Beliefs as an eclectic pagan witch

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

I just want to share how my beliefs has changed overtime and how being a pagan witch is a fluid experience. You definitely don’t stand still with your beliefs and its hard not to go with the flow.

The spiritual side of my practice that are most prominent now are:

– Ancestors

– Spirit Guides, Elemental Spirits, Spirits (Local), Universal Deity (Big fat yellow ball), Mother Earth (As either Cerridwen, Pachamama (Elderly), or Gaia.

– Spirits of things such as stones, rocks, crystals, roots, trees, leaves etc.

– Spirit of my house, Cassandra. (Not a earth bound spirit, but the spirit of my house. Kind of like if team spirit was personified)


My ancestors are lovely people. I talk to them and they talk to me. I feel them putting their hands on my shoulders, or hear their words echo in my mind, which didn’t come from my own thinking, and normally have different voice tones, like maybe a woman or a man.

They treasure being noticed, but they don’t ask me for any offerings. They just want to talk to me, and usher me onto the right path. I research about them all the time, and I will keep going when I find more records of them.

Universal Deity, Yellow Ball

Yellow Ball, or what I just call when I’m talking to it, ‘Universe’, is a spirit being which radiates yellow gold light everywhere, and doesn’t utter a word. It definitely hears what I say, and knows what I’m talking about, but it never replies directly back to me. Not yet anyhow. It replies back indirectly. I might ask a question to it, and during the week I might stumble upon some info or someone talks to me about it randomly out of the blue, and answers my question.

I think it’s how the universal deity shows itself to me, and I’m totally fine with a big fat glowing ball.

Mother Earth, Cerridwen, Gaia, Pachamama.

I haven’t talked all that much about these three. But they are prominent.

Gaia normally comes in the form of a beautiful woman. Her hair is mossy, grassy and green. Her eyes the same, and her complexion is quite young. She is who I ground to and send my line down for my rooting everyday. I see her grab the line in the centre of the earth and attach it to a sort of mechanism. Like plugging me into the earth.

She has the best laughs and great smile. She always encourages me to look within myself and see how I can improve. Be more kind, more compassionate, more forgiving. That’s who Gaia is to me.

Cerridwen, the red head. Aha. She has a big bushy curly head of hair and it is as red as fire. She has a beautiful aura of energy and I love watching her in her kitchen. She is always messing around, sewing this, cooking that, poking the fire. She is a busy body, but she loves her role it seems. Her cottage is deep in the middle of the earth, and she always has her hearth and cauldron fires going.

Pachamama, the short, wise, elderly woman, who takes me on hiking trips through mountains I’ve never visited before. She is a wise woman, and she always has good advice. Walking up the mountains with her is a glowing experience. She small but a fast walker, and she tells you information about the plants as she walks by them. Sitting in a mountain cave with her is probably one of the best experiences one could get when meditating.

Mother Earth. Hmm, I guess she is the personification of the Earth itself, that’s how I can sense and feel her. She’s everywhere, and she feels like a carpet of warm energy beneath you. She’s calm like her waters and strong like her stones. She does talk if you would like to talk to her, but normally you can just sit in silence and listen to her breathing, in and out, then rest. I normally sense her, then I can sense the universal ball. Some how they are connected.


Ah, Cassandra. She wears a white dress with red polka dots and never misses a beat. She is my house’s spirit and she does love to be clean. She is the warning alarm for any negative spirits that come into my house and she’ll normally send a message my way via a dream to notify me. She is joyful and happy and is always smiling. She can leave the house temporarily while another one of my spirit guides takes over being the guardian. Normally my Bear Spirit.

She tells me about up coming news or what to look out for during the week. She’s normally right about things.

Okay well that’s it for today,

Cheers guys, thank you for reading.

I’ve made the effort to follow new blogs so there are new people following me and that’s so nice, welcome to my blog!

Best Blessings,


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