The Witch

Pine Trees

The Witch is the tale untold, dark in the winter deep, she holds her wand and cauldron, dreaming of better sleep,

The Witch is a young lad, who longs for better days, he stays hidden, stays silent, for no parents to turn him from his ways.

The Witch graces the morning, where He holds his head up high, He greets every morning so, until the day he dies.

The Witch is a young girl, flowers in her hair, she whispers names of those, whose presence she’ll never bear.

The Witch are a group of friends, gathered circle round, they dance, sing, clap and cheer for the night is young and their hearts are one.

So you see, dear Witch, you’re not alone, for many have this name, some are long gone, but you? Carry it well. Fear not if you can speak not your duties aloud, we will hold you, and keep you save and sound.

So you see, dear Witch, never falter and never fret, for we are here for you, never be afraid of what you can do. For time will tell if this path is for you. Don’t worry if you leave, for we will be here, if you ever need.

So you see, dear Witch, the young and the wise, never judge anothers path or puff up your own, for that never does any good. Except be truthful and honest in all that you would.

Thank you, dear Witch, for being kind and just, for not many of us are left, so let’s keep in touch.

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