How to use a Pendulum

Heya guys, so today I’m going to be talking briefly about how I use a Pendulum and for which purposes.

So, my pendulum is a heavy glass pendant which is in a shape of a 3D heart and has the colours of turquoise and black inside its glass. It’s a pretty piece and ever since i got it as a gift for my birthday many moons ago it has provided me excellent readings so far.

The good think about glass pendulums is that you can cleanse it very easily over a candle flame. Or directly INTO the flame. Watch your fingers and be careful! It will be very hot! (Do not do this with Crystal Pendulums please)

So. I started using my pendulum to ask various questions. But before all this you have to tune it.

Wait wait? What is tuning?

Lets have a look.

First you need to get a pendulum that swings for you even if you say nothing to it. Doesn’t matter what its made of it could be a heavy piece of wood with a string attached. Could be anything. But i prefer to stick with only one working one at any one time.

Second. Ask it:

– Show me yes. Wait

Show me no. Wait

Show me maybe. Wait

If it shows three different directions for each of these then its good to go.

NOW you can buy it if you wish to.

There is a good example of when pendulum buying goes wrong:

*picks up pendulum*

*pendulum swings violently*

Wow! This pendulum really likes me

*Takes pendulum home*

*Never sees said pendulum ever again*

Now, I don’t want this happening to you okay. So please, when buying a pendulum ask it these questions (Yes, No & Maybe) and even an extra question asking it, would you like to be my full time pendulum?

That is a way better way of getting a pendulum.

So, how do you use a pendulum?

Well its pretty similar to asking yes or no or maybe questions. This is because pendulums can only do these sorts of answers. Unless you have a pendulum board. Which works like a ouja board but you just have pendulum in your hand.

I’ve never used a pendulum board but I’ve never really needed to use one. Here’s why.

When asking a set of questions you phrase them so you can narrow it down very easily. For example:

Did I lose my keys in my car somewhere? Yes.

Is the keys under the front left seat? No.

Is the keys under the front right seat? Yes.

This is just an example but that is probably a very real situation and is very similar to the time i lost my public transport traveling card. In which i had a very sneaky suspicion it was in my room BUT the pendulum did not say it was in my room because it regarded the word ‘in’ to being in anything! and so it did not pick up that it was in my room but in a bag i don’t normally use at the SAME TIME.

So please, be mindful that using a pendulum is very similar to computer coding such as:

If you tell MATlab that:

3 < x < 1

then it will automatically think you mean:

3 < x  OR  x < 1, meaning it will provide you an ‘or’ statement. So, it will say “True” If x is larger than 3 OR 1 which you kind of want a definite answer . You rather want the answer to x is larger than 3 AND 1.

Thus, if i put my bag scenario into coding form i did:

– Is my travel card in my room? No

But what I really should have said is:

-Is my travel card in something inside my room? Which provided a Yes answer.

This means I was using an AND statement rather than an automatic OR statement that MATlab also does.

So, if you find that your pendulum is giving you bad answers its probably because you didn’t word your question correctly.

So, what are the other uses for pendulum dowsing?

  • Talking to Spirits
  • Talking to Deities, Spirit Guides, and Ancestors
  • Talking to your Higher Self

I normally talk to Bastet, My Spirit Guides and Higher Self with my pendulum for things like Where is my travel card? Lol, very funny. But I also ask them somethings like How am I going with my Daily Spiritual Practices? or if my UPG’s are correct for my Deities.

I also use Oracle Card Decks as well. But I would like to get a Tarot Deck soon! (Like this week sometime)

Alrighty that’s it from me folks. How do you talk to your Spirit Team? Let me know 🙂

Peace to you,


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