Why am I a Pagan?

Hello all, welcome to my Blog, I’m Mysty.

Today I’m going to share the reasons why I am a Pagan and what Paganism is to me.

-Photo taken by me, Brisbane Botanic Gardens.

UPDATES: August 2nd, 2019:

Hello everyone, so this is an update, because of one of my recent posts. Why I Have to Let Go. https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/07/29/why-i-have-to-let-go/

So, first things first. Because I’m letting go of all my preconceived beliefs I’m also letting go of my Christianity. I know it sounds weird, but I have to let that go too. It’s a cage for me and I have to set myself free from it.

I also have to set myself free from other religions that I’ve learnt about. Like Buddhism. It’s also a cage. It’s hard, but I have to do it. Clean slate, let’s go!

But why have I done all this? These limiting beliefs have held my mind and my soul back from my full potential. My meditations are clearer. My spells are clearer and I’m beginning to define a practice that’s right for me. That fully resonates with me and doesn’t pull from one tradition or religion to the next. I really had to find myself and put my feet down. After this I have really grounded into my own body and I feel energies so much more clearer than ever before.

Journeying has really become a more in-tune practice for me. I’m starting to see things as I journey. Not just blackness.

I’m getting to commune with the universe and that really is special to me. My Deity practice was just “I’ll give you this if you help me” or “I’ll ask for your help with this thing by giving you this offering”. It wasn’t substantial enough or sustainable enough.

With talking directly to the universe, for me anyways, has become a big blessing in my life. My mind is more clear and my practices are enriched with energy. When I put a request out there, I know I’m heard and I know, with time, that I’ll get a response, a positive, neutral or negative one, it doesn’t matter. At least I am getting heard. Deity’s will sometimes completely ignore you or worse, leave you in the dark, work with you once then let you fend for yourself. I guess, isn’t a bad thing, but when you’ve made the time and effort to get to know them, and then they just leave, you know its time to move on.

I feel like they were giving me the opportunity to find a path that clicks with me even better than the one that I was on. They were giving me room to grow, and that’s exactly what I needed.

Cheers guys & thanks for reading.


April 8th, 2019:

So, first off what is Paganism? It’s an umbrella term for people who practice and have certain beliefs which centre around honouring and respecting all forms of nature.

We attune ourselves to the seasons, our spiritual guides and Deities if we chose, to try our best to understand past lives, this life and the next through cycles of life, death and rebirth.

Most Pagans share the belief that all life-forms have spirit bodies and we all have a particular role to play in this world through service to others and deepening an understanding of ourselves to become a more balanced being and eventually break the cycle of needing to be reborn in various forms to become our true selves once all that we need to learn is finally finished.

So, in a nutshell thats basically what Paganism is. Some people say, “You worship the Earth,” which is not untrue. But the other points above are really the core of our Path. It might not even be a religion to some.

For example, my Paganism is just that. Paganism. Its a set of beliefs its not a religion to me. I have read up on a number of religions and my ‘set of beliefs’ if I can call it that, are basically an accumulation of what resonated with me, what my Ancestors are teaching me and my relationships with various Deities.

My relationship with Bastet and Athena are not the only Deities I have. I have Seshat and Djehuti when I need help with studying or when I’m in a library, I ask them to bless my study sessions and these are new relationships that I’m forming with them.

My relationship with the Earth and Mother Earth has grown as well, over a long period of time. She appears to me as a woman, tending to her cauldron, addin’ stuff, then going back to her chopping board, inside her little cottage house, inside the middle of the Earth. Pretty Cool. Her Red hair surrounds her face and drapes down her back in an innumerable amount of twirls and curls. She is the Earth.

I feel like maybe this is Cerridwen? Or Brighid? I’m yet to find a relatable art piece to illustrate her so I can correctly match her to a Goddess Name. Maybe she is Nameless and Timeless. She doesn’t talk so thats no help.

Sometimes I see her, and its just her head and shoulders I can see. Sometimes she is in a meadow or forest. But it mostly comes back to her Cottage house.

These images come to me when I meditate or when I’m really tired. She gives me energy to keep going or focuses my meditation to be of an invocational kind.

These are yet a few examples of why I am Pagan. I can speak to spirits, my Guides, and my Deities. I can see energy, auras and I can feel these energies. I know when someone has had an argument when I’ve entered a room or if a room is peaceful and inviting. I know when someone is lying to me or is telling the truth. I know when something is too good to be true when others had faith in it. I know when x is going to happen because I had a dream about it. I’ve helped spirits move on to the world their supposed to be in.

I’m proud of these things and the skills I’ve worked really hard to develop so far and even though I’m not allowed to be a Pagan or Witch openly at the moment, I feel like I will be later on in life and that being my current religion and Pagan Witch is actually congruent, which will be a surprise to some but not to others. Having a Christian Faith and being a Pagan Witch is surprisingly doable.

I’ve had amazing experiences in both. I’ve had miracles happen in both. I cannot leave the one and hold to the other. They have both made my life better in different ways.

I’ve had countless experiences which point to there being something greater going on than just me alone. Something so profound that we yet understand what it is. The life-force of this universe we all call home is fucking massive amounts of energy and phenomena we yet to even call it by the correct names. We just call it Magick for now.

I wish you all the best! Let me know how you all came to be a part of this Pagan family and how are your beliefs different from mine?

Song of the Day: Come to the Dance – Emerald Rose.

Best and Highest Blessings to you and your Teams elsewhere.


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