The Magick of Mount Wellington, Tasmania

Hello everyone! Mysty is here! Back with another smashing post.

So, today I wanted to briefly talk about my experiences and connections made on Mount Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania.

Mount Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania.

Oh. What a beautiful place. Holy shit guys. It was absolutely fantastic, even when the January fires of this year were tormenting the whole island and the air around the Mountain in all directions was full of smoke I still had a blast.

If you’re wondering, the background photo on my pages was taken a-top Mount Wellington, if you wanted to know.


The place felt like I was transported to another world. It’s apparently a sacred mountain to the indigenous Aboriginal community and has a few legends of its own.

What I got from it was this punch of overwhelming power. It was as though someone set of a giant explosion of energy and opened up a gateway to the Overworld.

I found the portal, and soon got over there. The whole top of the Mountain is covered in what looks to be weathered Andesite or Diorite (or Granodiorite) <It depended on which area you went to, but the mountain is obviously covered by igneous rocks> (Just a quick Geological Assessment but it may be slightly off, hey, I’m not a Geologist & I only had 1 day there with 0 tools but this is just my analysis)

So there was these Andesite/Diorite fingers. Looong shaped, roughly weathered, smooth edges. Beautiful. It was like the Mother’s personal hands. It was absolutely amazing. If you closely look in a photo there’s one laying down in the bottom right section. (Just imagine them sticking up like blades of grass everywhere, then large boulders, smaller rocks, pebbles and hardy shrubs dotting the horizon.


The portal to the Overworld was situated on a large, dome-like Andesite/Diorite rock. Not too off looking like Uluru, which had a few of the Fingers around it.

(Since I was on holiday I had no tools) I quickly consecrated a wand from a suitable stick, blessed it to the Goddess, and proceeded with a ritual.

The ritual was a dedication of me to the Craft. To me being a Witch. To my love of the Goddess. The Mother who gave me life, breath and this body. I gave much thanks & offered her my life in return of her blessings.

I thanked the Spirits of the local area too. I didn’t want to leave them out. The wand was ultimately put back into nature to serve as a thank you to the time I spent up there and not only leaving a piece of me behind, but leaving a connection behind so I could easily return in Astral form. (Yep guess what I did later!)

The wand, because I don’t actually use wands, was not consecrated for using in the ritual, just a pure connection from me to the land.

What I did during the ritual was simply place my hands on the large, Uluru like stone, and just talked to the Goddess. That’s it! Only prayer, intentions, a bit of energy work, grounding myself there, feeling the wind, connecting to the Spirit Locoli’s.

This was before I had any Deities watching over me. Before Bastet, Thoth, Seshat & Athena came along. I just spoke to the All-Deity. Source. Mother. Father. Great Spirit.

It was truely a blessing to be there in such a sacred place. The Wind cleansed me from top to toe. The Earth with this massive mountain underneath me grounded me to my Mother and the Portal helped me connect to Spirit.


Months and months later, earlier this year I travelled to the Mountain to cleanse my energy yet again. But something was different this time. Something was so so magickal.

So perfect. Because I did that ritual beforehand, the journey was so strong. My physical body was crying and sobbing, overcome with the energy and the healing medicine of Mount Wellington was filling my body. It was a guided journey and I feel like my practice has definitely benefited from dream work and Journeying so far.

It was the craziest journey I’ve had yet and to this day one of the most powerful and life changing experiences I’ve had. Don’t under-estimate the power you have or how you can easily connect to the spiritual energy of a physical, sacred place.

I’ll never forget Mount Wellington. Tasmania is an amazing place to visit and I’m definitely going back someday.

Thank you for reading everyone. May Source shine down on you highest blessings,


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