Ways to Connect: Introduction

Hey guys. Mysty here! Back with another post. So I’m basically completed with the Elemental Spreads series. It was really fun. But now, what to talk about after?

I feel like sitting down in a comfortable room is not necessarily ‘connecting’ to the Spirit of the Element, during those Tarot/Oracle Card Spreads. Those spreads required a bit of time with those elements first before diving into them.

How I normally do a spread is meditate first upon either the Deity that I’m going to talk to or the Element I’m going to converse with. But this definitely requires having already developed a nice, clean relationship with that said Body. May it be a Spirit of your ancestor or a Spirit Locoli, you need to take the time & effort to get to know them first before asking them for they’re help.

So, how the hell do I get to that stage? You might ask. Well, it’s simpler than you think.

In this mini series we’re going to dive into that concept very deeply and hopefully you get something out of these posts. Then, after you’ve done some of these exercises you can attempt my lovely Elemental Spreads series!

How it will be set out.

Just like my Elemental Spread Series, it will be organized by Element/Body. By Body, I mean it could be any inanimate object, Place, thing, Ancestors & Spirits, Deity/Source, or Energy, that I would like to talk about.

It’s really important in paganism & witchcraft to:

a) be aware of the influences of energies around you. Both from things, people, places & Spiritual entities

b) be aware of maintaining and developing your own energies

c) understand the interaction, development, growth and expansion of these energies & spiritual influences over time & places.

If you’re not convinced that these are essential parts to, well, any Craft. Go have a long, long read of Rain Bottle Spell. A Previous Post of mine. It can be found on my archives page or through this link: https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/04/17/rain-bottle-spell/

Why am I doing this series?

Because I would like to help YOU do these things more easily. Simple as that.

Also, it will be a precursor to the Elemental Spreads Series.

When is it coming out?

Pretty soon. I’ll be writing it from now on until I feel like I’ve said enough XD.

Thanks for reading as always,

Best and Highest Blessings,


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