Simple Rain Spell in times of drought.

Hello everyone Mysty here.

What do you do in times of drought? For years, sometimes decades at a time, Australia has suffered in the past and currently in the present with serious drought.

Farmers are forced to watch their livestock die, sell their livelihood, their land, their way of life, or they think this trauma is just too much and they quit on life.

How heart aching it is to see. It brings me to a deep sadness inside every time I see burning fires or drone and helicopter footage which scan thousands of square acres that is just baked earth.

We need some change. A good amount of water. Well. As I’ve said before, don’t ask for something that you don’t deserve, no matter what. There is and still is a delicate balance to keep in this world. Weather you like it or not. That’s why when you try to do spells to ‘win the lottery’ they will 99.9% of the time fail, due to you being, inevitably asking for something that is a) nearly impossible b) material wealth c) something that you don’t immediately need d) is out of the scope of your natural means.

What I mean by (d) is, its not every day that you go and by a lottery ticket. Nor is it in your best chances to win. There’s a larger probability that you may get struck by lightning or bitten by a shark, than to win the lottery.

Magic, as we know at the present moment, works on probability, intentions and will. If you have all 3 of them with the right mindset, you are roughly (90%) good to go. The other 10% of getting a spell to work is things like environment, time of day, ambience, No. of interruptions, No. of distractions and irritations and so on. Even if their in your own mind.


Why don’t people, of all religions pray together for some turn around. Some positivity.

It’s because people don’t know the power they possess.

Just three days ago, the very impossible happened. It rained!

We’ve only seen approximately 370 mm this year in total in the South East and now this tally can at last be added to.

But why did it happen? How did it happen?

From one. Little. Pagan.

That’s right, yours truely.


It is an honour and a privilege to serve my community. Without praise or thanks. As I’ve said in one of my previous posts Rain Bottle Spell the local spirits, either large and mighty or the small, those small spirits you would sometimes overlook. I’m not the person who would. Even the little mist spirits, rain drop spirits to the large spirits of the water catchment in my area, the sky, the trees, the earth. Australia. I spoke to all of them, sometimes individually, sometimes as a collective through my heart, through my actions, words and thoughts.

I prayed for about 2 months before the rain covering the South east, from Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast, putting out some bushfires on the way and sprinkling here and over there. That’s exactly what I aimed for.

But praying by itself, as I have noticed doesn’t do a lot, unless alot of people have the exact same mindset, ambition, will and intentions, Day to Day, at, probably the same time of day, to get the same result of just one simple spell. Those are just my observations.

I was aiming to help the animals, to help the trees the plants, to not suffocate from more smoke, heat and fire. My main aim and purpose was to let the rains stop the fires and hopefully stop any further damage.

The Main Spell Part

All I did was set my message, my intentions into the universe, and directly to the spirit of Australia, the Ocean and the spirit locoli to collectively talk amongst themselves to take the rain into manifestation.

I asked this, as I grabbed a stick. I said the words along the lines of ‘As I give you a part of the dry land, Body of water, please grant us a part of your wetness’ and chucked the stick straight into the river. As a I saw the big splash of water rise and fall back into the river I imagined the power of the river moving my intentions with its current.


An Eagle. Again! went over the exact site of where I through the dry stick into the river.

It was as though it was looking at my handiwork and thought ‘Hmm, this little witch wants some rain, I can organize that’

Yep, just three days ago, within a storm where meteorologists thought that ‘not a drop of rain was forecast within this thunderstorm’.

So if you’re just sitting there, looking at your phone, wondering who you are, what you stand for.

Do you stand for good? For change? Positive differences? They could be made by you. After all, you are a part of the universe manifesting in a body, are you not?

Can’t you see the difference you can make, to your life? To the lives of thousands of people. I hope that you can. Because, even though we may be reborn to a new body in our next life, if you so believe like I do, all that matters is the present.

I think our real purpose of why we are here, is to become more compassionate to others, charitable, kind, loving, generous. We need to become human. Otherwise we would learn nothing, do nothing and be nothing.

We need to start with small differences, to bring about a great positive change, otherwise, we are for-fitting a wonderful, cheerful life.

Best Blessings from the universe to you,


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