Brisbane Adani Protests

Just. Fucking. Stop.

I can’t even get to work ontime. My buses don’t even go to the city and I was affected! My bus was held up by about 100 buses infront of us! Do you know how much fuel waste that is? More than the Adani project put together.

So take your heads out of your asses. Go get a job, like everyone else. Stop fucking around. This is Australia, not The Green’s Country. Not, Hippie City. Not My-Ideas-Are-Better-Than-Yours Nation.

Get the fuck out and get lost.

Do you know, exactly, how long it takes to mine out of the ground the heavy metals and lithium for those batteries sitting in every electric car?

Do you know how electricity is made? Even?

Do you know, that not everything thats marketed as ‘green’ is green?

It’s like theres a van diagram of idiots who don’t know that a vegan, fat free, lactose free, meat free, everything free diet is actually NOT good for you, and people who think 1 massive mining project is inherently WORSE than any other fucking engineering project is just a big.



So stop gluing your asses to the street. Stop protesting in the city.

Because the amount of pollution from doing these acts are actually greater than the things you are, vainly, trying to stop.

Do you really think protesting in the city is going to actually stop a government approved development? No, it’s actually going to do fuck all, if you haven’t read the legislation.

So I suggest before you make an idiot of yourselves, put your asses and heads down, shut up, and get an actual 9-5 JOB.


Angry Pagan,

Angry Engineer,

Angry Witch,

Angry Human Being.



If you support the Anti Adani protestors, get the fuck off my blog.


For those of you who want to read up:

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