Elemental Spreads: Fire

Hello everyone, Mysty here. Hello! I wanted to do something a little bit different today. I wanted to do a few Tarot & Oracle Card spreads and over a couple of days I’ll be doing a few of them, and each set of layouts will be centred around one of the elements.

The purpose of these spreads is to get in touch with different elements. How they feel to you, how they impact your life. Maybe you might have a good relationship with one element. Like me with fire, since I’m a fire sign. These spreads will hopefully foster new growth in each element.

Spread 1: Building a relationship with Fire

1: What should I do this week to develop a relationship with you, Fire?

2: Fire, what advice do you have for me in relation to my passions?

3: Fire, what advice do you have for me in relation to my talents?

4: What should I burn out of my life?

5: Which relationships require more of my attention this week?

Spread 2: Fire in your life.

1: What should I put more passion into this week?

2: What should I put more energy into this week?

3: How do I accomplish (1)?

4: How do I accomplish (2)?

Spread 3: Taking control of the Flames

1: What fires are getting out of control in my life?

2: What should I do to control these flames?

3: What’s the immediate actions I should take to start this process?

4: Any advice moving forward/ Something to look out for?

Spread 4: Camfire

1: What skills/ talents do I need to be aware of?

2: Which of these should I warm up to at this time?

3: How do I go about nurturing these newfound talents?

4: What hobbies are useless to me in the future?

5: How do I get rid of these to make way for the new?

Hope you all enjoyed this post. Keep a look out for new ones. I’ll be doing Water through to Storms, not just the 1-5 elements, I’m going to branch it out because elements and Elemental Spirits are very important in my practice.

Highest Blessings,


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