Obsidian – An Ultimate Grounding Stone.

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog, I’m your host Mysty.

So today I would like to share my thoughts on one of my most favourite stones I have.

Black Obsidian.

Black Obsidian is excellent for anyone beginning or continuing their relationship with working stones.

Working stones work with you when you need their help and its good to start a relationship with them before you begin working with them.

This might mean including then on your workbench/ altar when:

– Doing a ritual if you think it’s appropriate

– Meditations, prayers, small spells and divinations

– On your table when you’re reading up about something or researching

– Reading a new book, maybe even talking to them what you found out or explain to the stone what you discovered in your own words.

– Reading up specifically about that stone, and seeing what really fits with your specimen you have and what it feels like to you.

My Obsidian, I’ve learnt over time, is very calming. When I’ve had a bad day or bad bowl movements (which is common for me), I’ll take it in my hand, and sit with it during meditation. Or I will close my eyes and converse energies with it.

When I say converse I mean, sort of evenly trade energies. So it might give me calming energy and I respectfully give it some of my bad energy, then I’ll direct that bad energy into the Earth.

Find the small little rituals which seem right to you.

Not everyone is going to channel, direct, feel/see, sense or connect with energies and beings the same as everyone else! Otherwise this would be a very boring world in deed.

Perhaps this is why our psyche has been made this way, otherwise authenticity could be mocked, misused, or completely falsified.

This is why each practitioner should have their own set of rituals, spells, and so on that they develop themselves. Of course reading material will help, but don’t do it word for word, action for action. Otherwise your magick will be lost in the ritual, and it would be ineffective. Like a mime who tries to talk by moving his mouth but could never have an audible conversation, so can the meaning of your words and actions be mimed, then no one can hear you.

Thanks for reading,

I’ve been very busy lately, and I will try to post when I can, but uni days will prevail until its over with.


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