Witchy Wednesday: Energy Play

Heya Everyone! Mysty here.

Today I’m going to briefly talk about energy manipulation.

What it is.

Energy Manipulation is a shortened term for encompassing:

  • Energy visualisation
  • altering
  • shaping and moving
  • transfer
  • binding
  • banishing
  • and returning.

These are just a few things you can do with energy.

How do I do it?

I’ll give some examples of how I do it followed by the reason why:

1. Meditation

The meditations I do can be for a variety of reasons. Some meditations are for non-thought. Some are for concentrating on one thing and one thing only. Or, sometimes my meditations can be for exploring my subconscious mind.

I will give you links to a few of my favourite posts which cover a few different types of meditations:

Some Common meditation tools:

  • Tibetan Singing Bowls,
  • Music
  • Mala Beads
  • Zaifu Pillow
  • Incense
  • Artwork or Statue relevant to the meditation. Or even Tarot Cards.
  • An Altar or a space dedicated to quiet or dedicated to ‘nothing’ as some say. [Although some meditations are actually actively doing ‘something’ in my opinion. Although some are not ~ such as Non-thought or ‘This is it’ type of Zen Buddhist Meditations].

During meditations I try to let go of all negative energy blocks and crap that I’ve accumulated. I do a body test to sense where are these nasty blobs of energy that have stuck to me, inside me and might have altered my mood, my attitude or my moral. So, it is really important to check yourself. Check your spirit for any leeches and remove them.

How I do it is I get my hand, and imagine it like a white scoop and grab the little black blob or square or whatever it looks like and imagine dumping it into a bucket not too far away. I clean the hand to make sure it’s perfectly white before getting another. Once I got all the black stuff out and dumped it into the bucket the black gets transformed into a neutral grey colour and then send it into the Earth.

2. Shamanic Journeying

Theres no wrong way or right way of doing journeying. But to assist you there are a few tools you can have through the power of the internet.

I love using Clare J. Chaters’s Journeys. You can listen to it on Spotify without any interruptions and you can close your devices screen while doing it.

The trouble with Youtube recordings is that they are normally 25-30 mins long at minimum and if you were to use your device to listen you’ll have to keep your screen on the whole time. So if your phone has the capability to stay the screen on for long periods of time then cool, you can use youtube drum recordings.

Here are a few links to some good ones and to Clare’s work:

Clare’s Website: https://pashceremony.com/

https://youtu.be/jeSZzaUod-w – Traditional Shamanic Drum Journey.
https://youtu.be/6WLSJGR13jo – Drumming Meditation and Journey on your Healing Path to Power
https://youtu.be/FPbU-phJrPc – Water Shaman – Shaman Drum Journey & Koshi bells.

3. Visualisation, Intent, and Thought.

My Dogs love running around and being very naughty. I use energy signatures of red, orange and green to tell them, in a language they can understand, whether or not they are doing a naughty, nearly naughty, or good behaviour.

Sometimes I just connect to their real aura colour too. The three dogs have purple, light blue and yellow.

They have really caught on to this concept. I sometimes visualise a red collar with a lead and draw them back to me when they are doing silly things like chasing cane toads.

They immediately start returning and when they are at my feet and sitting I take off the energy collar lead and give them a good aura of green energy from me. Telling them that they are on a good behaviour side.

This is for keeping my dogs in check. I don’t want them to go chasing other dogs, chasing cars, digging holes, or hunting cane toads. They have been more behaved once I started doing this and they have been a lot happier too. When they’re playing about I shower them with any colour that they would want. Blues, pinks. Whatever they want. They deserve it. They are just as much a part of our planet as we are and we should treat them with respect. The energy collar doesn’t hurt them and they don’t seem phased by it. All it does is reminds them that they need to keep their behaviour in check. I find that this is a much better method as opposed to shouting at them or telling them No.

Yes sometimes that is needed, but only after they’re well seated and ready to listen. Its no help if you’re shouting at them and giving them wrong messages.

These are just a few examples of how I manage my energy and manipulate it.

Some of these things may apply to you. Maybe you have pets and you want to share some love, or tuff love too. Whatever the reason for your energy manipulation, make sure you have a clear direction and purpose of the working and it is inline with what you need and your moral compass. Then. Success will come.

Best Blessings,

Song of the Day: Peaceful Heart by Meditation Music Zone.


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