Elemental Spreads: Earth

Hello everyone, Mysty here. Back with another Tarot/ Oracle Card spread.

Today is centred on the element Earth. It’s such an important one because Earth keeps us grounded during meditations, before and after ritual, or during the day time for us pagans (and hopefully witches too). It helps us discern true from false, it helps us see clearly. Without Earth we probably wouldn’t be able to a lot of things.

Earth is associated with pentacles (if your practice uses them, I rarely do), the Earth itself, our individual bodies, most root-y herbs, and cultivate peace and harmony.

Spread 1: Is this right?

1: Is this ___ (situation) right for this time in my life?

2: Will it be beneficial for the future? (Yes/No)

3: For Yes/No, why?

4: How do I continue to be grounded during this situation?

Spread 2: I am the Mountain

1: What has made me stronger?

2: Why has this made me stronger?

3: How can I remind myself of my strengths?

4: How can I continue to develop my strengths?

Spread 3: You are my Rock.

1: Who am I relying upon at the moment in general?

2: Who am I leaning on for my emotional health?

3: How can I grow to be dependent from these people?

4: General Advice?

Spread 4: Earth my Body.

1: What new exercise should I put into my routine?

2: What foods should I enjoy more?

3: What foods should I eat less of?

4: What will help me keep balance between my physical, mental and spiritual health through this month?

Thank you all for reading. Hope these Elemental Spreads are a bit different to what you’re used to and hopefully you can use them.

I recently did one of the Air Spreads yesterday morning and it was totally fantastic, couldn’t have asked for a better spread. Hopefully you think so too.

Cheers guys! Look out for more Elemental Spreads from me this week.


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