Elemental Spreads: Spirit

Hello guys, Mysty here. Back with more Tarot/Oracle Spreads.

Today is about Spirit. This isn’t important to everyone’s practice, but generally when I say ‘Spirit’ or ‘Spirits’ I’m usually talking about actual Elemental Spirits, Earth-bound Spirits which are dead humans which haven’t been mourned properly and need assistance to get to the Spirit Realm, or its just the over arching term of Spirit.

Spirit as an umbrella term is more about Deities, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Angels, Guides, Spirit Animals, Totems, Local Spirts (Called Spirit Locoli sometimes), Physical Elemental Spirits like Lake ___ Spirit. It’s really an over arching term for anything that is classified a spirit or higher being.

So, these Spreads will hopefully touch on some things that you may associate with the term, Spirit or Spirits. If you don’t believe in Spirit or Spirits, then that’s okay, go check out my other posts 🙂

Spread 1: Heard not Seen

This Spread is only for talking to Spirits, opening up a conversation with them. This is very much like how I do it; but in spread form: (Open up a session when talking with a particular spirit)(Only for psychics and mediums pls)

1: Spirit, how would you best describe your situation currently?

2: Spirit, have you seen the light of the Spirit Realm?

3: Spirit, can you give me some clues as to which ancestry line you come from?

4: How can I help you at this time?

5; Spirit, is there any other information you would like to add at this time?

(Either continue the reading with the spirit using Tarot or other methods or Close Off, Thank the Spirit for coming, and firmly say Goodbye)

Spread 2: Ancestors

Ancestors are, basically the revered dead (honoured). Normally the ones that you communicate to have seen the light (successfully been mourned, are on a scale of enlightenment/towards being a higher being), have alot of knowledge in the fields that you are interested in, and thats why they are contacting you or, are need of some assistance of some kind, or you need some assistance, or they’re just cool and they want to come talk to you.

1: Ancestor, which line of mine do you originate from?

2: Ancestor, What is the main message that you would like to convey?

3: Ancestor, is there anything I need to do for you?

4: Ancestor, is there any information about this that you would like for me to receive?

5: Ancestor what is your advice moving forward?

Spread 3: Spirit Guide

Choose one of your Spirit Guides to communicate with first.

1: Spirit Guide, what is the overarching theme of your message?

2: Spirit Guide, what is the most crucial thing for me to learn about this situation?

3: What is your advice on this situation?

4: Are you the best Guide for this, or is another Guide suited for this?

5: What medicine (animal/life energy) should I call upon, if needed?

6: How can I develop a stronger relationship with you personally?

Spread 4: My Spirit

1: Higher Self, what does my Spirit need at this time to keep in balance?

2: Higher Self, how should I go about providing this?

3: What are the advantages if I do?

4: What are the disadvantages if I don’t or what will I miss out on?

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