Animal Symbols -#1- Bear

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. I’m Mysty.

So I’m going to start a new series. I’m really passionate about animal medicine and what it means to me.

This time I’m also going to number the posts in the series so to get a feel of how many they’re going to be. Probably around 20 or more for this one because most of my spirit ally’s and guides are in the form of animals.

Also, normally post #1’s in my series so far has some critical information about how I view these topics and it might be different to your conventional pagan and/or witch.

Introduction to my view

With any of my posts. They’re normally going to be depicting my view of the topic. Sometimes my posts are a bit of both, some theoretical & with sources with personal views, but normally my posts will be personal information coming from me.

That’s exactly how I like it. Why? Because it’s my own opinion and you, the reader, get to do whatever you feel like doing with it. You can shove it down a toilet or maybe sit back in your chair and go, “Hmm, that makes sense to me too.” Both reactions are fine, and thats why I’m here, because I don’t mind.

From the very beginning I’ve always said to add on to your own opinions and beliefs, and never doubt your own.

That’s a crucial part of any spirituality and/or religion.

Having your own thoughts is essential. Without it, people will start telling you what to believe.

So, with that out the way. Let’s get into some symbolism.

Spirit Guide? Or just Symbol?

I guess Spirit Guide vs a Symbol to me would be asking the following questions, to see why:

1. Where have I seen this animal in the past? In a journey or in real life?

2. Has this animal given me good advice from time to time?

3. Has this animal come up in any divination readings lately?

4. Do I feel a deep connection to this animal?

Answering these questions without judgement could point you to knowing if it is a spirit guide or a symbol.

Back to The Bear

When referring to a Spirit Animal normally you say ‘Eagle’ or ‘The Eagle’ due to them embodying all Eagles, for example.

The Bear for me, represents:

  • Strength
  • Patience
  • Love of self
  • Courage
  • Standing up for yourself

The Bear, as a Spirit Guide, has been with me for a long time. It protects my belongings or my house when I politely ask, and helps me find my strength within myself to overcome extraordinary things.

My Bear Spirit, is Tuula. That’s her name. The name that I use to call her. I know some practitioners have a whistle to call they’re Spirit Guides, but I normally use their name.

Tuula has a Son, a bear cub named Cruzio. I know, weird name. But he is the cutest ever! He has a brown coat, brown eyes and black little pads on his feet. He gives the warmest cuddles.

I love that Tuula has come to me in the form of a loving protective mother. She’s more protective then I could have ever imagined myself. She stands guard constantly at my house and doesn’t even let one ant in.

Fearless protecter she is. Teaching me that its okay to be different and stand up for yourself. Stand up for your beliefs and be proud of them. I guess I am still working on that. I can’t help that I’m in a family who will outright hate, disown and probably force me to change me if they found out about me being a pagan witch.

But I’m going to let it out slowly. Starting out being a massage therapist, then going to Reiki, then transitioning into Shamanism will seem like the best fit at this point in time. My life seems to be an endless study period, but at least after this I can study what I want and when I want.

The Bear Spirit allows me to be strong on the inside.

If you have a Bear Spirit as one of your Guides, let me know!

Thank you as always for reading.


2 thoughts on “Animal Symbols -#1- Bear

  1. Strength is present in most bear symbols. My own study of Norse culture and the Vikings indicated that they had great respect for the Bear as a totem because they were one of the few wild creatures that no fear of man. It was the bear that the berzerkers would invoke as their spirit animal to remove fear and give reckless courage. Vikings would hunt bears for their furs but if the found an orphan cub they would make it a pet.

    I don’t use a bear as and symbolic guide myself, I walk with wolves and fly with ravens as you know.

    Good post,



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