Elemental Spreads: Air

Hey everyone, Mysty here! Ready for a new post? Let’s go!

Air is one of the elements I am really passionate about. I feel like its not talked about enough, and I’m really proud of having a connection to The Wind and Wind Spirits, I absolutely adore them. They are so sweet and kind and blessed the land with Rain when I asked them for help.

They are full of generosity and kindness, they should get more attention from us pagans. The Element of Air rules knowledge, wisdom, the mind, meditation, athame/wand depending on your tradition.

Spread 1: Fly like the Wind

1: What aspects of my life should I develop more closely this month?

2: What actions should I take to develop these?

3: What knowledge do I need to continue to grow in this aspect?

4: What is your birds-eye view and overall opinion?

Spread 2: Music in the Soul

1: What makes my heart truly sing?

2: Why does it make my heart sing?

3: What should I do to develop this further? What flow pattern should I put into action?

4: Is this a essential part of my life or a side-line?

5: What advice would you give to me about this during the coming month?

Spread 3: Mind Magick

1: What should I be focused on this week?

2: What should I let go of this week?

3: Why (for Card 1)?

4: Why (for Card 2)?

5: Overall advice? (Optional)

Spread 4: Uniqueness

1: What special talents do I have that I am un-aware of?

2: What advice do you give to develop these unique gifts?

3: Can these unique gifts be incorporated into my Practice?

4: What knowledge and experience do I need to continue growing this new gift in the future?

Thank you guys as always for reading. Hope these spreads inspire you to create your own and possibly use these or they’re concepts.


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