Witchcraft can’t be taught,

it can’t be made,

it can’t die,

you’re just relearning

what you forgot inside.

It’s something you grow,

something to throw,

at your enemy or foe,

something to give,

something to take,

be grateful or;

it will be your last mistake.

Witchcraft can fly,

soar through the sky,

it’s alive, breathing,

it can never die.

It can heal, it can break,

it can treasure, it can take,

it can hide, it can change,

it can whisper or rearrange.

Can be tamed yet untamed,

caged but free,

timed yet untimed,

endless possibilities.

Witchcraft you cannot see,

witchcraft is there if you just believe,

with no eyes to see or ears to hear,

it goes wherever your will is bared.

Don’t be shy,

When working with spirits always say goodbye,

treat witchcraft well and it will do the same for you,

or the evil you pull will lead a trail straight back to you.


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