Thank you!

Hello everyone, Mysty here!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who support this blog with likes and views. I really appreciate it.

I write on here from my heart and I do it without being paid. This is one of my joys, seeing a small amount of people enjoy my content.

I hope more and more people can benefit from my content so in the future I can be a fully fledged practitioner who helps people as my profession, as my future job. I would absolutely love it.

I can’t wait for what the future holds everyone. I’m aiming to be an active part of the pagan and witchcraft community here in Australia, and hopefully in the next few years we can all aim to have a big gathering like Pagan Fest! Hope it’s called Pagan’s Downunder.

I really can’t wait to learn more and then I can share my gifts with everyone.

Cheers guys.

May we all look towards a bright future together in this world we have, no matter where you are sitting. If it’s America, Europe, Asia.. the list goes on, I hope you all benefit from my blog and that it inspires you to keep going with your Practices.

Much Love,


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