Divination for the week ahead: November 18th

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

So today I’m back with the reading for the week ahead.

This time I’m using my new deck, Angles and Ancestors by Kyle Gray and illustrated by Lily Moses. It’s a beautiful deck and I highly recommend it. It’s not one of those gordy looking angel decks, (that I personally do not like and does not mesh with me at all)

Before we start, as the disclaimer says, all photos which have content from another illustrator or author, all rights go to them.

So today’s question was, For the collective (you guys following my blog), what do we need to ask for assistance this week?

The answer was The Magic Guardian – Unlock the Magic Within.

I think that’s very powerful for this week. The transition into 2020 will be a rough time if we don’t get our energies sorted out. We must be vigilant and calm, going with the flow and following our intuition into the light of 2020.

What things do you need to let go of? What things can you cannot control? We need to let go of so many obstacles that are created by ourselves, and this comes back to spiritual and magic blockages. Most of which are self imposed.

Do you doubt yourself? Doubt your magic, intuition, psychic, empathic, shamanic..the list could go on, abilities?

I love the wings of the Magic Guardian. Remember that we can rise above our doubts and bring into the world great things.

I did another successful rain spell yesterday, with barely any tools. I love the spirits associated with the rain and the eagle which carried my message to the ocean and by the end of the day it rained! Hard. Not just anywhere, in Queensland, and on our property. You can make a difference if you just believe you can.

Magic is within you, outside you and within everything you see. It doesn’t matter if an object is inanimate or not, it still has magic.

Please tune into the magic around you this week, and your life will start to glow from within you, and change your life around you.

Seeing the beauty of everything comes when we are truly connected to the heartbeat of nature. Grandfather Fire, Grandmother Earth, the spirits of the elements, they are real and they will listen to you, if you develop a relationship with them.

I love magic, I love being a pagan, and I love being a witch. I hope you get intouch with your inner magic this week and try to reach out to the magic in your local area, I would love to hear about it.

Best Blessings,


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