Why do I love Music this much?

Hello everyone, Mysty here, back with another new post.

How are you? Hope this week has been good and if not, just know that you create your own reality and it really is all up to you with where you currently are and how you live your life.

Today, is a special post. I get to talk about music. Ahh, such a pleasant pass time, hobby, profession and joy to so many people around the world.

With that being said. I think the reason why it is so popular is because it promotes feelings of every kind.

If you think about it, as soon as you put on music it’s in the back of your mind, changing your mood. If it’s a love song, this might make you dance, or maybe hip hop. If it’s a country song you like, you might want to tap or sing along.

Music isn’t just a bunch of notes, it shapes and changes us.

Scientists have confirmed that talking to plants nicely & uplifting classical music makes plants grow better and faster.

On the other hand, heavy metal music, sad music, negative talk and shouting lead to the plant being, well, basically sad. Poor plant.

I always talk to my plants when I water them. It’s a good time to get to know them, what they need, why they need it and just some general conversation. I make sure they feel included, make them feel good about themselves or cheer them up when they feel down. I’ve had a plant come back 3 times from being dry, brown and flaky, to be green, alive and happy. All just with words.

So I guess this leads me to a point where, if those types of music either uplift or putdown a plant, what is it doing to us when we listen to that?

I guess everyone is different. Songs affect us in so many ways, and if you genuinely don’t like a song, you’re put off from the first few notes starting (I know I am).

But maybe we should review what we listen to. Is it good for my soul? Is it uplifting me? When I listen to this, does it make my day better or worse?

I think a sort of scanning test for a good solid week should do it, listen to each genre on different days, and at the end of the day, ask yourself a few questions and see how you feel.

Sound is just vibrations. Thus, music is a collection of vibrations. Vibrations in different frequencies, tones, keys, pitches, words, alter our perspective and our own vibrations.

Theres a reason why spell words are said aloud, they are literally altering reality. The vibrations from your mouth are the magick & are far more powerful then just saying them in your head. I would say that yes it is powerful to affirm things in your mind, but you would have to do it a number of times to be as potent as saying it aloud.

I might make a post later on which will outline how to use music in magick.

Thank you all for reading,

Best Blessings,


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