Changing the description on Oracle Cards

Hello everyone. How are you? It’s nearly spring here in the Southern Hemisphere and I’m sure all Northern’s are looking forward to Autumn up there.

Welcome to my blog, I’m Mysty.

Picture of my 3 decks

So I want to share with you that its okay to change the descriptions you have on your Oracle Cards to something that suits you better.

For me, this Deck, Messages From your Animal Spirit Guides, has been really bugging me! It’s like every single card meaning is either too vague or is relatively the same as 3 other cards in the deck.

The Deck itself has been telling me to change the wording on the bottom of the cards for a long time now.

So I’ve decided its time to do it.

Cards I’m going to change:

Camel – You’re pace at this time is good. Make sure to keep it up. We are encouraging you to stay on this path and don’t let anything stand in your way.

Cat – Some help from a friend at this time is needed. Asking for help is not weakness. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Falcon – A higher perspective is needed at this time. Take a step back and look at the whole picture before deciding on a decision.

Honey Bee – You’re going to fast. Slow down. Think carefully about your thoughts, words and actions at this time. Reflect on what you need to change and then act on it.

Kiwi – You’re burying your talents. Get out there and use them. There’s always going to be someone out there who needs you.

Ladybug – You are important to the ecosystem of life. You Matter and don’t let anything or anyone tell you differently.

Mountain Goat – Don’t be afraid of looking for better options at this time.

Octopus – Your intelligence and wisdom needs to be utilised at this time to overcome this situation.

Panda – You need to save your energy, relax and try again later.

Peacock – Once a week, treat yourself to something you love doing. You’ll thank me later.

Polar Bear – You have been walking and striving in a wasteland for far too long. People here don’t appreciate you. Find someone who does.

Shark – You don’t need to stop swimming for anyone. Keep going and keep progressing. Don’t let anyone get in your way.

Unicorn – Something or someone in your life is being fake. Be on the look out.

Whale – Do a guided meditation once a week. Research into a new area. Expand your music taste.

Zebra – You need to hide yourself in plain sight. Don’t be afraid, you will always be protected.

Thanks for reading my posts,

Best Blessings,


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