Nah, I’m not paying…

Hey guys, me Mysty here. So, this post will be a little different to what you’re normally used to. This is just I guess, one of my opinions or viewpoints on quite a serious topic, Dietary Requirements.

I don’t know, maybe its just Australia thats expensive with marketed items like gluten free, vegan friendly, lactose free, soy (which is lactose free but sorry for those that are allergic). Some requirements are not at all at what you would think.

Mine are quite weird. I’m highly sensitive (will get pretty sick but won’t die, don’t worry), to a few things:

  • egg, lactose milk & dairy products, bread (especially wholemeal), and a few other vegetables such as mushrooms. I love mushrooms so I’m going to keep eating them haha.

But why, out of all things, should someone, who is either sensitive or allergic to these things should have to pay more for options without these ingredients?

I just find it hard to understand, why do I have to pay for who I am!? Like, why does Joe get a meal average less expensive then me just because I cannot have egg?

I’m baffled Australia. A Barista this morning told me that would be 50c more for Soy milk? That is my dietary requirement!!! What is your problem? Can’t your business actually hold water because a few of your customers want soy as an option?

A number of baristas here do that. But also a few of them choose not to charge anything for different milks and I am really grateful for that. As a Student, I don’t have a lot, so I am especially grateful for they’re choices.

So am I going to back up businesses that make money upon people’s weaknesses? Think again.

Thanks for reading guys. Hope you are not tired of my Elemental Spreads. It’s just a cool thing that came to mind to write about that readers could actively do, not just read. It’s been getting a lot of views so thank you guys sooo much.

More Elemental Spreads coming out soon, and more Magick from me,

Best and Highest Blessings,


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