Thoth’s Wonderful Library of Wonders.

Hello everyone, it’s your host Mysty. Welcome to my blog and I hope you have a good week so far.

Having Thoth as a Patron God is really the bomb. If you have him as a friend he can lend you some of his recommended books in his library.

Well, his Etheral Library. It’s really, really big guys. Probably has an infinite space and information. The Ancient Egyptians believed that Thoth, or Djehuti, had the task and privilege of keeping record of all that has happened, is currently happening and will happen.

You can assess the Library in a couple of ways.

Entrance/Access to Thoth’s Library Collection

Access could be as easy as, Hey Thoth, which book do you recommend for me? During a meditation when calling upon him, He’ll probably direct you to the equivalent book. For example, he directed recently to The Ultimate Book of Energy Manipulation, & What you Need to Know about the Underworld.

Sometimes during my dreams I have physically read the books. But now a days, my dreams sort of manifest as to how Thoth would like me to use the information day to day. He told me recently that “You subconscious is nearly in my Library all the time, other than when you’re sleeping and gone off to other worlds. But in your waking life, it’s here because you want to keep learning at this time. Gathering information is important at this point of your Practices and Journey’s. What you’re doing does come from your heart, but its also coming from what you subconsciously know and learning about.”

During the meditation, you can ask Thoth for access to his library (if you don’t have access). If you’re lucky enough, you’ve seen him working at his desk (writing with a quill onto heaps of scrolls and books) in previous conversations with Him.

This means that you already have access. He loves to multitask so for me he’ll normally be either organizing his shelves or writing, he’s never not doing something. He’s a busy God! He has a lot of responsibilities.

After Access

Looking on the internet or in your local library once asking for his information could be a very valuable search. Make sure to give him some offerings after. (He loves fruit btw).

Secondly, it could be easy as asking him a few questions using a Tarot reading for some answers. Which may direct you to a great amazon review of a new occult book.

Tarot readings are great because they can easily give information, guidance and physical advice from him.

The best course of action is to follow your gut & look out for the signs that yes your subconscious has recently looked at the book he recommended. He’ll only recommend something thats purely for your benefit at the time.

For example, if you suddenly know what to include into this difficult spell, or find it easier to look at auras or something and its related to Thoth’s recommendations, that is 100% from him.

Thank you for reading everyone. May Source bless you in the ways you need for this month.


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