Stop trying to take my work

Hello guys, Mysty here.

There’s a reason why I say my name at the beginning of every post I do. I don’t want it showing up anywhere else. I don’t want my content on someone else’s blog.

Why? Because I don’t like it. My work has the right to go wherever I want it to be. My time and effort goes into my posts, so, let my work be my work. Not yours.

I don’t spend hours of my time, editing, writing, pouring my heart into my blog posts, in my free time, for free, just for some other blog to come in and scoop it up. No.

My content stays on my blog. No

ifs, buts, pleases or maybes. Do you know I have to type all of this by hand on my phone? My computer doesn’t like as it sends it back in time like 5 months when it gets posted and sometimes it can’t be fixed.

So, stop asking to take my content onto your blogs, because its not going there. It’s staying right here.


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