Witchy Wednesday: The Elemental Body.

Hey everyone!

Last week I had some spontaneous things happen. I had the prompting to assign each part of my body to an element.

My left leg is Wood, right leg Air. My torso is Earth. My left arm is water, right is fire. And my neck and head is spirit.

I imagined each limb and body part starting to fill, one by one, with their element. Not judging where which one would go where, but feeling where it needed to be, then accepting the outcome.

Pretty cool right?

I immediately felt like someone flicked all the right switches in my body. I feel balanced and grounded.

The main reason why this came up is because whenever I try to Ground to the Earth Mother, or Pachamama, The Earth, I feel disassociated from myself. It feels like the opposite of Grounding.

Thats why, of late I have been grounding to the immediate Earth space around me, and not using all my energy to get allllll the way deep into the Earth, because I feel disconnected after that.

I’m actually starting to Ground to my inner Earth Space now. Since my torso is my Earth, I’ll ground to myself now. I feel alot more complete and comfortable with this technique than other types of Grounding.

I feel really happy about where which element ultimately ended up. It definitely will change from person to person depending on their own energy body (Prana) and their own personality, character and how they interact with the different elements.

In my practice, the Elements are just as important as my own Spirit Guides. I would actually say that they are part of my Spirit Guides. I talk to them before and after ritual. I thank them for protecting me throughout the ritual and for attending.

Why cannot my own body be Elemental? It made perfect sense.

After doing this last week, my headspace has been a lot clearer. I’ve stopped a lot of my self-negative talk. I’m doing better on my assignments and I don’t feel stressed! I actually feel great and I want to exercise, despite not having great sleep.

I hope this post inspires you to be your own self. Your personal, most inner self. Not the self you put on for others. Not the self that you’ve turned into because of external experiences, hardships, failures, successes, people and persons and outside events.


That’s not the real you. Go and talk to the inner you.

Song of the Day: Rain Prayer – KIVA


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