What to Witch when you have no time at all?

Hey guys, Mysty here! I have found a few slithers of time and here I am. I love my blog and I hope you all have benefited from my posts so far.

Its really important to me to keep going with My Craft, even though I may not have the right time carved out to do a ritual during the week. I barely have time to do anything of my choice between my family or my life.

Being forced into a degree I hate, a Church I dislike and a City I am not fond of anymore.

Everyday I wake up, wanting to be in some place else. A cottage in a thick forest, a mountainside retreat, a Buddhist Temple down the street (there is actually one down the street, very lucky for us). < and yes I knew it rhymed. Do it all the time.>

So between my life and trying to get my life to where I want it to be, how do I keep being a practicing Witch? (& Pagan).

I’m going to make a list of things that fit for both that I do on a regular basis, and also some things that I aspire to do on a regular basis.

Pagan Daily’s

  • I talk to my Gods & Goddesses. At the moment, Bastet, Athena and Thoth. I talk to them about random stuff & something that they might want to help me with at the time & then giving them an appropriate offering w/ a mini “Will you accept ~this offering~ in exchange to do ~this action~ Please/Thank you” Ritual
  • General offerings to my Gods & Goddesses, since they keep my house & things spiritually protected and purified. <When I say ‘purified’ it means the typical ‘cleaning/cleansed’ that other witches do say, but not with the -wipe the spiritual slate clean sort of cleanse- >
  • Rituals using herbs and/or trees and plants outside when I go for a walk. Doing a walking meditation while walking and acknowledging the sights and sounds I come across.
  • Talking to plants & having a good conversation with them.

Witchy Daily’s

  • Energy psy ball meditation
  • Candle or silent meditation
  • Meditation for cultivating peace
  • Sigil Spells
  • Warding my house, self healing, protection and/ or purification.
  • Divination
  • Writing in my Book of Shadows
  • Research & Listening to Podcasts. Read, read, read. Library when I can.
  • Purification of my tools, crystals, loose things, stones, etc
  • Finding good tools outdoors and respectfully asking for it, then dedicating it if successful
  • Putting back natural items which have completed their purpose. De-dedicating it, purification, thanking ceremony & placed back in a good wild-spot
  • Small rituals with my Deities when I can.

Aspired Daily’s

  • More focus on my psychic abilities and gifts. Nurturing them.
  • Focusing more on my manifesting powers & more spell work
  • More focused and twice daily meditations.
  • Doing a small course in meditation & asking my local Buddhist community.
  • Attending the Buddhist temple when I can.
  • Using my crystals more in my work
  • Wild crafting and using what I know about botany in My Craft.

Thanks for reading everyone!

What are your daily’s? What do you aspire to do daily in your Practice? Don’t feel like this is a pressure test. Doesn’t matter what you do or when you do it, but I feel like a regular routine makes our Craft grow and develop. Mine definitely has so far. I still have growing room & more to learn.

Highest blessings everyone, may luck find you well.


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