Magick Monday: Updates

Hello everyone, so I really need to focus on my studying at the moment. I’m near to exam block and although this blog will take a back seat, I’ll post small nit-bits when I can.

So the new structure I’ve been doing has actually been really hard. I’ve decided to change it back to how it was. Just post whatever I want, what ever topic that is and go for it. But what I did learn is that I do need structure to my postings and have a variety each week for what I talk about.

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Thank you all so, so much for your support.

I don’t get anything out of doing this. I don’t get paid.

I do this from my heart and I really hope you have at least got something out of my blog.

If that’s information, yay!

If that’s a new perspective, yay!

If that’s a change of direction, yay!

If you’ve stayed the same, good for you!

I’m here to support you all, energetically, each in your own individual lives. Just enough to get you on your feet energetically for yourself.

Why do I always end with either Highest Blessings / Blessings from your (insert spiritual helper)?

This is how I send the intention for helping you, personally.

When you read that line, you will get the help later down the road. Its basically an affirmation. But if you don’t believe in it, then well, it won’t work. Highest blessings won’t come if you don’t think they will. Lol.

This line is there, from me to you, to help you on your own path. It doesn’t necessarily drain me like a battery, but it grabs the intention I put out into the universe for you to receive Highest Blessings from ___ (spirit guide/angels/source energy/I AM etc). Not from me, otherwise I would probably not function, hahah. Magick, is got to make sense in the end. What you put in, you’ll get out. So, I’m letting Source do that.

So, how am I moving forward from here?

  1. Structure that I have been with (Monday – Thursday) will change back to no structure.
  2. I will be very busy with exam study so I will post when I can.
  3. Song of the Day, will be more broader.

Thank you for your support. Likes, comments, emails are always appreciated.

Song of the Day: For Love is Waiting – KIVA


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