Elemental Spreads: Wood

Hello guys, Mysty here back with another Elemental Spreads post.

I love these posts because they show which elements I enjoy connecting to and then I get to share it through something that you can actively do to connect to the elements I have relationships with.

I regard the Local spirits as their own elementals. Not The Elementals (In capitals means the big bad boys which are fucking huge spirits, which high magick calls upon to keep the walls of magickal circles up in ceremonial magick).

Local Spirits are a part of the greater elementals yes, but they are not them in they’re entirety, no. But The Elemental Spirits are there out in the wild and you can interact with them, just takes a lot of energy. I rather work with some smaller elementals so they can spread the message about the Spell/Ritual like I did back in Rain Bottle Spell. (A previous Post)

Again, these are just my opinions. I’ve come across many witches and pagans with this same belief as me (hard animism) but you could have totally different belief than this.

With that out the way, lets dive into this Wood Elemental Spread group.

Wood, or Trees, or whatever you would like to call this element, is basically characterised and acknowledged in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and many other health practices.

During my life, I’ve had so many treatments from these types of practices that it would be a contradiction & a shame if I didn’t place Trees and Wood Spirits & as one of The Elemental’s into my own personal practice.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a Chiropractor or Acupuncturist, but they both have similar charts, depicting actually a pentagram (which is sort of hidden in the works there) and actually the 5 points of the graph relate to certain organs, nerves, muscles and mental emotion/thought group, and each point is corresponding to an element. Air, Water, Earth, Fire & Wood. When doing an NET, (Natural Emotional Treatment, I believe don’t quote me lol), the chiropractor will basically test all possible outcomes of the bad joint/bone/muscle/organ function and get back to the root reason why said thing is sore or unwell.

The element of Wood, if you think about Tree Roots, they go deep, just as our emotions, thoughts and feelings. Our subconscious may manifest different problems within a physical problem, but may ultimately have started out of stress, burn out & various other causes.

That, finding the root cause, is exactly, what the Wood Element means to me. That’s what I’m going to share with you today.

These spreads, like all future & previous posts, can be directed to anyone. Your higher self, the spirit of your deck, an ancestor, a local spirit, anyone.

Spread 1: Following the Clues

1: What is the core issue of the situation? <The Root>

2: How does this core issue manifest in my reality? (Physical = Pentacles, Emotional = Cups, Person = Character card, etc.)

3: How is this issue currently affecting me?

4: What is the main course of action I should take?

5: General advice/Final Comments/Main advice going in for solving this?

Spread 2: Why am I craving this?

1: Card to represent your craving (known or not) (picked out of deck)

2: The real reason why this craving exists.

3: How this craving can be balanced out properly.

4: First steps into the correct direction to do (3)

5: General Advice/Final Comments/Main advice going in for solving this?

Spread 3: Roots run Deep.

1: Why do I dislike this person? What is the subconscious reason?

2: How is this manifesting in my life?

3: Should this person be in my life at the moment?

4: How should I deal with them?

Thank you all for reading today. Hope you have enjoyed my new posts this month & if you have any questions feel free to comment on any of my posts.


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