Circle of Ancestors

Hello All, so I have an exam tomorrow. So in a spirit of love and support, I am giving you all this poem I have made for my ancestors. They really have been a support for me during this time and I encourage you all to do some ancestry and find the links you have with so many, who, inevitably still live on through your body, blood and mind. They are deep inside you, just waiting for you to say hello.

Fig Tree, Brisbane Botanical Garden.

So, I wrote this poem to give you a feeling of how they have helped me through this time.

When I’m feeling down,

when I’m ready to give up,

You are here to hold me up.

When I don’t feel strong,

and when I feel I can’t go on.

You are my circle of love.

You surround me and raise me from the deep.

Your hands are on my skin,

Your voices cheer me on,

Your smiles are all I need.

And I can’t wait to see you again,

I can’t wait to say,

Thank you.

Blessings be with you guys,

Song of the day: Myrdhin – Tartalo Music ft. Ian Fontova.


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