Animal Symbols -#2- Eagle

Hello everyone, Mysty here. Back with another Animal Symbols post.

So exciting!

Have you ever seen an eagle, flying gracefully in the sky. How it has that sense of higher things, flight and wisdom?

I did see one last week! It was beautiful. Only there for one second then its gone. It showed up while I was having a funeral for one of my animals.

Having a homestead means having a few of your animals die. That’s just life. But sometimes you need to be reminded that life is about having fun. There’s some good times and bad times, but no one said you can’t have any fun. The Eagle told me to slow down a bit, stop being so emotional and have a higher perspective.

The animal was suffering. Obviously. It was time to go. There will always be an end to a suffering. Maybe that will be death, or recovery. Both are for the best. To end the suffering.

Eagle, wanted me to know that a higher perspective was what I needed. Focusing on the here and now are great, but a universal perspective is also in decline.

What does the Eagle mean to me?

  • Grace
  • Wisdom
  • Eye in the sky, perspective
  • Letting go of emotional attachment
  • Being in touch with the flow of life. Qi/Ki/Chi
  • Listening to your inner guidance/wisdom

The Eagle, and all animal totems have a special place in this world and the spirit world.

To invoke their medicine in our life is truely an honour. Let’s keep the respect up. They want to work with us if only we listen.

Best Blessings,


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