the circle you make with other areas you cannot reach. That’s okay. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you just need to create a circle of protection and this happens if you walk around your house at least 80% in the correct direction and then grab lines that need to be connected together.

Finish in the same location you started in (Earth Direction) to finish of the spell.

Thank you all for reading my posts,

Best Blessings,


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