Book Review: Reiki Shamanism – A Guide to Out of Body Healing.

Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog, Myst Nokomis. I’m your host, Mysty!

This book is written by Jim ‘Path Finder’ Ewing. It’s an extremely interesting book and I highly recommend it.

There’s no dangerous journeys or rituals. No disclaimers needed for this book. It’s totally holistic & is a great starting place for looking into both Shamanism and Reiki and explaining how they work together so so well.

What did I love about this book?

  • That it was so easy to read and understand
  • example rituals were actually unique and interesting
  • explanation of key concepts and ideas were fantastic
  • note section at the back clearly summarises the whole text
  • shows and explains the core basics of both Reiki and Shamanism & puts them together holistically for healing good
  • Emphasises that the healing comes from the client and the shaman is a facilitator of change and healing, but the healing comes from the acceptance, asking, and intent of the client
  • Clearly emphasises that you cannot heal someone who doesn’t give permission to do so.
  • Clearly emphasises that you have to ask your guides to help you. Not wait for their help.

What did I find that could have been improved?

  • That the Reiki side could have been explained in more depth. But the author knew he wouldn’t have space and ultimately just put a recommendation list instead. Which I’m fine with.
  • That a more in-depth explanation of journeying would have been appreciated because I have a lot of trouble with it and I feel like many of my journeys are forced. But then turn out to be relevant in some way or another.

What did I ultimately learn from this book?

  • That Reiki methods can be used with Shamanism to create a holistic approach to alternative medicine
  • That Shamanic Journeying can be sometimes confusing, and that’s okay.
  • Journeys can use a multitude of entrance ways such as computers, sink drains, stormwater drains, electricity and various other openings to access non-ordinary reality.
  • Psychic healing methods that he explained (which he uses Reiki to do) is exactly what I do (such as extracting harmful energies (normally black) from the system and placing them in a water bucket (his was real, mine is imaginary). But I did this out of intuition. No one taught me that it was a wrong way or right way to extract harmful energies out of bodies. It turns out that our inner knowing is so special and this life is more about relearning rather than learning new lessons or skills.
  • That through Journey’s or way that he sees energy is strangely similar to mine.
  • That crystals can be used as temporary vessels to hold soul fragments while journeying and is a good place to keep them during soul retrieval until ready to implant the piece back into the client.

Alright so that concludes my honest review. I absolutely loved this book. It was truely inspiring. It taught me to stop thinking myself as a non shaman, because I’ve been doubting my abilities recently. To just believe and to affirm that I am a shaman. That I am a holistic healer. With the proper training in the future I can heal a lot of people and spirits and I am ready for this calling. I always have been. Ever since I started on my pagan path, all the way back to when I was 14. I’m still that girl and I will always have my inner intuition with me. That is my most valuable tool. This book has made me trust my own skills and knowledge.

I highly recommend to check out this book when you can. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars and I gladly recommend it to all of you.

Best and Highest blessings from the Universe to you,


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