Health Issues and Re-aligning.

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

So I’ve been having a bit of health issues, as one does, and my Spirit Guides have advised me to “slow down, take care of yourself and re-a-line”

I guess this is exactly the advice I need. Recovering my energy before going back to a new semester of university is essential. Without recharging my batteries from doing part time work, getting dragged to events and having a sucky timetable for this semester is going to be a tough one.

I remember the last time I didn’t recharge properly from one semester to the next and I was in such a mental state that I could only do half the subjects I’m used to.

I’m better now, and my mental ability is improved from then, but being in such a difficult major does get tiring, boring, and draining. Especially if you’re like me and absolutely hate the living shit out of Engineering.

Being forced to do something you hate, for most of your life just to be an Engineer is tough. During school, extra maths and science classes need to be enrolled before you can even begin. Some schools even have engineering as a subject.

Hey, at least I know what I don’t want to do.

Recent Realisations

I had a sort of meditation where I tried to centre and re-aline. I was standing in a black room with a lighted pathway all the way, far into the distance, marking a straight line infront of me.

Then I saw another one of these lines coming from the left of me, since I wasn’t on that path it was slightly diagonal and its path eventually came to the same point far away into the distance that my path did. A figure appeared on the left hand path.

It was me. But slightly younger, with my guitar strapped around me. I thought. Hmm, this is my Bard Self isn’t it? My Bard self looked at me, and sort of smiled.

To the right the same appeared. A bright, lit up path which was slightly diagonal and led to the same point far away in the distance as my path did. The figure which appeared was me, in the library, my body cloaked in a navy robe, seated at a desk, and my eyes darting back and forth over the pages of a book in front of me. My hands were furiously writing away in a note book. My robed self glanced up and looked me in the eyes and smiled. My Sage self, I thought. The wise one.

Then who am I? I looked down at my hands, they were normal. My clothes were normal.

The only person left is the seeker. The one with all the crystals, herbs, magick and and crafting. The one that speaks with spirits and communes with the Divine.

That’s who I am now.

But should I forget my other selves? No, I don’t think so.

I need to balance everything I see here.

I do need to stop, slow down, and take care of myself. Re-align all of my selves into one self.

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