Conglomerate Stone: Retrieving Soul Fragments.

Hello everyone, Mysty here. Just wanted to quickly share today about one of my favourite stones, my personal Conglomerate.

My Personal Conglomerate. I know it doesn’t look like much, but this is a powerful stone.

Last week I shared about the things you could do in your Pagan and Witchcraft practices when you have barely any time & a small spell. If you would like to review them go check out my last two posts.

If you think about it. Conglomerate is a perfect stone for retrieving soul fragments. Why? Because its made up of tiny little stones, into a larger stone. It’s made up of fragments! It is one big whole, made of smaller pieces which embodies the energies of exactly retrieving soul fragments. It probably possesses multiple souls of each individual stone. There’s probably sand, mud and I can see bits of quartzite at the bottom. How do I know its a Conglomerate? Easy. I’ll zoom in for you just here. I also nearly have an engineering degree, and one of my favourite subjects we had to do was Geology. So I remember all the various terms there are.

Zoomed in photo, where you can clearly see each individual stone. (Sorry for photo quality)

Just a reminder, not every stone is (a) going to co-operate with you (b) going to work the same with you as it does for me (c) going to open up to you from the get go.

I’ve had this Conglomerate for around…hmm since I was 7 years old. I found it in my backyard and I used it to crush shale stone and other herbs when I was mucking around as a kid. So it really had a while to get used to my local area’s energies and my own.

This stone has definitely helped me retrieve alot of the parts of me which were missing, in the ethereal plane, where the parts of you which were present at the time of trauma have been lost and disconnected from yourself from & since the time of the event.

Again, as my disclaimer clearly points out, I’m not a health care practitioner, aka, not a Doctor. So, my advice is purely for spiritual purposes only, not mental health.

With that out the way, lets dive into the method I use:

General Method to Retrieve Soul Fragments

  • Start by getting comfortable & in a light meditative state
  • Then have a selection of stones in front of you & ask them individually if they have a talent or skill in retrieving soul fragments. If this is unsuccessful then unfortunately you cannot continue the next steps until you either use a drumming trance technique or find another stone for this.
  • Using the stone which feels right, place it gently in your hands like a cradle and begin a slightly deeper meditation.
  • Think about a particular time which was traumatic and go back there. Think about as much detail as you can, but only as much as you’re comfortable with. We don’t want any negative effects from going back there.
  • Find yourself in the area of the trancelike dream and make your past self’s body aura what ever colour you like. I normally go for a pink/purple for the ethereal realm.
  • Now zoom out your view of the event /or/ walk back with your coloured aura all the way back to where you are sitting in the present.
  • Make the part of your soul fragment smaller and denser and insert it using the power of the stone into a place within your own aura where it needs to go. It will find its way there.
  • Raise yourself back up to normal consciousness and out of the meditative state. I normally wiggle my toes and fingers & open my eyes.


  • I’m not sure what results you will experience after completing this. But for me, I’ve experienced a clearer and healthier mind, better meditation and a lighter body after doing this meditation.
  • It feels like a burden has lifted, your aura is more alined and your soul is back on track.
  • There could be negative effects from doing this without proper meditation and trance experience. I suggest doing meditation until you are satisfied with your progress before attempting this method.

Thank you all for reading!

Best and Highest Blessings.


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