Book Review: Shaman, Healer, Sage. How to heal yourself and others with the Energy Medicine of the Americas

Hello everyone, Mysty here. So I am here writing my first honest book review. Yay! I am so excited to tell you all about this book.

Okay so the version I have was published in 2000 and written by Alberto Villoldo.

This book goes through and explains what Alberto has learnt from Shamans in South America. He explains key concepts to his path such as The Luminous Energy Field, which I would digress is the basically one’s spirit body, even astral body form.

He continues to explain to the reader some interesting insights and stories. He emphasizes the importance of chakras and Chinese energy meridians.

Alberto is a psychologist and medical anthropologist. He would spend countless hours in laboratories, dissecting pieces of the mind to try to understand how it worked. He eventually realized that his work wasn’t fulfilling what he wanted to explore and understand about the human brain and body. He wanted to dive deeper and his microscope wasn’t doing that for him. In his mid-twenties he left the research lab at his University and headed to South America.

Throughout the book there are fantastic stories and I read most of them. Some of them were so fascinating, others, quite dry. But the overall experiences in this book led to me finishing half the book in one sitting. (around 2 hours I read around 130 pages). I am a very fast reader, as many have commented in my life.

There are some instances which Alberto talks about, such as finding a woman’s tumor before doctors even thought about doing a scan because it was too expensive, was absolutely remarkable. In that moment of reading that story, I was fully in awe. A Shaman’s vision could be an extraordinary tool of discovery and healing, far beyond what I thought capable by our minds.

Something interesting about this book is that it highlights the similarities and differences between South American understanding of the body and spirit and the Eastern understandings. It comes to the conclusion that chakras and the Chinese meridians of the body in eastern understanding directly correlated to the South American understanding, even ending up Alberto being covered in lipstick by one of the Don’s, him taking a photo, and by research, matching up these meridians exactly with their eastern counterpart.

There are, however, some negative things I can say about this book. One might add, that this book is a little too broad in its retrospect and by way of rituals and rites that it explains, such as retrieving information about past and future lives, and then explaining if you don’t complete the last step then you can severely damage your psyche, seems a little off for me.

Why would you publish something so harmful in a book where, the audience you are pitching to, and who will ultimately read the book, will, obviously try the methods you explain only to damage their spirit and mind, maybe even their own body. What the hell Alberto?

What the fuck man?

Take some responsibility of your writing for Christ’s sake.

Your explanation in words will not help the reader to fully grasp what they are doing, and they will hurt themselves you idiot.

I really cannot believe the carelessness of the book at that moment. I was absolutely shocked. There was no disclaimer, only after the writing of the ritual and how to do it was the information found by reading in the following pages after.

If I didn’t continue reading after the explanation of how to retrieve your past and future selves, then who knows what would happen.

Then there’s the endless commentary on all 9 chakras that you have to sit through. Why is this even included in this book? Seriously.

Then in the final part of the book (III) Alberto explains some processes in how you can help others. Like 170 pages of information is good enough to then start practicing on live, human beings. Again, what the hell Alberto?

Overall, I’m rating the book 3 out of 5 stars and putting a HEAVY DISCLAIMER to only use the materials in this book as advice, commentary and theory. Not actually use the information in this book on anyone, even yourself.

That’s my honest review.

Thank you for reading as always,


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