Thursday Talk: Inclusiveness in an ever growing community.

Hey guys its Mysty! Your fun-loving witch!

So, by word of one of the recent episodes from Millennial Pagan Podcast.
( Their episode, 24 Gatekeeping and Inclusion really hit me.

This is about being inclusive in our pagan and witchy circles. This is about not telling people “You’re doing it wronnnggg.” All. The. Time.

Stop it.


Please just stop doing it.

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Go have a listen to this episode its really, really good. All of MPP’s episodes are amazing. Autumn and Jera (& Guests) do an excellent job at explaining topics and branches of paganism and witchcraft that I would have never come across.

Inclusiveness is about telling people:

  • It’s okay if you make mistakes.
  • It’s alright if you are doing this, but maybe you could consider this ethical value of __
  • It’s alright if you do this, just keep in mind that I did a similar thing and it turned out ___. I advise you to ___.
  • It’s alright if you do this, but keep in mind this consequence ____. It might come back to you.
  • That amazing, keep going. I never thought of it like that.
  • Mixing pantheons is great!
  • Mixing traditions is great!
  • Wow so you call your Goddess into your ritual that way? Cool. Have you asked her if she likes that? It’s really important to gain a good relationship with them.
  • You work with both Aphrodite and Persephone? Good for you!
  • You work with Horus and Set! Good for you. I hope they get along. Please be nice to them


  • I find your type of spells are not High Magick. I don’t think they would work.
  • You’re doing it wronnngg.
  • That’s not right, you should be doing ___.
  • You can’t be a ___ and a ___. (E.g. You can’t be a pagan and be non religious) (Haha, yes you can biatch)
  • You can’t ___ (E.g. You can’t use sympathetic magick with this candle)
  • You can’t do ___ with a ___. (E.g. You can’t call the elements with just words)
  • You work with both Aphrodite and Persephone? They despise each other, how does that work?? That’s not going to end well.
  • You work with Horus and Set! That’s horrible, they probably hate each other.

Change how you speak to others because it stays with them for a long, long time. Keep in mind how you speak to others, because it says a lot about you.

I’ve been accused of a lot in my time. Even though I’m only two decades old. I’ve been called a bitch, a hoe, a fag, a cow, an asshole, an idiot. Every insult you can think of. Most of which by my family. Who, don’t understand me at all. It’s hard to be called a cow and a bitch by your own mother. It’s hard not to be included in your own family. So, how’s about making our pagan family a bit more inclusive? That’s all I’m asking for.

We don’t know the lifestyle or what people have gone through to get to this point. We don’t know what has happened to them. Probably before this you never would have known my family to be so rude to me, almost constantly. I hate them for it. You probably didn’t even know, and that’s okay. This blog is about opening your eyes to the reality of paganism and it is a second home for me. It is a community for me to actually feel loved, be included and not be told all the time that I’m not good enough. Because I am good enough. So, please be loving and kind to those you know in the pagan and witch community.

This also goes back to the 3 Pagans and a Cat Episode 29: Liminal 2: Electric Boogaloo, which emphasizes how people of all genders and backgrounds really need to be included and how the community as a whole has somewhat shut them out. (e.g. not including trans-woman into woman circles!) Some of the examples they show about inclusiveness I am totally shocked about what happened and I find that people really need to be more inclusive. Especially telling people in public ritual what to do and how it will be done beforehand!

Please, please do some housekeeping for all the sakes. For people who are binary and are unsure if they are going to be automatically crowned one gender or the next. For people who are new and fresh to paganism. For people who have never been to a public ritual, or your particular rituals (like in reclaiming, if they haven’t been to one before, you guys normally call Centre as an element?? Like what is that about.)

Really be clear, and concise in the opening housekeeping. Ask if people are uncomfortable or feel like in this ritual they would feel like they are included. Ask the whole group. Better yet, go around before the ritual starts. Talk to the people who are visiting your ritual and say hello to them. Take the time out to ask them, “Will you be alright in the ritual proceedings if we did ___?” Seriously this needs to be a standard.

I absolutely love, love both of these podcasts and I highly recommend them for all Pagans and Witches to check out.

They both discuss really important issues in our area and we need to advocate for them. For the future of our beliefs and practices for all.

Best and Highest Blessings meet you today,

Song of the Day: Beltane – Arlene Faith.


3 Pagans and a Cat:

Millennial Pagan Podcast:

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