Ancestors “Don’t talk to me”

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. I’m Mysty.

So last night was a pretty good experience, I could feel, sense and see the energy that my ancestors gave off around me as I was laying on my bed at night time. Not just some of my ancestors but all of them. From all of my past lives, even my Arcturian family.

So my ancestors from this timeline has created a lot of strive in the now. Their family curse, is ineffective communication, leading to family abuse for decades which normally results in divorce. On one side of my family.

So as I was talking to all of them, I could feel their sense of love for me, and it was in a great spiral of energy going upward, towards the sky. But some of my ancestors didn’t join in. They bickered, moaned and complained. One of them told me “Don’t talk to me!!” in a harsh, attitude-filled voice. A Woman over the small chatter of my ancestors.

I stopped everything and looked in her direction, I immediately knew who she was. All the other ancestors either kept going with their small conversations or just stayed quiet for a bit, and looked in her direction.

It was dark in my room, for the duration of this. So I can easily see the energy changes in the air, her face as well.

I drew a banishing pentagram, and I banished her negative energies, harsh words, and family curse from my life. A outline of grey chalk looking dust exited my finger as I drew the pentagram in the air, doing a ‘banishment of spirit’ configuration, (Starting from the top and going down to the left, for me).

The pentagram, once complete went completely black, solidified and I pushed it straight at her. I banished her from my life, with just some simple words, simple spell, but my tone was full of resentment for her. She was the one that started the shit in my family. She was the one who led my grandparents to act like children to my mother and her siblings. My mother is now mentality unstable due to it. Due to neglect, due to negative talk towards her. Never encouraging her and always putting her down. Always bickering, always arguing, always fighting, even to this day, even when they are divorced and they never want to talk to each other. That shit started from this ancestor, seven generations back.

I deleted her from my circle, her dust is only dust. Her life, her only life, her spirit can roam in darkness, no one to remember her, no one to call out her name. No one to reincarnate her. Maybe as a slug, but who knows.

An important note

Witchcraft is not just dark, its light as well. You cannot have one side without the other. You cannot claim to heal others if you cannot banish them from your life, hurt them or inflict them with a curse.

I know I can do both, but very rarely do I CHOOSE to do both. There’s a difference between ability and skill.

Now I know some people are new to my blog, and welcome to you guys! I’m so glad you could make it here. I truly love working with my ancestors and spirits.

But there’s a time and place to bring about change. That could be bringing yourself new job opportunities. It might be removing someone from your life that is selfish, abusive and hurtful. It may be asking for a blessing to move to a different town for reasons that may be in a grey area.

Witchcraft has no colour. It’s not black or white, or grey. It’s about changing something, it may be a situation, it may be a person or place, and this change brings about certain consequences.

Bringing a new job opportunity to you, might mean someone else misses out. Bringing rain to you might mean that someone else is missing out too!

So don’t label witchcraft to be good or bad or something else. It’s none of those things. Good and bad are labels that we as humans have created to try to simplify out lives but it has done the opposite.

Would you say that abortion, to save the mother’s life is murder? Or is it saving her life?

Would you say that euthanasia is morally correct if someone wanted to go that way? To not suffer, to be in peace, to be mentally there when they go?

What do you think? Magic is just the same. There’s no right or wrong, good or bad, there is only love or pain.

If you’re bringing rain to you, to bring water to your property because your animals are dying, that is love.

If you are saving your descendants from years of hurt by banishing negativity from one person, that is love.

Best Blessings,


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