Hello everyone, Mysty here.

So I’m going to be talking about how my life is going to slowly change over the next few years. But, before we’re going to get into that I wanted to briefly say that I’ll be doing some podcast and book reviews pretty soon.

I’m reading quite a lot of books (on Paganism, Witchcraft, I Ching, and Shamanism) so please look forward to my honest reviews of them.

The reviews will be just a standard ‘what was good what was not good what was stand out’ from each book.

For the podcasts I’m looking at listening to at least 10-15 episodes before I say my honest review.

So, yes! Those are the exciting things going to happen on this blog very shortly (when I have enough time to right them after being at uni, uni is very hectic at the moment).

So what are the big changes in my life I’m talking about.

Well. I’ve had a chit chat to myself. I’ve done I Ching, Meditation, research. Quite a lot of steps to get to this point, and I’m not going to be indecisive any longer.

I an going to study to become a Massage Therapist after finishing my Engineering degree, then do Reiki, then do my Shamanic Training.

I know it seems like a long list of steps and there’s many more baby steps in between. But I really, truely want to help others from the bottom of my heart. I can’t ignore it any longer and once I’m finished my degree it’s going to be by by Brisbane, hello to inland Queensland.

Why am I moving too? Well, for starters, Brisbane is a shit hole. It has shit food, shit people and on top of that, no leg room for anyone being pagan. They’re hiding in their occult stores and there’s only around 5 of them. 5. I’m sure they’re are many pagans in Brisbane, but it’s not like I can be apart of it.

Even then, if you try to have a conversation with them, they try to invite you to all of these events, which I would love to go to, but I’m in the closet so I kinda can’t. Brisbane just doesn’t feel right in my bones for me thanks. And neither the people, even the pagan ones. There’s just that vibe thats always there, lingering, overshadowing everything.

It’s also a time for me to move on. My family is highly demanding, highly forceful of my direction in my life and I cannot take it anymore. They’ve done it since I was born and they’re not slowing down. It’s a toxic environment for me and I need to leave and move on with my life.

So, that’s going to be a lot of change.

It’s about time and from now until finishing my degree I’ll be preparing.

Thank you all for reading,

Best blessings,


2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Myst,

    I get you. Freedom is a hard thing once you taste it. It calls to you after that. I lost track of the parents and families I saw over the years trying to dictate terms to their children’s lives. I don’t think they realize the damage they do by being controlling. You love them so it’s hard to move on, but if you are not loyal to the call of your own heart you will be unhappy and that is just not good. Take the steps and walk away and walk on.

    Ed – The Grey Wayfarer


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