How to Cut Someone Off

Hey guys, me Mysty here. There’s been a uprising of many people on the internet, with various stages of coming out, such as the #metoo movement and the like, which is really highlighting the flawed society Western Culture has, but it’s also given the larger, worldwide community a platform to talk about such things.

Today’s spell is curtesy of yours truly, who has, gone through her own sexual assault. I’m not going to get into the details, but its a harsh memory and it’s well on its way out of my circle of influence.

This spell’s purpose is to, well, cut the ties you might have to an abuser, a bully, someone that you want to get out of your life, a thorn in your side.


  • 2 candles
  • 1 thread/string/piece of thin root (I used Sitratro root which has been stripped in half when raw and left to dry outside before using a thin, long bit) (One of my posts have talked about it in more detail) (Plant Series: Do humble backyard weeds have a purpose?: )
  • New matches
  • scissors/ knife/ sharp thing
  • Old used matches
  • Intention & Visualisation


Get in the mood. Get in the zone, this one is relatively on the fence of a curse & a charm. It doesn’t necessarily do damage and it doesn’t necessarily do any healing. It promotes said person to get out of your life or to remove their influence. I’ve been having alot of re-occuring dreams with this person, and its time to get rid of them!

Second, bring your visualization. You’re going to take your thread and put it out in front of you. Imagine the person right in front of you. What they smell like/ their attitude/ their essence. Cut the thread in half.

The side closest to you represents you, and the side closest to them, represents them.

Be careful with this next part. Place their piece, the one end of the thread directly into the flame of candle #1. My root took a while to burn and was safe with my fingers. But be careful with yours, maybe even use two old matches like chopsticks to hold it over the flame.

Watch it burn. Let it sink in. That person is gone from your life & so is their influence.

State either out loud or in your head that this persons influence is truly gone, your life has no space for them and neither does your mind.

Next, take your side and put it into candle #2’s flame, stating out loud or in your head, “___ influence is gone, they are dead to me, I, myself, am free” Or something along those lines. A sort, potent line is best.

If any bits dropped into the warm wax of the candle, make sure theirs gets its way to the bin, a bin that is not in your room!! Please. I used an old match to scoop it out and chuck it in the bin.

If any parts of yours dropped into your candle, and you want to remove it, its safe to put it into a bin which is situated in your room.

<Your room/workspace is entirely filled with things that directly affect your body & aura, please don’t put baneful magick items or spell items in this area, they need to be disposed of properly. & I believe I have talked about this before>

Ground and Centre after finishing.


  • The same night of doing this spell. No dream! Yesss. It totally worked! Was so over those dreams, I had about a whole week worth of them. Now they’re gone. I’m really happy with this result guys!

Thanks guys for reading as always. I send my warmest regards to you and may your Gods bless you with a future ever so bright.


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