How to Ground

Hello everyone, Mysty is back!

So I would like to take the time out to specifically talk about grounding and grounding techniques.

What is grounding?

Grounding is a way to connect ourselves to the earth, either in a shallow, tree root way, or in a deep tree root way.

Your tree roots that you visualise could be a cord of light, a metal cord that you throw down, to the Earth Mother, and you can connect to her more effectively that way.

You must ground before and after a ritual. It’s also good to do before you start your day. It keeps you connected to the Earth and your decisions are more focused on what is important, and your attitude will be less moody, and more forgivable.

I know I can get really angry when people push my buttons. But I find that if I meditate, ground and centre in the morning, I am more aware of my thoughts and words I say, and that leads me to be in a space where I can let go and forgive a lot easier.

For ritual, grounding is essential, without it you will feel a bit woo woo after doing one. Ritual incorporates other parts of our mind and spirit that, for the most part are tucked away when doing mundane tasks. Grounding before the ritual is to get your mindset towards the magical, and grounding after the ritual is to finish what you’re doing magically so that you can continue with mundane life without feeling light headed, dizzy, or scatterbrained. You may have other symptoms like constipation, stomach aches depending on what magic you did, how you did it and how it affects you personally.

Methods of grounding

There are several ways to ground. The most popular is the tree root method.

Tree Root Method (5-10 mins)

  • Either laying down or sitting in a comfortable meditation position, take a few deep breaths and relax, extend some roots, small ones from the bottom of your body into the ground. It doesn’t matter if you do this inside or outside, but outside is best.
  • Grow the roots in size and shape as they grow deeper into the ground, and let them go into the ground as far as you would like.
    Say a prayer or a short message to the Earth Mother or whoever you identify with the Earth, and ask her to take the negative energies that you’ve picked up from your daily life and to deposit them into the roots. Ask her to transform these energies into either neutral or positive ones.
    Ask if you can receive spiritual nourishment from the Earth. Let it fill your body, let it touch your heart.
    Say thanks, slowly make the tree roots smaller and smaller until the energy of them go back into your spirit body.
    Take a few deep breaths.
    ** This will keep you grounded for 1 day.

Line Drop Method (5-10 mins)

  • Either laying down or sitting in a comfortable meditation position, take a few deep breaths and relax
  • Drop a line down into the Earth or Inner Earth if you prefer. Let the line go really long and don’t force it down it will just gladly drop down by itself and you get better at this with time. It doesn’t matter if you do this inside or outside, but outside is best.
  • Pay attention to the colour of the cord and if it has been connected to something at the bottom. Mine is normally connected to a device which sucks the negative energies I’ve accumulated into the tube and down into the earth. I can see the energies being transmuted into something better. It turns either into neutral energy which just sits there in slabs on shelves, waiting to be used for something later or it turns into positive energy.
  • You can ask for the positive energy to go to someone or something specific. For example, if you know someone who has an illness, disease or is in a bad situation, you can ask for this energy to be gifted to them with a particular purpose. (e.g. I ask that this positive energy is gifted to Joan to aid her in fighting her cancer, that she may recover from her surgery and therapy).
    Ask if you can receive spiritual nourishment from the Earth. Let it fill your body through the tube, let it touch your heart.
    Say thank you and either keep the deep cord there or if there are side effects and you feel too stretched with your spirit body or if you cannot move while grounding, please remove the line.
    ** Don’t worry, grounding techniques are there to help you get grounded and they last 1 day.

You don’t need your lines or roots down 24/7 because that will drain you mentally and psychically. That is the complete opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. A grounding technique works because you intentionally do it, and it is a tool to intentionally remove all the blockages, spiritual baggage and shit you’ve been carrying around from day to day, and just letting it go.

Thank you for reading my blog,

Best Blessings,



Simple House Purification Ritual

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

So today I would like to go over a really simple house purification ritual/ceremony.

I think ceremonies are more fluid and rituals follow things step by step. I find that ceremonies that I make on the spot are much more powerful than rituals, for me personally.

I feel like my magic can flow wherever its needed within the spell and if animals giving their medicine are nearby I am much more aware and receptive of their help.

So all you need is:


-Burnt herbs

-Fresh herbs

-Preferably a clear path all the way around your house, but can be optional.

Why these ingredients?

The burnt herbs should be from a previous spell which attracted health or wellbeing into your life, personally, not an external spell (i.e. for someone else) this is to tie you yourself to the spell, not anyone else.

This will basically rule out any negativity dispelled from your house directly into the outside area, of the protection circle you are casting and protect you personally as well, as the caster.

The fresh herbs give the spell power, it draws up energy from the surrounding earth, from the core of the earth and from the sky straight into your circle.

Blend them together and start from the Earth Direction (either north or south depending on location) and go around your house sprinkling your mixture in clockwise for southern hemisphere and anti clockwise for northern hemisphere.

Why these directions?

– This comes from how the earth rotates while traveling around the sun. Clockwise for southern hemisphere is banishing and Anti clockwise is attracting. Vice versa for the northern hemisphere.

-Same with your elemental directions. Earth for me is towards Antarctica and Earth for northern hemisphere would be towards the Arctic Circle


So you want to start out by blending your herbs together. Fresh and dry. Each herb you use will be for a specific purpose.

Basil for me represents protection and abundance. Sage is for clearing the energy and making it fresh. Chili is for boosting the spell’s power and rosemary is also for protection. Siratro (local herb) for me represents binding of the spell into the physical world.

So, take some herbs that you represent personally with protection, purification, binding and/or banishment. Could be anything from daisies to dandelions I don’t care what you use, the main thing when doing spells is, what does it mean to you?!What does it represent for you?!

Without this, your spell will not work.

Next, you want to walk in the opposite direction of your sun’s path across the sky, for us down here, thats clockwise, for you northern hemisphere folk, that’s anticlockwise. You’re making a barrier, not only physically (with the herbs) but energetically and psychically (with your mind).

Don’t worry about going around your house and having to tie the circle you make with other areas you cannot reach. That’s okay. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you just need to create a circle of protection and this happens if you walk around your house at least 80% in the correct direction and then grab lines that need to be connected together.

Finish in the same location you started in (Earth Direction) to finish of the spell.

Thank you all for reading my posts,

Best Blessings,



Ancestors “Don’t talk to me”

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. I’m Mysty.

So last night was a pretty good experience, I could feel, sense and see the energy that my ancestors gave off around me as I was laying on my bed at night time. Not just some of my ancestors but all of them. From all of my past lives, even my Arcturian family.

So my ancestors from this timeline has created a lot of strive in the now. Their family curse, is ineffective communication, leading to family abuse for decades which normally results in divorce. On one side of my family.

So as I was talking to all of them, I could feel their sense of love for me, and it was in a great spiral of energy going upward, towards the sky. But some of my ancestors didn’t join in. They bickered, moaned and complained. One of them told me “Don’t talk to me!!” in a harsh, attitude-filled voice. A Woman over the small chatter of my ancestors.

I stopped everything and looked in her direction, I immediately knew who she was. All the other ancestors either kept going with their small conversations or just stayed quiet for a bit, and looked in her direction.

It was dark in my room, for the duration of this. So I can easily see the energy changes in the air, her face as well.

I drew a banishing pentagram, and I banished her negative energies, harsh words, and family curse from my life. A outline of grey chalk looking dust exited my finger as I drew the pentagram in the air, doing a ‘banishment of spirit’ configuration, (Starting from the top and going down to the left, for me).

The pentagram, once complete went completely black, solidified and I pushed it straight at her. I banished her from my life, with just some simple words, simple spell, but my tone was full of resentment for her. She was the one that started the shit in my family. She was the one who led my grandparents to act like children to my mother and her siblings. My mother is now mentality unstable due to it. Due to neglect, due to negative talk towards her. Never encouraging her and always putting her down. Always bickering, always arguing, always fighting, even to this day, even when they are divorced and they never want to talk to each other. That shit started from this ancestor, seven generations back.

I deleted her from my circle, her dust is only dust. Her life, her only life, her spirit can roam in darkness, no one to remember her, no one to call out her name. No one to reincarnate her. Maybe as a slug, but who knows.

An important note

Witchcraft is not just dark, its light as well. You cannot have one side without the other. You cannot claim to heal others if you cannot banish them from your life, hurt them or inflict them with a curse.

I know I can do both, but very rarely do I CHOOSE to do both. There’s a difference between ability and skill.

Now I know some people are new to my blog, and welcome to you guys! I’m so glad you could make it here. I truly love working with my ancestors and spirits.

But there’s a time and place to bring about change. That could be bringing yourself new job opportunities. It might be removing someone from your life that is selfish, abusive and hurtful. It may be asking for a blessing to move to a different town for reasons that may be in a grey area.

Witchcraft has no colour. It’s not black or white, or grey. It’s about changing something, it may be a situation, it may be a person or place, and this change brings about certain consequences.

Bringing a new job opportunity to you, might mean someone else misses out. Bringing rain to you might mean that someone else is missing out too!

So don’t label witchcraft to be good or bad or something else. It’s none of those things. Good and bad are labels that we as humans have created to try to simplify out lives but it has done the opposite.

Would you say that abortion, to save the mother’s life is murder? Or is it saving her life?

Would you say that euthanasia is morally correct if someone wanted to go that way? To not suffer, to be in peace, to be mentally there when they go?

What do you think? Magic is just the same. There’s no right or wrong, good or bad, there is only love or pain.

If you’re bringing rain to you, to bring water to your property because your animals are dying, that is love.

If you are saving your descendants from years of hurt by banishing negativity from one person, that is love.

Best Blessings,



Divination for the week ahead: November 18th

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

So today I’m back with the reading for the week ahead.

This time I’m using my new deck, Angles and Ancestors by Kyle Gray and illustrated by Lily Moses. It’s a beautiful deck and I highly recommend it. It’s not one of those gordy looking angel decks, (that I personally do not like and does not mesh with me at all)

Before we start, as the disclaimer says, all photos which have content from another illustrator or author, all rights go to them.

So today’s question was, For the collective (you guys following my blog), what do we need to ask for assistance this week?

The answer was The Magic Guardian – Unlock the Magic Within.

I think that’s very powerful for this week. The transition into 2020 will be a rough time if we don’t get our energies sorted out. We must be vigilant and calm, going with the flow and following our intuition into the light of 2020.

What things do you need to let go of? What things can you cannot control? We need to let go of so many obstacles that are created by ourselves, and this comes back to spiritual and magic blockages. Most of which are self imposed.

Do you doubt yourself? Doubt your magic, intuition, psychic, empathic, shamanic..the list could go on, abilities?

I love the wings of the Magic Guardian. Remember that we can rise above our doubts and bring into the world great things.

I did another successful rain spell yesterday, with barely any tools. I love the spirits associated with the rain and the eagle which carried my message to the ocean and by the end of the day it rained! Hard. Not just anywhere, in Queensland, and on our property. You can make a difference if you just believe you can.

Magic is within you, outside you and within everything you see. It doesn’t matter if an object is inanimate or not, it still has magic.

Please tune into the magic around you this week, and your life will start to glow from within you, and change your life around you.

Seeing the beauty of everything comes when we are truly connected to the heartbeat of nature. Grandfather Fire, Grandmother Earth, the spirits of the elements, they are real and they will listen to you, if you develop a relationship with them.

I love magic, I love being a pagan, and I love being a witch. I hope you get intouch with your inner magic this week and try to reach out to the magic in your local area, I would love to hear about it.

Best Blessings,



Beliefs as an eclectic pagan witch

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

I just want to share how my beliefs has changed overtime and how being a pagan witch is a fluid experience. You definitely don’t stand still with your beliefs and its hard not to go with the flow.

The spiritual side of my practice that are most prominent now are:

– Ancestors

– Spirit Guides, Elemental Spirits, Spirits (Local), Universal Deity (Big fat yellow ball), Mother Earth (As either Cerridwen, Pachamama (Elderly), or Gaia.

– Spirits of things such as stones, rocks, crystals, roots, trees, leaves etc.

– Spirit of my house, Cassandra. (Not a earth bound spirit, but the spirit of my house. Kind of like if team spirit was personified)


My ancestors are lovely people. I talk to them and they talk to me. I feel them putting their hands on my shoulders, or hear their words echo in my mind, which didn’t come from my own thinking, and normally have different voice tones, like maybe a woman or a man.

They treasure being noticed, but they don’t ask me for any offerings. They just want to talk to me, and usher me onto the right path. I research about them all the time, and I will keep going when I find more records of them.

Universal Deity, Yellow Ball

Yellow Ball, or what I just call when I’m talking to it, ‘Universe’, is a spirit being which radiates yellow gold light everywhere, and doesn’t utter a word. It definitely hears what I say, and knows what I’m talking about, but it never replies directly back to me. Not yet anyhow. It replies back indirectly. I might ask a question to it, and during the week I might stumble upon some info or someone talks to me about it randomly out of the blue, and answers my question.

I think it’s how the universal deity shows itself to me, and I’m totally fine with a big fat glowing ball.

Mother Earth, Cerridwen, Gaia, Pachamama.

I haven’t talked all that much about these three. But they are prominent.

Gaia normally comes in the form of a beautiful woman. Her hair is mossy, grassy and green. Her eyes the same, and her complexion is quite young. She is who I ground to and send my line down for my rooting everyday. I see her grab the line in the centre of the earth and attach it to a sort of mechanism. Like plugging me into the earth.

She has the best laughs and great smile. She always encourages me to look within myself and see how I can improve. Be more kind, more compassionate, more forgiving. That’s who Gaia is to me.

Cerridwen, the red head. Aha. She has a big bushy curly head of hair and it is as red as fire. She has a beautiful aura of energy and I love watching her in her kitchen. She is always messing around, sewing this, cooking that, poking the fire. She is a busy body, but she loves her role it seems. Her cottage is deep in the middle of the earth, and she always has her hearth and cauldron fires going.

Pachamama, the short, wise, elderly woman, who takes me on hiking trips through mountains I’ve never visited before. She is a wise woman, and she always has good advice. Walking up the mountains with her is a glowing experience. She small but a fast walker, and she tells you information about the plants as she walks by them. Sitting in a mountain cave with her is probably one of the best experiences one could get when meditating.

Mother Earth. Hmm, I guess she is the personification of the Earth itself, that’s how I can sense and feel her. She’s everywhere, and she feels like a carpet of warm energy beneath you. She’s calm like her waters and strong like her stones. She does talk if you would like to talk to her, but normally you can just sit in silence and listen to her breathing, in and out, then rest. I normally sense her, then I can sense the universal ball. Some how they are connected.


Ah, Cassandra. She wears a white dress with red polka dots and never misses a beat. She is my house’s spirit and she does love to be clean. She is the warning alarm for any negative spirits that come into my house and she’ll normally send a message my way via a dream to notify me. She is joyful and happy and is always smiling. She can leave the house temporarily while another one of my spirit guides takes over being the guardian. Normally my Bear Spirit.

She tells me about up coming news or what to look out for during the week. She’s normally right about things.

Okay well that’s it for today,

Cheers guys, thank you for reading.

I’ve made the effort to follow new blogs so there are new people following me and that’s so nice, welcome to my blog!

Best Blessings,



Divination: for the week ahead, November 11th

Hello everyone, Mysty here. This weeks reading for the week ahead is here for you all. This is a general reading for all who are following me (the collective) and aims to help have a bit of insight into the week.

I’ve been doing divination since near the start of my journey being a witch and I guess I’ve been developing it for the past few years, first with a pendulum and now with Tarot and Oracle cards.

The deck I’ll be using for the reading is Steven D. Farmer’s – Messages from your animal spirit guides – Oracle

The question that was asked this week is:

What guidance can you give the collective this week?

The Answer:

Rattlesnake – The experiences that you’re presently going through are an initiation into fulfilling your purpose as a healer.

Okay. This is really interesting! Maybe some of you have been drawn to provide healing to others or maybe to yourself at this time.

When we are called to a higher purpose, we have to loose all the baggage we’ve been holding on to.

Have you been going through a rough spot? Yeah. I know I have too. We have to just hang in there and know that we’ll get through it.

At this time you need to both trust in yourself and in your friends to help you get through this time. Its important for you to stay connected to your friends and family.

This is a big process for our own healing as well as facilitating the healing of others at a later time. I know I’ve been called to a healing position for the future and I’m going to be stepping into the role of a Reiki Practitioner in the near future. So this is really relevant to me too!

The rattlesnake by itself to me means change. When a rattlesnake is confronted, it perks its head up and starts rattling its tail. Its an alarm, in a way. Its a warning sign that there’s going to be something around the corner. Shamanic Initiation? New direction? It will be different for each of us. But know that you have the willpower and determination to get through it.

For you guys, I feel that something is going to push you into a direction that you didn’t see coming, and that this is your time to heal and grow. This is to not only help you but to help others if you so choose too later in life.

Thanks for reading,



Crystal Grid: Love and Acceptance

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

Today is about accepting yourself in the present moment. Each Crystal Grid will have the instructions just as last time and will help guide you through the process of using the grid in your own time and place.

Grids are powerful in that they never change. The main steps are 1) decide on what to focus on 2) intent and meditation 3) activate the grid 4) ground and centre 5) watch what happens in your daily life, were there any results?.

Do you love yourself? Even just a little bit? Do you accept who you are? What you look like? How you feel? Do you accept the gift that is your body?

Sometimes it’s really tough to see the blessing of what body you have been given. Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s so great about yourself. In today’s age there is constant problems about people doubting themselves, not living their dreams, throwing themselves into an endless job they hate, or every time they look in a mirror they can never manage to say anything nice or never smile.

Do you do that sometimes? Do you feel like you’re not good enough?

These thoughts and feelings really run deep. They stem from society and get rooted into our hearts and minds and before we know it, we think and act just as Susan down the road, who thinks the same thoughts and who says the same words to herself.

How do we break out of these habits? How do we actually start loving who we are, and what we are? It’s a really long journey. It is. It’s tough, I know. But you have to start somewhere! You have to make some effort. Do some jumping jacks! Pick up yourself from the bottom.

No one else is going to motivate you unless you do. That’s something really important to know. If you’re not going to raise that dumb bell no one will for you.

The same is for your thoughts, no one is going to clean it up for you.

But here’s a grid that might help.

When you need self acceptance, self love. This is the grid for you to start nurturing that. This is a grid to help you, motivate you to be in the right mindset to elevate yourself from darkness and to actually smile at your complexion.

What’s in the grid?

Pumice – You need to be light, airy, fluffy and without any fear. You need to take things as they are and just accept them as they are. Trust that what you are being called to at this time is important for your future and your individual progress and that nothing will stop you.

Brecciated Jasper – When you can’t find the words to say to yourself, listen to yourself on the inside. What are you thinking, what are you saying? What are your muscles saying? Inner awareness and soul awareness is what you need to work on to continue making positive progress in your life. Clarity and being resilient through a period of change, growth or rebirth is essential.

Turquoise – To be calm on the inside and letting the coolness permeate outwards. Peace will assist you to listen to your inner wisdom and just let things go that you cannot control.

Quartz Tumble – To provide the energy and motivation to overcome obstacles, raise vibration, realise your dreams and set things in motion.

Rainbow Hematite – To keep balance and grounding through a time of transition, healing, growth or transformation.

How to activate the grid

You can use this grid anytime. Anywhere.

Start by either printing the picture out or having it on a computer screen or phone.

Get into a meditative state and ask yourself why do you need to use this grid at this time?

Set your intentions, and maintain a steady grasp on them throughout the ceremony.

Take a crystal which has a point and either:

a) tap the point on one of the edge stones in the crystal grid and visualise it becoming like an electrical circuit, getting wired up from where you are pointing towards the centre with white energy cords, feel the vibrations of the cords as the link each crystal up together, once all of them are linked up, the middle should burst into a colourful beam which sends the intention and energy of the grid out, up into the sky, or down into the earth, depending on what type of grid it is, and for what intension it is for.


b) Point the crystals pointy end to one of the most outside crystals in the grid and blow onto the crystal, activating the grid all at once, and sending the energy column where it needs to go into the universe, similar to method (a)

You can use any activation technique.

Ground and Centre.

Important notes.

Remember, the crystal grid is a time stamp. It is a grid that you can use anytime, anywhere, and draws on your power and your intentions. Not my crystal babies. 🔮🔮

Grids are like sort of a digital spell. It’s already laid out for you, all you have to do is activate it, in your own creative way and your intention and power sends it off, shooting out into the universe, and you intention will be met with a response in due time.

The crystal grid uses energies from each crystaline parent spirit (E.g. the spirit of quartz, the spirit of calcite) not the individual spirits of the pieces that I have displayed.

Thank you all for reading.


Divination: For the week ahead, November 4th

Hello everyone, I’m Mysty.

So on Monday’s from now on I would like to do a reading for us all focused around a question I meditated on, and the answer I got, just for some guidance this week.


What frame of mind do we need to be in to be most productive in our everyday lives?

Lake – Stillness.

The lake is surrounded by trees and the water is completely still. The tree branches hang over into the lake and bush on the surface of the water.

We need to be like the lake today, taking in what we can, letting go what we don’t need. Being completely aware of what is around us and having awareness in our life not only to see our emotions, but to see where we could improve.

The Lake is gentle and calm, and through the struggles of life, we can get frazzled, torn up, torn apart. We need to be still, calm, and just accept things as they go.


General Theme for this week?

Dawn – New Beginnings.

The Sun rays dance on the side of a forested mountain.

The dawn brings new hope and new life. We must be grateful for the opportunity that every dawn brings us. Every new day is a new opportunity, a new start, and we can make the most of it.

May be some of us are starting new projects or maybe finishing some. The new beginnings always come after completion.

May be some of us are starting new beginnings with family. Starting with their own or they are trying their best to reach out to their own families and start afresh.

We are the sun, when we are born, is the dawn, and when we die is the sun set of our life.

What a blessing it is to be alive.

Best Blessings,



Crystal Grid: For Growth

Hello everyone, Mysty here! Welcome to my blog.

So this is one of my crystal grids, I’ll be posting more of them in the coming months. Mostly to give as a tool for each of us to transition into 2020.

This crystal grid is one for love and acceptance of self, self esteem and personal growth.

It incorporates the energies of Serpentine, aventurine, blue agate, green calcite, black onyx, purple jadeite, and sodalite to bring all these aspects together.

Now for me, black onyx is a really good grounding stone, it keeps me in check but it also isn’t afraid to point out my flaws. Green Calcite is a warm, nurturing energy that is basically hugs hugs, hugs and more hugs.

My Blue agate over there is very translucent. I’ve tried researching what it really is but im just calling it a blue agate for now! I’ll keep researching that one.

Serpentine is pretty special. Do you know why? It’s actually the floor of the ocean, spitted out from volcanoes through processes which actually grab the sea floor, melt it down and shoot it out through the volcano and into the sky. Yep. That is the general story for every serpentine you see. It’s an amazing stone, and it is definitely for overcoming challenges, difficulties and past emotions. (It’s that big guy in the bottom left which looks lime-yellow).

I’m not sure why, but my idea of aventurine is always about going on an adventure! Going on a quest, maybe going on a shadow self quest to look deep inside.

This crystal grid is here to support you in combining all of these aspects to achieve personal realisation and growth.

How to activate the grid

You can use this grid anytime. Anywhere.

Start by either printing the picture out or having it on a computer screen or phone.

Get into a meditative state and ask yourself why do you need to use this grid at this time?

Set your intentions, and maintain a steady grasp on them throughout the ceremony.

Take a crystal which has a point and either:

a) tap the point on one of the edge stones in the crystal grid and visualise it becoming like an electrical circuit, getting wired up from where you are pointing towards the centre with white energy cords, feel the vibrations of the cords as the link each crystal up together, once all of them are linked up, the middle should burst into a colourful beam which sends the intention and energy of the grid out, up into the sky, or down into the earth, depending on what type of grid it is, and for what intension it is for.


b) Point the crystals pointy end to one of the most outside crystals in the grid and blow onto the crystal, activating the grid all at once, and sending the energy column where it needs to go into the universe, similar to method (a)

You can use any activation technique.

Ground and Centre.

Important notes.

Remember, the crystal grid is a time stamp. It is a grid that you can use anytime, anywhere, and draws on your power and your intentions. Not my crystal babies. 🔮🔮

Grids are like sort of a digital spell. It’s already laid out for you, all you have to do is activate it, in your own creative way and your intention and power sends it off, shooting out into the universe, and you intention will be met with a response in due time.

The crystal grid uses energies from each crystaline parent spirit (E.g. the spirit of quartz, the spirit of calcite) not the individual spirits of the pieces that I have displayed.

Cheers guys. Happy Be- nah not going to say it. Happy Halloween guys. Happy May Day. Yep I’ll call it that for now.



My Magic Practice

Hello everyone, Mysty here. I’m going to share what I do on a regular basis.

I don’t have a set thing I do everyday, but I try to, every morning:

-Meditate between 10-30mins

-Read all your blog posts when they come out in the morning. (Normally posts you might have put on the previous day)

-Read with my oracle/tarot cards what I should be focusing on or what should I do in the coming months, personal questions.

I feel like my decks have a small spirit of their own. They feel a little like a tiny breath. A tiny whisper. They are adorable and I love them. I should draw them sometime for you. And the raindrop spirits that are just too cute!

I normally choose a crystal to go with me for the day. It’s always a different one everyday. I cleanse them every 3 months. And I have wards around my room, which are pebbles, and they make a sacred barrier that cannot be crossed, and that is charged with energy and cleansed from the inside by incense or by white-golden light about every week.

So the pebbles (wards) are about half the size of a womens hand, and I have one in every corner of the room & on the window-frame. I sometimes put out some crystals/stones on the window frame as well so overnight they can get recharged.

So this eliminates the need to cleanse my room every week. It’s more like every 3 months. Because I’m in the closet, it is only possible way. Being realistic here.

Every night I normally say a prayer to the universe, to assist me in my daily work, both spiritual and mundane.

I also ask my spirit guides to show me messages in my dreams for what I might be holding back, suppressing or overlooking in my life. That could be related to family, university, friends and old emotions. Sometimes I’ll ask my guides to help me progress on my path and maybe release old thought/action/feeling patterns that are weighing me down, and transform them into something positive.

My regular practices normally don’t involve spell work for the fun of it. Spell work to me is a sacred act and a sacred duty. If I see a need, as a witch I feel the honour and the privilege to provide for my community and the community around me. Just like my rain spells, some real change can come about from spell work and so I do it only where theres a need. Which is normally about once or twice every month.

I do sometimes do spells for myself, or if I feel like someone has put a hex on me I’ll do hex breaking, or if there’s a spirit vampire, I’ll pull them off like a leech and swing them into an astral-plane oblivion.

Again, if there’s an Earth bound spirit in my house (which I’ve only had the pleasure of once) then I’ll set aside time to work with them too.

There’s always something to do, working with local spirits, ancestors, the Earth and Mother, are apart of me and always will be a part of my practice.

Thank you all for reading my blog posts, I really appreciate it. I’ll probably draw some of my spirits pretty soon just to give you an idea about what they look like.




Divination: For the week ahead.

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

I would like to start doing a regular divination for us all for the week ahead.

For everyone who reads my posts, this is for you.

I would like, through these sessions, expand my intuition and hopefully give us some insight to our lives, no matter what we do or where we live. This is not for the matter of being right or wrong, but what could happen, what could unfold through the week.

This weeks card is given to us by the lovely Earth Magic Oracle Deck by Steven D Farmer.

Okay, I’ve pulled out a card, asking ‘What should we focus on this week?’

The card that wanted to give us a message this week is ‘Crystals – Focus’.

Very fitting.

The card illustrates a cave, full of amethyst crystals masking the walls and are framing the cave, looking out into the world towards a snowy mountain and blue sky.

This card to me means to focus on what is happening in your life right now. Your family, connections, work, friends, spirituality, practices. They are all equally important at this time and we need to show them some thought. But, sometimes this can become too much. We can become thinned out, spreading our focus on too many things at once. It becomes overwhelming, frustrating and trying to balance life is like walking on a tight-rope. One wrong foot and we could be slipping, falling down into the black net below.

There’s always a net though, and you can always get back up, and try your go again. Practice makes perfect. We need to focus our gaze ahead, to concentrate on where our feet are going and to trust in both ourselves and in our spirit guides to help us progress forward. If we are stuck we need to ask them for help and guidance.

What you put your focus and heart into, that is where you’re going. If you don’t like where you’re headed, you need to change your focus, change direction, and look towards a new dream and a new future.

Happy trails everyone,

Best Blessings.



Can you spot him?

Hello everyone, It’s Mysty.

Today I asked my Spirit Guides, tell me which path I should take on my walk today.

I’m not sure if you can see him, but theres a lizard and a friend right there on the rock. Yep, that’s a snake. Gotta love Australia.

There was people nearby too, but the snake was pretty calm.

What kind of wisdom does the snake offer us?

Snakes are highly intelligent, have good eye sight and sense of smell, are fast, agile, and live in a variety of climates. From rainforest to desert, thousands of species have adapted and climatized over millions of years.

This snake, I believe, as it was rearing its head towards me, waving its tongue in the air before I flashed a photo was telling me to look closely at my life right now, and that I should take the time out to reflect on the year before it closes and to listen to my inner self as I slither down my own path through the lies and misconceptions of the world.

What promptings, thoughts or feelings did you get when you saw the snake in the photo? What messages did you get when you saw the body of the snake chilling on the rock?

Either quietly contemplate or share with us all in the comments below.

Best Blessings,



Throwing a stick to bring back water

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

So I would like to thank everyone who supports me online. Thank you for reading my posts, especially when I’m in such a hole full of work to do.. in short I think this degree is killing me.

But I’m still here!

What I would like to share today, is an important step in any craft. How to actually achieve results, and for the most part, why do these results happen as they do, and how do we effectively control the outcome of our work?


In witchcraft, there’s some substantial amount of behind the scenes work from spirit in general. Everything you see is either influenced by a larger spirit and/or has it’s own spirit. Even down to electronics.

Birds, trees, rain, leaves, you name it, if you just sit down in nature for a while and be still, nature around you is working. Ants are moving, birds are making their nests, trees are growing. They have their own agenda. How did they get that agenda? We don’t really know that answer, but what we could say is, the spirit of that animal is within each of the animals continuous. Each animal of the same species will likely have the same tendencies, same level of intelligence, same methods of obtaining food, no matter how bizarre and they live! They’re still here, despite all the recent changes to our planet, for the most part plant and animal life is continuing. But quite alot have become extinct and I’m pretty saddened by that.

How does this effect your craft?

Well, every one has local animals, plants, rocks, stones, trees. You have these sorts of spirits in your area. They provide you the air you breathe, the water you drink, unless you get it trucked in… The point is, is that spirit is part of your daily life.

Saying hello and talking to these spirits is a wonderful part of life. It truly is. I’ve been through alot of hardship this semester of university but I have been carried by my spirits more times than I can count.

They lift me out, pull me up to start again, to have best friends as spirit, is probably the best decision I’ve made. Within the last minutes of trying to finish an awfully lengthy assignment, an extension was given to everyone in the class. I was shocked. It was no short of a miracle.

I thanked my spirits and it just came down in rain. Gratitude is probably one of the most powerful magic you can ever do.

Spirit affects your life and your magic, if you don’t acknowledge the workings of life around you, even if you don’t believe them as spirit. Maybe just acknowledge them as nature, life, or another name.

How to achieve results

Theres a few things that magic needs for it to manifest into the world:

-Purpose of the spell: You need a purpose before you can continue and you need to have your intentions and motivation stuck to this purpose.

-Willpower: do you really want xyz to happen? Why do you want it to happen?

-Visualization: Imagine what would happen if this event did happen, what are you feeling, thinking, doing at this time. E.g. For a rain spell you would be jumping for joy, basking at the rain, looking up to the sky and smiling, finally thinking, rain is here! it’s finally here!

-A representation in the physical world: You need to tie your spell to something. For example, for the recent rain spell I did I tied the spell to the action of me picking up a dry stick and throwing it into a body of water. Why? Because I associated the communion of dry ground being made wet again with the stick splashing into the water and becoming saturated.

-Focusing your intentions to get your result: Throughout the spell, you need to constantly think about your purpose, your goal. Without adding in any negative feelings, thoughts or words into the spell which might counteract your willpower to change into xyz. It’s hard, I know its hard, I struggle with that sometimes, but you can do it!

-All things after this are secondary.

Why didn’t my spell work?

Probably because you didn’t do basic things like

-Talk to local spirits/Gods/Deities to help you. (If applicable) >Which all need some form of working relationship before being called upon

-Willpower: Do you really, really, really want this to happen? Is your heart in it. Inside the spell, radiating its energy. Please ask outside powers to help you in large spells (like changing the weather) because you will be utterly drained of, not ironically but the following :

—-Willpower, sense of purpose, energy fueling the spell.

— It’s kind of funny that I only noticed now that a spell is an equation, what you put in is actually taken from you directly if you don’t have other sources to fuel the spell. So please please ground your self, centre yourself. Afterwards go have fun! your work is over, go get a coffee, have some chocolate. Be kind to yourself because you might have some backlash.

-Not having the right mindset- Get into a slight trance to put of that logical part of your brain

-Not focused enough on the intention of the spell

-Whoops you might have said something negative in the spell about the purpose ‘my cat is wild and free -to- my cat is free to pee’ (thats just a rhyme gone wrong example) those sorts of peter piper sentences are really hard, especially if you’re like me who makes spell words on the fly. You might miss a rhyme somewhere then you’re like, well shit. Start over, Start over. Rewind!

Thank you guys for reading my posts! I truly appreciate it.

Being in the broom closet is hard, and I hope that I’ll be able to be free to live my own life soon, once i’m finished this shit degree.

See you guys!



Keeping your Electronics working as they should.

Hey everyone, Mysty here.

Have you ever had a laptop or phone not work the way they should? Crappy keyboard that sometimes works and doesnt work.

Well then you might be having the same issues as me.

A technician came out to fix my laptop, about 2 years ago, and about a week after he fixed it, it had the same problems yet again, just in another place.

So, I decided that because the warranty was going to expire, that a bit of magic was needed.

Before i’ve used sigils before, but I just put it underneath the laptop, and without much success. Maybe it will work slightly better for around a few hours only to belt out again.

But with this sigil, it’s lasted a whole two days already.

Ingredients/ Materials.

-Coffee foam

-1 leaf of your choosing

-Pen, you normally use, or you can cleanse/consecrate a new one

-sigil you know that keeps that part of the computer running, found in meditation

-A large ish piece of paper which can act also as a parcel for all the ingredients.


0. Centre and Ground before beginning.

1. Gather your ingredients and make sure your paper and leaf are proportional, so your paper can fold around it neatly and make it like a little parcel, you can even tape yours together. The leaf can be dry/near dry or new, doesn’t matter, but I prefer that you guys say please and thank you to the tree you are using, it will boost the effects of this.

2. Think about the sigil you’ve got, and write it out carefully. Think about the function of the sigil and activate it with the coffee foam. The coffee foam is the energy of the spell.

3. Dab little blobs on the leaf, place the leaf ontop of the sigil, and imagine the leaf as sort of the guiding part of the spell, it will keep the sigil going and in check. The leaf has been around for a while, it knows how the outside world works, and its being used here as a link from the sigil to the electronic device. Even if its closed up in the parcel, there’s only going to be a piece of paper between it and the computer.

4. Wrap up the paper, making sure the coffee ish side is in some layers of folding, in a square like pattern, as you would normally fold paper. And sticky tape if you want.

5. Say a few words to activate the sigil, and run it over the part that is going to work. (but at the moment keeps messing up). When doing the ritual, be careful to not say anything negative. Mine was along the lines of, “This keyboard will always work, from this time forth, with 100% efficiency and capability”.

6. Keep saying the little prayer, and maybe even do some visualisation of the energy coming from the paper parcel into the computer/device.

7. When using the device, you can now keep it near it, or underneath, on the lid of the laptop, wherever you feel its best. You can tape it there, or bluetack, whatever you fancy.

8. Centre and ground after completing the ritual.

Alright so thats basically it, its very simple, but it works.

Cheers guys,




Witchcraft can’t be taught,

it can’t be made,

it can’t die,

you’re just relearning

what you forgot inside.

It’s something you grow,

something to throw,

at your enemy or foe,

something to give,

something to take,

be grateful or;

it will be your last mistake.

Witchcraft can fly,

soar through the sky,

it’s alive, breathing,

it can never die.

It can heal, it can break,

it can treasure, it can take,

it can hide, it can change,

it can whisper or rearrange.

Can be tamed yet untamed,

caged but free,

timed yet untimed,

endless possibilities.

Witchcraft you cannot see,

witchcraft is there if you just believe,

with no eyes to see or ears to hear,

it goes wherever your will is bared.

Don’t be shy,

When working with spirits always say goodbye,

treat witchcraft well and it will do the same for you,

or the evil you pull will lead a trail straight back to you.



A Meditation of Gratitude

Hello everyone, Mysty here. Recently I have been doing sitting and walking meditations and focusing them on gratitude.

My life after doing this has transformed into a happier and healthier one. The things I am grateful for, even if they are small, have also transformed into great things.

I had a long assignment due on the weekend. It was tough and I didn’t think I would finish in time. But I thanked the universe for giving me the opportunity to go to university, to be educated and to have enough time to complete the assignment. Gratitude is a part of magic that both affirms and keeps energy rolling.

Gratitude is powerful magic, and is probably what people get confused with ‘positive affirmations’. But the problem with positive affirmations is if you just positively affirm that something is true, it doesn’t always work.

Rather, take the time out of your schedule, out of your busy life, just to walk around for 10 minutes during your lunch break. Actually be grateful in the moment of where you are, be grateful for the body you have. Don’t dwell on the negative things you see, try to see the uplifting things around you, and the area you live in will come alive.

Start talking to local spirits, they are in fact the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the earth you stand on. They are your life line and without them, you wouldn’t be alive.

I talk to them everyday, no matter what my schedule and they thank me for that, I feel them behind me everyday, helping me progress into someone better.

You know I can’t remember the last time I was angry with someone. Really. I can’t. I just don’t want to be angry anymore, nor do I want to cause anger or hurt. I rather talk to them about what’s bothering me, what I would like them to change or do to make something be better than raise my tone and get upset.

I feel like this is directly been cultivated by my meditations of gratitude and I hope that you can start a practice of it too.

Some tips:

– Don’t wait for something to be grateful for. Do something, be grateful for the outcome you need as though its already occurred and go for it

-Be grateful for what you have, your garden, house, trees, shelter, food, water. We should be reminded that the essentials we need to survive could be taken away at any moment. Some areas of the South East near Brisbane are not getting supplied water, anyone could be next. It’s up to each one of us to be prepared, get some water tanks and boil rain water.

-Do a walking meditation. Start by focusing on your breath and your body. How does it feel? Tense in this part? loose in the other? Just let everything go. Breathing in and out, once you feel you’re ready, have a look around you. What do you see? Birds, leaves, tree bark, snow, rain drops, cars, buses. Doesn’t matter what you see, just have an attitude of gratitude and you will see the world become so much different.

Thank you guys for reading. Mindfulness and gratitude go together, like peas in a pod. No matter where you are or what your circumstances, we should be grateful for what we have, no matter how small. That small bit of gratitude will transform into large, large blessings for your life.



Stop trying to take my work

Hello guys, Mysty here.

There’s a reason why I say my name at the beginning of every post I do. I don’t want it showing up anywhere else. I don’t want my content on someone else’s blog.

Why? Because I don’t like it. My work has the right to go wherever I want it to be. My time and effort goes into my posts, so, let my work be my work. Not yours.

I don’t spend hours of my time, editing, writing, pouring my heart into my blog posts, in my free time, for free, just for some other blog to come in and scoop it up. No.

My content stays on my blog. No

ifs, buts, pleases or maybes. Do you know I have to type all of this by hand on my phone? My computer doesn’t like wordpress.com as it sends it back in time like 5 months when it gets posted and sometimes it can’t be fixed.

So, stop asking to take my content onto your blogs, because its not going there. It’s staying right here.



Simple Rain Spell in times of drought.

Hello everyone Mysty here.

What do you do in times of drought? For years, sometimes decades at a time, Australia has suffered in the past and currently in the present with serious drought.

Farmers are forced to watch their livestock die, sell their livelihood, their land, their way of life, or they think this trauma is just too much and they quit on life.

How heart aching it is to see. It brings me to a deep sadness inside every time I see burning fires or drone and helicopter footage which scan thousands of square acres that is just baked earth.

We need some change. A good amount of water. Well. As I’ve said before, don’t ask for something that you don’t deserve, no matter what. There is and still is a delicate balance to keep in this world. Weather you like it or not. That’s why when you try to do spells to ‘win the lottery’ they will 99.9% of the time fail, due to you being, inevitably asking for something that is a) nearly impossible b) material wealth c) something that you don’t immediately need d) is out of the scope of your natural means.

What I mean by (d) is, its not every day that you go and by a lottery ticket. Nor is it in your best chances to win. There’s a larger probability that you may get struck by lightning or bitten by a shark, than to win the lottery.

Magic, as we know at the present moment, works on probability, intentions and will. If you have all 3 of them with the right mindset, you are roughly (90%) good to go. The other 10% of getting a spell to work is things like environment, time of day, ambience, No. of interruptions, No. of distractions and irritations and so on. Even if their in your own mind.


Why don’t people, of all religions pray together for some turn around. Some positivity.

It’s because people don’t know the power they possess.

Just three days ago, the very impossible happened. It rained!

We’ve only seen approximately 370 mm this year in total in the South East and now this tally can at last be added to.

But why did it happen? How did it happen?

From one. Little. Pagan.

That’s right, yours truely.


It is an honour and a privilege to serve my community. Without praise or thanks. As I’ve said in one of my previous posts Rain Bottle Spell the local spirits, either large and mighty or the small, those small spirits you would sometimes overlook. I’m not the person who would. Even the little mist spirits, rain drop spirits to the large spirits of the water catchment in my area, the sky, the trees, the earth. Australia. I spoke to all of them, sometimes individually, sometimes as a collective through my heart, through my actions, words and thoughts.

I prayed for about 2 months before the rain covering the South east, from Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast, putting out some bushfires on the way and sprinkling here and over there. That’s exactly what I aimed for.

But praying by itself, as I have noticed doesn’t do a lot, unless alot of people have the exact same mindset, ambition, will and intentions, Day to Day, at, probably the same time of day, to get the same result of just one simple spell. Those are just my observations.

I was aiming to help the animals, to help the trees the plants, to not suffocate from more smoke, heat and fire. My main aim and purpose was to let the rains stop the fires and hopefully stop any further damage.

The Main Spell Part

All I did was set my message, my intentions into the universe, and directly to the spirit of Australia, the Ocean and the spirit locoli to collectively talk amongst themselves to take the rain into manifestation.

I asked this, as I grabbed a stick. I said the words along the lines of ‘As I give you a part of the dry land, Body of water, please grant us a part of your wetness’ and chucked the stick straight into the river. As a I saw the big splash of water rise and fall back into the river I imagined the power of the river moving my intentions with its current.


An Eagle. Again! went over the exact site of where I through the dry stick into the river.

It was as though it was looking at my handiwork and thought ‘Hmm, this little witch wants some rain, I can organize that’

Yep, just three days ago, within a storm where meteorologists thought that ‘not a drop of rain was forecast within this thunderstorm’.

So if you’re just sitting there, looking at your phone, wondering who you are, what you stand for.

Do you stand for good? For change? Positive differences? They could be made by you. After all, you are a part of the universe manifesting in a body, are you not?

Can’t you see the difference you can make, to your life? To the lives of thousands of people. I hope that you can. Because, even though we may be reborn to a new body in our next life, if you so believe like I do, all that matters is the present.

I think our real purpose of why we are here, is to become more compassionate to others, charitable, kind, loving, generous. We need to become human. Otherwise we would learn nothing, do nothing and be nothing.

We need to start with small differences, to bring about a great positive change, otherwise, we are for-fitting a wonderful, cheerful life.

Best Blessings from the universe to you,



Obsidian – An Ultimate Grounding Stone.

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog, I’m your host Mysty.

So today I would like to share my thoughts on one of my most favourite stones I have.

Black Obsidian.

Black Obsidian is excellent for anyone beginning or continuing their relationship with working stones.

Working stones work with you when you need their help and its good to start a relationship with them before you begin working with them.

This might mean including then on your workbench/ altar when:

– Doing a ritual if you think it’s appropriate

– Meditations, prayers, small spells and divinations

– On your table when you’re reading up about something or researching

– Reading a new book, maybe even talking to them what you found out or explain to the stone what you discovered in your own words.

– Reading up specifically about that stone, and seeing what really fits with your specimen you have and what it feels like to you.

My Obsidian, I’ve learnt over time, is very calming. When I’ve had a bad day or bad bowl movements (which is common for me), I’ll take it in my hand, and sit with it during meditation. Or I will close my eyes and converse energies with it.

When I say converse I mean, sort of evenly trade energies. So it might give me calming energy and I respectfully give it some of my bad energy, then I’ll direct that bad energy into the Earth.

Find the small little rituals which seem right to you.

Not everyone is going to channel, direct, feel/see, sense or connect with energies and beings the same as everyone else! Otherwise this would be a very boring world in deed.

Perhaps this is why our psyche has been made this way, otherwise authenticity could be mocked, misused, or completely falsified.

This is why each practitioner should have their own set of rituals, spells, and so on that they develop themselves. Of course reading material will help, but don’t do it word for word, action for action. Otherwise your magick will be lost in the ritual, and it would be ineffective. Like a mime who tries to talk by moving his mouth but could never have an audible conversation, so can the meaning of your words and actions be mimed, then no one can hear you.

Thanks for reading,

I’ve been very busy lately, and I will try to post when I can, but uni days will prevail until its over with.



Changing the description on Oracle Cards

Hello everyone. How are you? It’s nearly spring here in the Southern Hemisphere and I’m sure all Northern’s are looking forward to Autumn up there.

Welcome to my blog, I’m Mysty.

Picture of my 3 decks

So I want to share with you that its okay to change the descriptions you have on your Oracle Cards to something that suits you better.

For me, this Deck, Messages From your Animal Spirit Guides, has been really bugging me! It’s like every single card meaning is either too vague or is relatively the same as 3 other cards in the deck.

The Deck itself has been telling me to change the wording on the bottom of the cards for a long time now.

So I’ve decided its time to do it.

Cards I’m going to change:

Camel – You’re pace at this time is good. Make sure to keep it up. We are encouraging you to stay on this path and don’t let anything stand in your way.

Cat – Some help from a friend at this time is needed. Asking for help is not weakness. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Falcon – A higher perspective is needed at this time. Take a step back and look at the whole picture before deciding on a decision.

Honey Bee – You’re going to fast. Slow down. Think carefully about your thoughts, words and actions at this time. Reflect on what you need to change and then act on it.

Kiwi – You’re burying your talents. Get out there and use them. There’s always going to be someone out there who needs you.

Ladybug – You are important to the ecosystem of life. You Matter and don’t let anything or anyone tell you differently.

Mountain Goat – Don’t be afraid of looking for better options at this time.

Octopus – Your intelligence and wisdom needs to be utilised at this time to overcome this situation.

Panda – You need to save your energy, relax and try again later.

Peacock – Once a week, treat yourself to something you love doing. You’ll thank me later.

Polar Bear – You have been walking and striving in a wasteland for far too long. People here don’t appreciate you. Find someone who does.

Shark – You don’t need to stop swimming for anyone. Keep going and keep progressing. Don’t let anyone get in your way.

Unicorn – Something or someone in your life is being fake. Be on the look out.

Whale – Do a guided meditation once a week. Research into a new area. Expand your music taste.

Zebra – You need to hide yourself in plain sight. Don’t be afraid, you will always be protected.

Thanks for reading my posts,

Best Blessings,



Animal Symbols -#2- Eagle

Hello everyone, Mysty here. Back with another Animal Symbols post.

So exciting!

Have you ever seen an eagle, flying gracefully in the sky. How it has that sense of higher things, flight and wisdom?

I did see one last week! It was beautiful. Only there for one second then its gone. It showed up while I was having a funeral for one of my animals.

Having a homestead means having a few of your animals die. That’s just life. But sometimes you need to be reminded that life is about having fun. There’s some good times and bad times, but no one said you can’t have any fun. The Eagle told me to slow down a bit, stop being so emotional and have a higher perspective.

The animal was suffering. Obviously. It was time to go. There will always be an end to a suffering. Maybe that will be death, or recovery. Both are for the best. To end the suffering.

Eagle, wanted me to know that a higher perspective was what I needed. Focusing on the here and now are great, but a universal perspective is also in decline.

What does the Eagle mean to me?

  • Grace
  • Wisdom
  • Eye in the sky, perspective
  • Letting go of emotional attachment
  • Being in touch with the flow of life. Qi/Ki/Chi
  • Listening to your inner guidance/wisdom

The Eagle, and all animal totems have a special place in this world and the spirit world.

To invoke their medicine in our life is truely an honour. Let’s keep the respect up. They want to work with us if only we listen.

Best Blessings,



Animal Symbols -#1- Bear

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. I’m Mysty.

So I’m going to start a new series. I’m really passionate about animal medicine and what it means to me.

This time I’m also going to number the posts in the series so to get a feel of how many they’re going to be. Probably around 20 or more for this one because most of my spirit ally’s and guides are in the form of animals.

Also, normally post #1’s in my series so far has some critical information about how I view these topics and it might be different to your conventional pagan and/or witch.

Introduction to my view

With any of my posts. They’re normally going to be depicting my view of the topic. Sometimes my posts are a bit of both, some theoretical & with sources with personal views, but normally my posts will be personal information coming from me.

That’s exactly how I like it. Why? Because it’s my own opinion and you, the reader, get to do whatever you feel like doing with it. You can shove it down a toilet or maybe sit back in your chair and go, “Hmm, that makes sense to me too.” Both reactions are fine, and thats why I’m here, because I don’t mind.

From the very beginning I’ve always said to add on to your own opinions and beliefs, and never doubt your own.

That’s a crucial part of any spirituality and/or religion.

Having your own thoughts is essential. Without it, people will start telling you what to believe.

So, with that out the way. Let’s get into some symbolism.

Spirit Guide? Or just Symbol?

I guess Spirit Guide vs a Symbol to me would be asking the following questions, to see why:

1. Where have I seen this animal in the past? In a journey or in real life?

2. Has this animal given me good advice from time to time?

3. Has this animal come up in any divination readings lately?

4. Do I feel a deep connection to this animal?

Answering these questions without judgement could point you to knowing if it is a spirit guide or a symbol.

Back to The Bear

When referring to a Spirit Animal normally you say ‘Eagle’ or ‘The Eagle’ due to them embodying all Eagles, for example.

The Bear for me, represents:

  • Strength
  • Patience
  • Love of self
  • Courage
  • Standing up for yourself

The Bear, as a Spirit Guide, has been with me for a long time. It protects my belongings or my house when I politely ask, and helps me find my strength within myself to overcome extraordinary things.

My Bear Spirit, is Tuula. That’s her name. The name that I use to call her. I know some practitioners have a whistle to call they’re Spirit Guides, but I normally use their name.

Tuula has a Son, a bear cub named Cruzio. I know, weird name. But he is the cutest ever! He has a brown coat, brown eyes and black little pads on his feet. He gives the warmest cuddles.

I love that Tuula has come to me in the form of a loving protective mother. She’s more protective then I could have ever imagined myself. She stands guard constantly at my house and doesn’t even let one ant in.

Fearless protecter she is. Teaching me that its okay to be different and stand up for yourself. Stand up for your beliefs and be proud of them. I guess I am still working on that. I can’t help that I’m in a family who will outright hate, disown and probably force me to change me if they found out about me being a pagan witch.

But I’m going to let it out slowly. Starting out being a massage therapist, then going to Reiki, then transitioning into Shamanism will seem like the best fit at this point in time. My life seems to be an endless study period, but at least after this I can study what I want and when I want.

The Bear Spirit allows me to be strong on the inside.

If you have a Bear Spirit as one of your Guides, let me know!

Thank you as always for reading.



Book Review: Reiki Shamanism – A Guide to Out of Body Healing.

Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog, Myst Nokomis. I’m your host, Mysty!

This book is written by Jim ‘Path Finder’ Ewing. It’s an extremely interesting book and I highly recommend it.

There’s no dangerous journeys or rituals. No disclaimers needed for this book. It’s totally holistic & is a great starting place for looking into both Shamanism and Reiki and explaining how they work together so so well.

What did I love about this book?

  • That it was so easy to read and understand
  • example rituals were actually unique and interesting
  • explanation of key concepts and ideas were fantastic
  • note section at the back clearly summarises the whole text
  • shows and explains the core basics of both Reiki and Shamanism & puts them together holistically for healing good
  • Emphasises that the healing comes from the client and the shaman is a facilitator of change and healing, but the healing comes from the acceptance, asking, and intent of the client
  • Clearly emphasises that you cannot heal someone who doesn’t give permission to do so.
  • Clearly emphasises that you have to ask your guides to help you. Not wait for their help.

What did I find that could have been improved?

  • That the Reiki side could have been explained in more depth. But the author knew he wouldn’t have space and ultimately just put a recommendation list instead. Which I’m fine with.
  • That a more in-depth explanation of journeying would have been appreciated because I have a lot of trouble with it and I feel like many of my journeys are forced. But then turn out to be relevant in some way or another.

What did I ultimately learn from this book?

  • That Reiki methods can be used with Shamanism to create a holistic approach to alternative medicine
  • That Shamanic Journeying can be sometimes confusing, and that’s okay.
  • Journeys can use a multitude of entrance ways such as computers, sink drains, stormwater drains, electricity and various other openings to access non-ordinary reality.
  • Psychic healing methods that he explained (which he uses Reiki to do) is exactly what I do (such as extracting harmful energies (normally black) from the system and placing them in a water bucket (his was real, mine is imaginary). But I did this out of intuition. No one taught me that it was a wrong way or right way to extract harmful energies out of bodies. It turns out that our inner knowing is so special and this life is more about relearning rather than learning new lessons or skills.
  • That through Journey’s or way that he sees energy is strangely similar to mine.
  • That crystals can be used as temporary vessels to hold soul fragments while journeying and is a good place to keep them during soul retrieval until ready to implant the piece back into the client.

Alright so that concludes my honest review. I absolutely loved this book. It was truely inspiring. It taught me to stop thinking myself as a non shaman, because I’ve been doubting my abilities recently. To just believe and to affirm that I am a shaman. That I am a holistic healer. With the proper training in the future I can heal a lot of people and spirits and I am ready for this calling. I always have been. Ever since I started on my pagan path, all the way back to when I was 14. I’m still that girl and I will always have my inner intuition with me. That is my most valuable tool. This book has made me trust my own skills and knowledge.

I highly recommend to check out this book when you can. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars and I gladly recommend it to all of you.

Best and Highest blessings from the Universe to you,



Book Review: Shaman, Healer, Sage. How to heal yourself and others with the Energy Medicine of the Americas

Hello everyone, Mysty here. So I am here writing my first honest book review. Yay! I am so excited to tell you all about this book.

Okay so the version I have was published in 2000 and written by Alberto Villoldo.

This book goes through and explains what Alberto has learnt from Shamans in South America. He explains key concepts to his path such as The Luminous Energy Field, which I would digress is the basically one’s spirit body, even astral body form.

He continues to explain to the reader some interesting insights and stories. He emphasizes the importance of chakras and Chinese energy meridians.

Alberto is a psychologist and medical anthropologist. He would spend countless hours in laboratories, dissecting pieces of the mind to try to understand how it worked. He eventually realized that his work wasn’t fulfilling what he wanted to explore and understand about the human brain and body. He wanted to dive deeper and his microscope wasn’t doing that for him. In his mid-twenties he left the research lab at his University and headed to South America.

Throughout the book there are fantastic stories and I read most of them. Some of them were so fascinating, others, quite dry. But the overall experiences in this book led to me finishing half the book in one sitting. (around 2 hours I read around 130 pages). I am a very fast reader, as many have commented in my life.

There are some instances which Alberto talks about, such as finding a woman’s tumor before doctors even thought about doing a scan because it was too expensive, was absolutely remarkable. In that moment of reading that story, I was fully in awe. A Shaman’s vision could be an extraordinary tool of discovery and healing, far beyond what I thought capable by our minds.

Something interesting about this book is that it highlights the similarities and differences between South American understanding of the body and spirit and the Eastern understandings. It comes to the conclusion that chakras and the Chinese meridians of the body in eastern understanding directly correlated to the South American understanding, even ending up Alberto being covered in lipstick by one of the Don’s, him taking a photo, and by research, matching up these meridians exactly with their eastern counterpart.

There are, however, some negative things I can say about this book. One might add, that this book is a little too broad in its retrospect and by way of rituals and rites that it explains, such as retrieving information about past and future lives, and then explaining if you don’t complete the last step then you can severely damage your psyche, seems a little off for me.

Why would you publish something so harmful in a book where, the audience you are pitching to, and who will ultimately read the book, will, obviously try the methods you explain only to damage their spirit and mind, maybe even their own body. What the hell Alberto?

What the fuck man?

Take some responsibility of your writing for Christ’s sake.

Your explanation in words will not help the reader to fully grasp what they are doing, and they will hurt themselves you idiot.

I really cannot believe the carelessness of the book at that moment. I was absolutely shocked. There was no disclaimer, only after the writing of the ritual and how to do it was the information found by reading in the following pages after.

If I didn’t continue reading after the explanation of how to retrieve your past and future selves, then who knows what would happen.

Then there’s the endless commentary on all 9 chakras that you have to sit through. Why is this even included in this book? Seriously.

Then in the final part of the book (III) Alberto explains some processes in how you can help others. Like 170 pages of information is good enough to then start practicing on live, human beings. Again, what the hell Alberto?

Overall, I’m rating the book 3 out of 5 stars and putting a HEAVY DISCLAIMER to only use the materials in this book as advice, commentary and theory. Not actually use the information in this book on anyone, even yourself.

That’s my honest review.

Thank you for reading as always,




Hello everyone, Mysty here.

So I’m going to be talking about how my life is going to slowly change over the next few years. But, before we’re going to get into that I wanted to briefly say that I’ll be doing some podcast and book reviews pretty soon.

I’m reading quite a lot of books (on Paganism, Witchcraft, I Ching, and Shamanism) so please look forward to my honest reviews of them.

The reviews will be just a standard ‘what was good what was not good what was stand out’ from each book.

For the podcasts I’m looking at listening to at least 10-15 episodes before I say my honest review.

So, yes! Those are the exciting things going to happen on this blog very shortly (when I have enough time to right them after being at uni, uni is very hectic at the moment).

So what are the big changes in my life I’m talking about.

Well. I’ve had a chit chat to myself. I’ve done I Ching, Meditation, research. Quite a lot of steps to get to this point, and I’m not going to be indecisive any longer.

I an going to study to become a Massage Therapist after finishing my Engineering degree, then do Reiki, then do my Shamanic Training.

I know it seems like a long list of steps and there’s many more baby steps in between. But I really, truely want to help others from the bottom of my heart. I can’t ignore it any longer and once I’m finished my degree it’s going to be by by Brisbane, hello to inland Queensland.

Why am I moving too? Well, for starters, Brisbane is a shit hole. It has shit food, shit people and on top of that, no leg room for anyone being pagan. They’re hiding in their occult stores and there’s only around 5 of them. 5. I’m sure they’re are many pagans in Brisbane, but it’s not like I can be apart of it.

Even then, if you try to have a conversation with them, they try to invite you to all of these events, which I would love to go to, but I’m in the closet so I kinda can’t. Brisbane just doesn’t feel right in my bones for me thanks. And neither the people, even the pagan ones. There’s just that vibe thats always there, lingering, overshadowing everything.

It’s also a time for me to move on. My family is highly demanding, highly forceful of my direction in my life and I cannot take it anymore. They’ve done it since I was born and they’re not slowing down. It’s a toxic environment for me and I need to leave and move on with my life.

So, that’s going to be a lot of change.

It’s about time and from now until finishing my degree I’ll be preparing.

Thank you all for reading,

Best blessings,



Psychic-Drawing and you.

Hello everyone, welcome back to a new post by your host Mysty!

Psychic-Drawing? What is that? Let’s get into it.

So, you may be wondering what this is.

Have you ever heard of or done any automatic writing? Well. This is the picture version. A-ha!

It actually works quite well if you just trust in what your higher self, spirit guides, the universe/Deity’s would like to give you some information.

Could even be done with a steamy shower screen. If you’re anything like me. A Lazy Pagan.


So, start by getting into a light trance or meditative state.

Then invite your higher self, ancestors, spirit guides or Source energy to be with you. Please probably only 1 of these at a time.

Then think of a question that you the answer for may help you at this time.

If you can’t think of any one-question, just ask, “what is the most important information/advice I need at this time?”

This is a very important phrase that I use a lot in my practice. It helps you not focus too much on finer details and helps you see the bigger picture in your life.

I recently did this, with my steamy shower glass. I went into a meditative state, asked my spirit guides what was the most important thing I needed to know at this time, I started drawing with my finger through the steam and it ended up looking like a horse’s head. 🐎


Once in a meditative state or light trance you can begin to state your question aloud after inviting the certain harmless spiritual entity to the session, or even asking your subconscious.

Close your eyes and begin to draw without taking any notice of what you are drawing, even with your eyes closed. You might feel its a little disjointed but trust me, it’s all good. You might pick up your finger or pen then place it down to continue drawing. Don’t worry, this is all part of the process and you need to 100% trust in whoever is giving you the message, even your innerself


Once you feel like you’re done. Stop drawing and open your eyes.

What’s the first thought that popped into your head?

It doesn’t matter what the image looks like, it matters what it looks like to you or what thoughts does it provoke.

It depends what came to the fore of your mind first.

The following is just an example.

If you opened your eyes and thought “dinner” when looking at your drawing because it looked like an onion. Then you’re right, thats what it means.


If you opened your eyes and thought “I need to grow onions this season” when looking at your drawing because it looked like an onion, you are also correct.

What ever comes to mind, unprovoked, mind you, then that observation is correct.

However, if you start to involve your highly judgemental, logical mind, you’re no going to get good results or you might be confused later on as to why you got that answer, because its probably incorrect.


At the time of getting your answer you may know exactly what it’s pointing to, or you may have no clue.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what it means. It may point to an animal or a plant shape. These might actually be real life animals, symbolism, or a form of one of your spirit guides.

You’ll have to figure out which is which. Discernment is always key with these types of divinations.

I always find that dream or tarot symbols in books or online are either exactly right or totally off. There’s no in between.

But if you find a resource that really relates to you or have a second clarifying divination method, like some oracle or tarot cards, then you can confirm your first reading.

Hope that you consider using Psychic-Drawing in the future.

Thank you for reading as always,



Why am I a Pagan?

Hello all, welcome to my Blog, I’m Mysty.

Today I’m going to share the reasons why I am a Pagan and what Paganism is to me.

-Photo taken by me, Brisbane Botanic Gardens.

UPDATES: August 2nd, 2019:

Hello everyone, so this is an update, because of one of my recent posts. Why I Have to Let Go. https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/07/29/why-i-have-to-let-go/

So, first things first. Because I’m letting go of all my preconceived beliefs I’m also letting go of my Christianity. I know it sounds weird, but I have to let that go too. It’s a cage for me and I have to set myself free from it.

I also have to set myself free from other religions that I’ve learnt about. Like Buddhism. It’s also a cage. It’s hard, but I have to do it. Clean slate, let’s go!

But why have I done all this? These limiting beliefs have held my mind and my soul back from my full potential. My meditations are clearer. My spells are clearer and I’m beginning to define a practice that’s right for me. That fully resonates with me and doesn’t pull from one tradition or religion to the next. I really had to find myself and put my feet down. After this I have really grounded into my own body and I feel energies so much more clearer than ever before.

Journeying has really become a more in-tune practice for me. I’m starting to see things as I journey. Not just blackness.

I’m getting to commune with the universe and that really is special to me. My Deity practice was just “I’ll give you this if you help me” or “I’ll ask for your help with this thing by giving you this offering”. It wasn’t substantial enough or sustainable enough.

With talking directly to the universe, for me anyways, has become a big blessing in my life. My mind is more clear and my practices are enriched with energy. When I put a request out there, I know I’m heard and I know, with time, that I’ll get a response, a positive, neutral or negative one, it doesn’t matter. At least I am getting heard. Deity’s will sometimes completely ignore you or worse, leave you in the dark, work with you once then let you fend for yourself. I guess, isn’t a bad thing, but when you’ve made the time and effort to get to know them, and then they just leave, you know its time to move on.

I feel like they were giving me the opportunity to find a path that clicks with me even better than the one that I was on. They were giving me room to grow, and that’s exactly what I needed.

Cheers guys & thanks for reading.


April 8th, 2019:

So, first off what is Paganism? It’s an umbrella term for people who practice and have certain beliefs which centre around honouring and respecting all forms of nature.

We attune ourselves to the seasons, our spiritual guides and Deities if we chose, to try our best to understand past lives, this life and the next through cycles of life, death and rebirth.

Most Pagans share the belief that all life-forms have spirit bodies and we all have a particular role to play in this world through service to others and deepening an understanding of ourselves to become a more balanced being and eventually break the cycle of needing to be reborn in various forms to become our true selves once all that we need to learn is finally finished.

So, in a nutshell thats basically what Paganism is. Some people say, “You worship the Earth,” which is not untrue. But the other points above are really the core of our Path. It might not even be a religion to some.

For example, my Paganism is just that. Paganism. Its a set of beliefs its not a religion to me. I have read up on a number of religions and my ‘set of beliefs’ if I can call it that, are basically an accumulation of what resonated with me, what my Ancestors are teaching me and my relationships with various Deities.

My relationship with Bastet and Athena are not the only Deities I have. I have Seshat and Djehuti when I need help with studying or when I’m in a library, I ask them to bless my study sessions and these are new relationships that I’m forming with them.

My relationship with the Earth and Mother Earth has grown as well, over a long period of time. She appears to me as a woman, tending to her cauldron, addin’ stuff, then going back to her chopping board, inside her little cottage house, inside the middle of the Earth. Pretty Cool. Her Red hair surrounds her face and drapes down her back in an innumerable amount of twirls and curls. She is the Earth.

I feel like maybe this is Cerridwen? Or Brighid? I’m yet to find a relatable art piece to illustrate her so I can correctly match her to a Goddess Name. Maybe she is Nameless and Timeless. She doesn’t talk so thats no help.

Sometimes I see her, and its just her head and shoulders I can see. Sometimes she is in a meadow or forest. But it mostly comes back to her Cottage house.

These images come to me when I meditate or when I’m really tired. She gives me energy to keep going or focuses my meditation to be of an invocational kind.

These are yet a few examples of why I am Pagan. I can speak to spirits, my Guides, and my Deities. I can see energy, auras and I can feel these energies. I know when someone has had an argument when I’ve entered a room or if a room is peaceful and inviting. I know when someone is lying to me or is telling the truth. I know when something is too good to be true when others had faith in it. I know when x is going to happen because I had a dream about it. I’ve helped spirits move on to the world their supposed to be in.

I’m proud of these things and the skills I’ve worked really hard to develop so far and even though I’m not allowed to be a Pagan or Witch openly at the moment, I feel like I will be later on in life and that being my current religion and Pagan Witch is actually congruent, which will be a surprise to some but not to others. Having a Christian Faith and being a Pagan Witch is surprisingly doable.

I’ve had amazing experiences in both. I’ve had miracles happen in both. I cannot leave the one and hold to the other. They have both made my life better in different ways.

I’ve had countless experiences which point to there being something greater going on than just me alone. Something so profound that we yet understand what it is. The life-force of this universe we all call home is fucking massive amounts of energy and phenomena we yet to even call it by the correct names. We just call it Magick for now.

I wish you all the best! Let me know how you all came to be a part of this Pagan family and how are your beliefs different from mine?

Song of the Day: Come to the Dance – Emerald Rose.

Best and Highest Blessings to you and your Teams elsewhere.



Why am I a witch?

Hey everyone! Mysty here. Welcome to my pagan-witchy-blog.

So today I want to go through the reasons and episodes that I had which led me to being a witch.

Photo taken by me. Logan River.

UPDATES: August 2nd, 2019:

Hey guys, so I’m here today fixing up this post because of my recent post. Why I have to let go. https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/07/29/why-i-have-to-let-go/

So, being a witch has really blessed my life. It’s helped me take control of my addictions, my anger and frustration, anxiety and depression and has lifted me out of toxic mindsets.

My Craft comes from my heart and I feel like it’s more Druid and Shaman like than before. I speak with the pieces of the plants and herbs I use in my spells and rituals. I speak to the land spirits and the spirit inside me. I greet the dawn with a welcome and say, Hail.

Meditation and Journeying have really emphasized to me that my witchcraft days have only begun and there’s so much more for me to learn. I know I need to find a suitable teacher in this life soon, but someone that will also respect what I’ve learnt so far and how I’ve developed relationships with both my tools and ally’s (natural items like stones, crystals, candles, leaves, seeds, you name it).

I’ve been reading a lot of herbalism books and I would love to do more of that in my practices.

Journeys are becoming more prominent. I had a horse spirit come talk to me, and I saw the same horse the very next day. I played and patted him in real life and I feel like when he came to talk to me the night before, it was a sign that my work is becoming more involved with the spirit world and I need to trust in my own abilities just that little bit more. (Without certain events happening that day, I would have never met him, it really was an alignment)

I, and all of you, have these amazing gifts within us. Either you have awakened them, or starting to like me. Or, you’re putting it off, or it just doesn’t appeal to you and that’s okay. We can choose where our paths go in this life, but sometimes Spirit comes to talk to us and, some of us, (me included), were always meant to be in this line of service, and we have to be patient and listen. Others, don’t need to work with Spirit and that’s okay. There’s many lines and paths that we can all take on this magical journey, and they all lead to the center. (More information on that in this post) https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/07/24/health-issues-and-re-aligning/.

There’s something else I’ve learnt over the course of this year. Take everything you see on the internet with a pinch of salt. Mercury (and other planet) retrogrades are nothing more than a natural occurrence and optical illusion which covers reality. The reality of a retrograde is that particular planet LOOKS like its going backwards, only because it’s passing our orbit and we’re rotating in opposite directions. It doesn’t mean the planet is moving backwards, its moving forwards! It just LOOKS like it’s moving backwards.

Because of all this, astrologists have made up some gobbity-goop just so we can blame things time and time again on the retrograde and not on the real causes of the calamities that happen in these periods. Wake up.

My personal journey is taking a turn. I no longer look towards Deity’s for help. I look towards the universe itself. I send a prayer out into the universe every morning and I give gratitude every night and I really has changed my practice and my perspective on life. The universe is waiting to give us blessings and if that’s in the form of your personal Deity’s. Keep asking them for help and guidance, they are happy to help (most of the time).

My Deity’s definitely helped me to get to this point. I acknowledge the massive part they had to play within my journey so far, but I have to let go of my preconceived beliefs and look into the abyss. I have to take that leap of faith and land where ever Spirit wants me to go. I have to trust in the universe and my gut feelings that this is the path for me. I feel it within my whole body and in my heart that this is where I need to be. Why I started this journey in the first place was to find myself and the correct path for me. For now, I have. I say thank you to the path that brought me here, and I say welcome to the new one that awaits me.


April 8th, 2019:

So, I really loved Nature as a kid. I would go outside and play. Play with stones, with rocks and stuff. I would chuck stuff into ponds that would dissolve and think, WOW that’s magical! I would get a rock and squish mock-orange oranges into a paste and well, I don’t remember the point of that one. But I do remember a lot of nature experiences that I had.

I had a lot of vivid dreams as a kid and I even still remember them to this day. I mean, as a twenty year old that’s quite an achievement because I don’t remember what I had for dinner three nights ago.

I remember smells and experiences from my childhood. And then school came around and I had a real trouble with school work. I could read really well but my spelling was awful and I didn’t know what clocks did even until 7th Grade (like 12 years old). So, fast forward into 12th Grade (last grade, being 16 years old) and I find out that I am dyslexic. It really shook me how all my teachers up to that point could not see my dyslexia. Like, holy shit were they blind.

Anyhow, so dyslexia funnily enough actually helps me visualise things in my mind in a 3D way. I can play videos in my mind and put rules on it (like gravity etc) so this really helps me in my Engineering Degree at the moment.

So, I use dyslexia in my magick too! Quite ironically. I can visualise really well and I can basically feel and see energy if I really want to.

So, in school, like probably 9th to 12th Grade I was looking into other religions and stuff and I came across Paganism and Witchcraft. I thought I was really interesting. But, I brushed it off after I finished school and didn’t touch it until maybe the end of the first year of my degree.

I started really researching, looking at books and then I had my first encounter with a Goddess. Athena. She is really fucking powerful, holy shit. Not to mention smart. So, she just waltzed into my house, gave me a copy of her big spear (It’s really sharp, silver, and shinny) and left.

That was probably the turning point in my discovery of the Craft. It made me realise that this stuff is actually real, and this included the visions of the future that I was having. She really was just protecting me and looking after me. So, I thank Athena all the time for her protection and even though she doesn’t really communicate with me all the time, I can feel her big presence when she’s in my house some times. Like right now. (I’m tingling all over right now and her big presence is in my house at the moment). She was the first Goddess to tell me that I’m not on this journey alone and so many gifts from my Spirit Guides have followed on from Athena.

The second gift was from my Spirit Guide, Mei. She is a Chinese Maiden from I think the Han Dynasty. In her Garden I went and she gave me a jade necklace, full of round beads. She was basically inviting me to the spirit world and welcoming me in. Kind of like a Spiritual Lei (For Hawaiians out there).

I then recently got gifted a black disc, from Warra my Kangaroo Spirit Guide, which transforms between a circle, rectangle and a square shape. This is like the screen between the spirit world and the physical world. After receiving that I had the huge blow out with a spirit which waltzed into my house a few months after! (Which is in the post How to help Earth Bound Spirits found here: https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/04/05/how-to-help-earth-bound-spirits/ )

So, that’s my journey so far in being a witch. My coming of witch story as some say.

I continue to be a witch because I know I can take control of my life and destiny is not set in stone. I create my own reality and witchcraft is a tool to do so. The most important tool is yourself in the Craft.


Song of the Day: Persephone – Kellianna

Highest Blessings from me to you,

I wish you the best in your Craft.




Sunrise photo by Mysty

Sunrise bakes the clouds,

In bright orange light,

It warms the horizon and splits the sky just right,

Over the years, trees and plants grow,

for without precious sunlight,

life would be nothing like we know.

The sunlight within me burns from the deep,

It bubbles to the surface from its humble keep,

Enlarging, expanding, until no more room to grow,

It bursts to the outside, into the unknown.

Traveling through streets fast,

It wriggles through space and time, future and past,

Until it settles on its destination,

To develop the spell’s manifestation.


Why I have to let go

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

This post is very emotional for me to write. It is hard, but I have to let go.

I have to leave behind all the beliefs I have. All the Deities I love.

Everything needs to go. To start afresh. This includes my spiritual constructs, or I guess what everyone would say is the ‘religious’ side of my practices.

I’ve been thinking about it for a long, long time. A book recently just absolutely hit me hard.

Briana Saussy, and her book, Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary, has slapped me so hard in the heart that I have to say goodbye to everything I’ve learnt and start again. The spiral continues and needs to be renewed.

Magic isn’t something we learn, it’s something we all have. It can’t be bought or created. It just is.

When we make a magical item we’re gathering magic into the item, from us, from the environment that already existed.

It’s exactly like energy. It can’t be created or destroyed it just is. It exists and that’s all there is to it.

And thats the thing that hit me the most.

There’s a lot of false information out there. A lot of misguidance.

I don’t, and I won’t lead anyone astray who gets any information from me. It isn’t to say that my practices from before are not correct. They are totally fine. But its me, myself, who has changed over time who now, has to deal with changing her spiritual frameworks and letting go of the cage that was around my practices.

The core things that I’ve shared with all of you so far are correct. Things like meditation, spells, Deity work, practices, offerings, candle magick, sigil magick. You name it. If its on here, I’ve made sure that it is from my heart and my soul, and given as a gift to you all.

But this post is talking about my personal journey and beliefs. My Deities so far, have really been a rock and framework for my practices (for the last 6 months), but as I pull back the curtain, they are just energy. Distinct in their own ways, yes, but there’s no real reason for them to be in my practices since what they offer to me is what I already have all along.

I don’t need protecting. Ascended Masters, Higher Selves, Source Energy, personal Spirit Guides and our own energy already do that.

I don’t need help with my rituals. I have heaps of ally’s for that. I have tools, knowledge, spirits (local) experience, expertise, and my own inner magick that I don’t need to have a relationship with a Deity just to do a ritual.

I know and accept that many pagans out there are religious or do honour Deities in a non-religious way (Like I have in the past), but this concept doesn’t necessarily speak to me any more, and I personally need to move on to another construct.

It really is hard letting go, but they’ve been telling me to let go of them for a while now, and I understand why. They want the best for me. They’ve seen my progress and now they want me to develop my practices more as my own and not anyone elses.

This is a start to make a step in a new direction. To challenge myself to see myself and the world around me clearer than before. This is the step towards my authentic self. This is me, telling myself, and all of you, my personal practices are changing, but my core values are not.

Throughout my practices since I was 14 years old I would read read and read some more. Soaking up everything. I really wish I picked up this book back then. So I could have saved myself the hassle of going through being a wiccan, non-wiccan, pagan witch, then to now, just a magical practitioner.

Feels like the label of a witch for me isn’t even applicable anymore. Or being I guess, what people would call, a religious pagan.

Wow my goodness. I really have changed.

I guess if I could a finger on what my practices are now, it would be called along the lines of ‘Magical Practitioner who can see ghosts and spirits and loves plants.’

I’m just kidding guys.

I love my practice and its personal to me. If you still want to call me a witch and a pagan, go and do so. I don’t mind and hey that’s as close to what I do as you can get. I can’t use the word Shaman, because its been tossed around like a bag of snakes and it just fucking pisses me off that word. I mean, there isn’t an equivalent word for Shaman in english (It’s a word from the mongolian region btw) and if we did have that sort of word, I would be using it. But we don’t so now we’re stuck in this mess. It’s probably just going to be called Spiritual Magic Healer or some shit like that.

I’m also not going to use the word ‘magick’ either, because Crowley, I’m sorry but I just don’t really like the all, Order of the Golden Dawn sort of thing. It’s the basis of Wicca, and I’m not Wiccan so I’m not going to call it ‘magick’. Sorry.

I apologise to readers who might get a shock from all this, but this is the path to my authentic self.

I hope that is post inspires you to look beyond the curtain and find your true self too.

Best Blessings to you all,



Ways to Connect: Rocks, Crystals Minerals.

Hello everyone, Mysty here back with another Ways to Connect post.

In this post, we’re going to talk about some ways that you can bond with your solid friends. (See what I did there? No? Okay)

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’ve been a fan of rocks, crystals and minerals (from now on I’m going to use a collective term ‘rocks’ for all of these) for most of my life. I’m not going to get into that because you can literally find this information on any one on my Stone related blog posts, or Why I am a Pagan, Why I am a Witch, posts.



So, let’s get down to it. If you have any rock doesn’t matter where it comes from, but hopefully its ethically sourced, you can bond with it pretty well, if it likes you, aha.

No really. Rocks are pretty picky when it comes to working with people, but there are some types such as pyrite, quartz varieties (including amethyst & rose quartz), aventurine, howlite, obsidian varieties, jasper varieties, and so on, who are not as picky as other rocks so they will actually not really mind who they work with.

It’s a good idea to work with energy first before working with stones. Working & energy exercises are essential to do before continuing to purchase rocks. Have a look at my post Energy Play. https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/05/01/witchy-wednesday-energy-play/

So once you can have a feel for the difference between positive and negative energies, then you can continue with looking for rocks that would like to work with you.

It’s as simple as asking them, “would you like to work with me?” if the rock says yes or no, then it should be clear if they want to come home with you. But, be warned, just like my pendulum post, rocks can also go.. astray. https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/04/07/how-to-use-a-pendulum/

Wow I have so many links to my own work for this topic, sorry guys. But you should really check out these posts because they cover some important information that you either have or haven’t heard about which are absolutely essential before bonding with anything spiritually.

Let’s get down to it.


You have a rock, crystal, stone, mineral in your hands. You just either bought it or picked it up.

You think to yourself, what is the purpose of even buying these?

That is a good question. A very good question you might say.

Why does one even need to buy these. Well, the truth is, you don’t specifically NEED any, but you can choose to have them.

Some uses can be:

  • Help you with meditations.
  • Spell work. Small little tumbles can be added to spell bottles
  • Rituals. Maybe your Obsidian can be a Goddess representation and a Quartz for the God. If you’re Wiccan I should say
  • Rituals. Maybe they will amplify your spell into the universe?
  • Just sit down and have a chat to your new crystal/stone/rock. How does it feel? How does your mood change once spending time with it? Do you feel more energized? More relaxed, calm, angry, selfish, goal driven? How does this crystal/stone/rock affect you? **Only use one at a time to see the differences. ** I highly recommend that you DO NOT mix up using TWO OR MORE at the same time because this can result in some mixed vibrations that could make you sick, drained, tired, unable to sleep, angry for no reason, toxic positivity and more.
  • Put different ones under your pillow when you’re sleeping (obviously small tumbles that are flat, not huge specimens ahah)
  • Shamanic Journeying, help you either go further into a journey or come back from a journey easier (Advanced**)

Bonding with your New Friend

All of the above methods will inevitably result in bonding with your new found friend(s).

If you believe in animism, (like me), you would understand that every living thing from the earth, sea and sky are alive in some way, even if their forms are relatively stagnant looking.

If you haven’t researched about this, most crystals are crystalline in form due to accelerating at really, really fast speeds. I mean, that’s the whole point of why quartz watches are created and work. The Quartz inside the watch is literally a somewhat ‘motor’ and the gears function off of its fast oscillation.


Even if the quartz is exposed to low frequency oscillation, it will basically match what ever frequency that is needed. That’s why quartz watches keep in time. They don’t speed up and slow down. They maintain a frequency. It’s literal science. That’s the reason why Quartz, in the metaphysical (psychic/new age (eww new age)) phase of the 1990- early 2000, around when Scott Cunningham released his book did people start to give crystals, stones, minerals and rocks certain attributes. But most of them are garbage.

For the most part, what people say about the general stones, such as obsidian, calcite, selenite, quartz varieties, jaspers, aventurine, howlite, alllll the main ones. For the most part, the information is correct. Why? Because about 90% of all pagans would agree that an obsidian is a highly grounding stone and a quartz crystal is a highly tunable one.

But. Some. Some, are garbage. Why are they garbage? Because those, what I would call, “correspondences” (I’m doing air quotes here, with a very angry pagan face), are made by people who are blind, for people who are blinded from these “correspondences”. Oh woops, did I say something offensive? I really don’t give a flying fuck. Go read this: https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/04/15/plant-series-developing-friendships-with-plants-2/

If you want a summary of my thoughts on these “correspondences” tables and information, I frankly think that whoever came up with them, simply wanted a sure way to sell they’re products. Now. I know that’s not true for ALL pagans, heathens, witches and druids and other categories of occult practitioners. But. There’s a time and place for knowledge, and there’s a time and place for CORRECT INFORMATION.

The only person I would EVER get information from for <correspondences (aka, real correspondences)> would be a Wild Crafter, a Witch from Michigan, Detroit or Chicago ( I know, highly specific, but they’re good at what they do), a skilled and highly trained Shaman from a specific tradition, may it be Norse, Apache, Mongolian, Native American (including Canada (Inuit)), Aboriginal Australian or from any other tradition passed on for thousands of years. Those, are the people I would get <correspondences> from.

So, what do you do if you don’t have contact with any of these people? Just go to the rock/crystal/mineral/ whatever and say hello. State your Craft name if you have one. I would start of, with it in my hand, say Hi, I’m Mysty, I’m a witch, what do you do? They’ll normally reply within a few seconds and say Oh, oh! Hello! I’m rosemary. I’m great for protection, cleansing the home, warding off evil and developing your psychic gifts. I’m really happy you asked me. You know I’ve never really been asked that before.

They will be really happy to work with you and really honoured that you said hello to them. I’ve had the same herb or item that I’ve talked to I might pick out a few pieces (like seeds or whatever) and I’ll ask them again what they would like to be in this spell bottle and sometimes they’ll have a different role they want to play. It’s really interesting.

So, my advice, put the books down, and pick up your spell items and tools. Talk to them. Learn from them, get to know them and they will be not only be friendly with you, but will be so much more attuned with your energy and ready to work with you.

Thank you so much guys for reading.

Best Blessings,



Health Issues and Re-aligning.

Hello everyone, Mysty here.

So I’ve been having a bit of health issues, as one does, and my Spirit Guides have advised me to “slow down, take care of yourself and re-a-line”

I guess this is exactly the advice I need. Recovering my energy before going back to a new semester of university is essential. Without recharging my batteries from doing part time work, getting dragged to events and having a sucky timetable for this semester is going to be a tough one.

I remember the last time I didn’t recharge properly from one semester to the next and I was in such a mental state that I could only do half the subjects I’m used to.

I’m better now, and my mental ability is improved from then, but being in such a difficult major does get tiring, boring, and draining. Especially if you’re like me and absolutely hate the living shit out of Engineering.

Being forced to do something you hate, for most of your life just to be an Engineer is tough. During school, extra maths and science classes need to be enrolled before you can even begin. Some schools even have engineering as a subject.

Hey, at least I know what I don’t want to do.

Recent Realisations

I had a sort of meditation where I tried to centre and re-aline. I was standing in a black room with a lighted pathway all the way, far into the distance, marking a straight line infront of me.

Then I saw another one of these lines coming from the left of me, since I wasn’t on that path it was slightly diagonal and its path eventually came to the same point far away into the distance that my path did. A figure appeared on the left hand path.

It was me. But slightly younger, with my guitar strapped around me. I thought. Hmm, this is my Bard Self isn’t it? My Bard self looked at me, and sort of smiled.

To the right the same appeared. A bright, lit up path which was slightly diagonal and led to the same point far away in the distance as my path did. The figure which appeared was me, in the library, my body cloaked in a navy robe, seated at a desk, and my eyes darting back and forth over the pages of a book in front of me. My hands were furiously writing away in a note book. My robed self glanced up and looked me in the eyes and smiled. My Sage self, I thought. The wise one.

Then who am I? I looked down at my hands, they were normal. My clothes were normal.

The only person left is the seeker. The one with all the crystals, herbs, magick and and crafting. The one that speaks with spirits and communes with the Divine.

That’s who I am now.

But should I forget my other selves? No, I don’t think so.

I need to balance everything I see here.

I do need to stop, slow down, and take care of myself. Re-align all of my selves into one self.



Thank you!

Hello everyone, Mysty here!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who support this blog with likes and views. I really appreciate it.

I write on here from my heart and I do it without being paid. This is one of my joys, seeing a small amount of people enjoy my content.

I hope more and more people can benefit from my content so in the future I can be a fully fledged practitioner who helps people as my profession, as my future job. I would absolutely love it.

I can’t wait for what the future holds everyone. I’m aiming to be an active part of the pagan and witchcraft community here in Australia, and hopefully in the next few years we can all aim to have a big gathering like Pagan Fest! Hope it’s called Pagan’s Downunder.

I really can’t wait to learn more and then I can share my gifts with everyone.

Cheers guys.

May we all look towards a bright future together in this world we have, no matter where you are sitting. If it’s America, Europe, Asia.. the list goes on, I hope you all benefit from my blog and that it inspires you to keep going with your Practices.

Much Love,



Why do I love Music this much?

Hello everyone, Mysty here, back with another new post.

How are you? Hope this week has been good and if not, just know that you create your own reality and it really is all up to you with where you currently are and how you live your life.

Today, is a special post. I get to talk about music. Ahh, such a pleasant pass time, hobby, profession and joy to so many people around the world.

With that being said. I think the reason why it is so popular is because it promotes feelings of every kind.

If you think about it, as soon as you put on music it’s in the back of your mind, changing your mood. If it’s a love song, this might make you dance, or maybe hip hop. If it’s a country song you like, you might want to tap or sing along.

Music isn’t just a bunch of notes, it shapes and changes us.

Scientists have confirmed that talking to plants nicely & uplifting classical music makes plants grow better and faster.

On the other hand, heavy metal music, sad music, negative talk and shouting lead to the plant being, well, basically sad. Poor plant.

I always talk to my plants when I water them. It’s a good time to get to know them, what they need, why they need it and just some general conversation. I make sure they feel included, make them feel good about themselves or cheer them up when they feel down. I’ve had a plant come back 3 times from being dry, brown and flaky, to be green, alive and happy. All just with words.

So I guess this leads me to a point where, if those types of music either uplift or putdown a plant, what is it doing to us when we listen to that?

I guess everyone is different. Songs affect us in so many ways, and if you genuinely don’t like a song, you’re put off from the first few notes starting (I know I am).

But maybe we should review what we listen to. Is it good for my soul? Is it uplifting me? When I listen to this, does it make my day better or worse?

I think a sort of scanning test for a good solid week should do it, listen to each genre on different days, and at the end of the day, ask yourself a few questions and see how you feel.

Sound is just vibrations. Thus, music is a collection of vibrations. Vibrations in different frequencies, tones, keys, pitches, words, alter our perspective and our own vibrations.

Theres a reason why spell words are said aloud, they are literally altering reality. The vibrations from your mouth are the magick & are far more powerful then just saying them in your head. I would say that yes it is powerful to affirm things in your mind, but you would have to do it a number of times to be as potent as saying it aloud.

I might make a post later on which will outline how to use music in magick.

Thank you all for reading,

Best Blessings,



Brisbane Adani Protests

Just. Fucking. Stop.

I can’t even get to work ontime. My buses don’t even go to the city and I was affected! My bus was held up by about 100 buses infront of us! Do you know how much fuel waste that is? More than the Adani project put together.

So take your heads out of your asses. Go get a job, like everyone else. Stop fucking around. This is Australia, not The Green’s Country. Not, Hippie City. Not My-Ideas-Are-Better-Than-Yours Nation.

Get the fuck out and get lost.

Do you know, exactly, how long it takes to mine out of the ground the heavy metals and lithium for those batteries sitting in every electric car?

Do you know how electricity is made? Even?

Do you know, that not everything thats marketed as ‘green’ is green?

It’s like theres a van diagram of idiots who don’t know that a vegan, fat free, lactose free, meat free, everything free diet is actually NOT good for you, and people who think 1 massive mining project is inherently WORSE than any other fucking engineering project is just a big.



So stop gluing your asses to the street. Stop protesting in the city.

Because the amount of pollution from doing these acts are actually greater than the things you are, vainly, trying to stop.

Do you really think protesting in the city is going to actually stop a government approved development? No, it’s actually going to do fuck all, if you haven’t read the legislation.

So I suggest before you make an idiot of yourselves, put your asses and heads down, shut up, and get an actual 9-5 JOB.


Angry Pagan,

Angry Engineer,

Angry Witch,

Angry Human Being.



If you support the Anti Adani protestors, get the fuck off my blog.


For those of you who want to read up:








Ways to Connect: Element of Air

Heya everyone, Mysty here with her first Ways to Connect post.

If you don’t know what this is about. Please go check out Ways to Connect: Introduction. https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/07/13/ways-to-connect-introduction/

Air, is one of my old time friends. No, seriously, I’ve been friends with Air since teenage years and it all started with just intuitively singing to the wind. That’s it, really.

If you would like a rehash on that, please go check out: Tune Tuesday: An Ancient Wind Song. https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/05/07/tune-tuesday-an-ancient-wind-song/

But this post isn’t about me, its about helping you. So let’s see if we can expand on these connection ideas.

Air’s Court.

Air is in charge of quite alot.

Clarity, Intellect, Research, Clear mind and body, flight, birds, feathers, Air related Stones & Crystals such as Clear Quartz, Cleansing, and Knowledge.

Air is also linked to the psychic gifts of clear hearing and clear knowing.

The list could go on. But if you haven’t read The Witches Pyramid/ The Powers of Magnus, then ummm, what are you doing here? Go back and read that.

Some links to good posts about this can be found here:

Once you’ve read the above links or at least 2 of them, come back to this post.

In future posts of Ways to Connect, this Air post will be linked so you, reader, can please use these links above to get a feel as to why the elements are set out in this way.

Ways to connect

The ways that I connect to Air & some other suggestions. I’ve probably done these at least a dozen times each myself. I wouldn’t be recommending these methods if they didn’t work:

  • eating a fruit that I associate with air, which could be something like a dragonfruit (because it’s roots don’t actually need any soil, I’ve seen it growing roots around trees, well above the ground.
  • Developing my intuition using exercises such as meditation, divination, items and photos
  • Read, read, read! Get your knowledge on. Research your favourite topic or something you thought you would never dream of even touching. Explore.
  • Go outside on a windy day and fly a kite. feel the wind on the kite and try to connect to the wind or the kite as much as you can
  • Sing in the wind. Or sing to the wind.
  • On a windy day, go outside for a stroll and ask the wind to cleanse your body’s aura of negative built up energy.
  • Incorporate more things associated with Air into your daily life or practices. Light incense, make an incense fan out of feathers. Go hunting for woods or sticks of trees that are related to Air.
  • Play some music. Meditation music. Pipes, bagpies, wind pipes, organ, xylophone, wind instruments.
  • Singing Bowls
  • Try cleansing your room or house using sage smoke/incense/ singing bowls or clearing music or a combination of these things and feel the difference in your house.

Thanks guys for reading as always,

Take Care, Best Blessings you guys,



Ways to Connect: Introduction

Hey guys. Mysty here! Back with another post. So I’m basically completed with the Elemental Spreads series. It was really fun. But now, what to talk about after?

I feel like sitting down in a comfortable room is not necessarily ‘connecting’ to the Spirit of the Element, during those Tarot/Oracle Card Spreads. Those spreads required a bit of time with those elements first before diving into them.

How I normally do a spread is meditate first upon either the Deity that I’m going to talk to or the Element I’m going to converse with. But this definitely requires having already developed a nice, clean relationship with that said Body. May it be a Spirit of your ancestor or a Spirit Locoli, you need to take the time & effort to get to know them first before asking them for they’re help.

So, how the hell do I get to that stage? You might ask. Well, it’s simpler than you think.

In this mini series we’re going to dive into that concept very deeply and hopefully you get something out of these posts. Then, after you’ve done some of these exercises you can attempt my lovely Elemental Spreads series!

How it will be set out.

Just like my Elemental Spread Series, it will be organized by Element/Body. By Body, I mean it could be any inanimate object, Place, thing, Ancestors & Spirits, Deity/Source, or Energy, that I would like to talk about.

It’s really important in paganism & witchcraft to:

a) be aware of the influences of energies around you. Both from things, people, places & Spiritual entities

b) be aware of maintaining and developing your own energies

c) understand the interaction, development, growth and expansion of these energies & spiritual influences over time & places.

If you’re not convinced that these are essential parts to, well, any Craft. Go have a long, long read of Rain Bottle Spell. A Previous Post of mine. It can be found on my archives page or through this link: https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/04/17/rain-bottle-spell/

Why am I doing this series?

Because I would like to help YOU do these things more easily. Simple as that.

Also, it will be a precursor to the Elemental Spreads Series.

When is it coming out?

Pretty soon. I’ll be writing it from now on until I feel like I’ve said enough XD.

Thanks for reading as always,

Best and Highest Blessings,



Thoth’s Wonderful Library of Wonders.

Hello everyone, it’s your host Mysty. Welcome to my blog and I hope you have a good week so far.

Having Thoth as a Patron God is really the bomb. If you have him as a friend he can lend you some of his recommended books in his library.

Well, his Etheral Library. It’s really, really big guys. Probably has an infinite space and information. The Ancient Egyptians believed that Thoth, or Djehuti, had the task and privilege of keeping record of all that has happened, is currently happening and will happen.

You can assess the Library in a couple of ways.

Entrance/Access to Thoth’s Library Collection

Access could be as easy as, Hey Thoth, which book do you recommend for me? During a meditation when calling upon him, He’ll probably direct you to the equivalent book. For example, he directed recently to The Ultimate Book of Energy Manipulation, & What you Need to Know about the Underworld.

Sometimes during my dreams I have physically read the books. But now a days, my dreams sort of manifest as to how Thoth would like me to use the information day to day. He told me recently that “You subconscious is nearly in my Library all the time, other than when you’re sleeping and gone off to other worlds. But in your waking life, it’s here because you want to keep learning at this time. Gathering information is important at this point of your Practices and Journey’s. What you’re doing does come from your heart, but its also coming from what you subconsciously know and learning about.”

During the meditation, you can ask Thoth for access to his library (if you don’t have access). If you’re lucky enough, you’ve seen him working at his desk (writing with a quill onto heaps of scrolls and books) in previous conversations with Him.

This means that you already have access. He loves to multitask so for me he’ll normally be either organizing his shelves or writing, he’s never not doing something. He’s a busy God! He has a lot of responsibilities.

After Access

Looking on the internet or in your local library once asking for his information could be a very valuable search. Make sure to give him some offerings after. (He loves fruit btw).

Secondly, it could be easy as asking him a few questions using a Tarot reading for some answers. Which may direct you to a great amazon review of a new occult book.

Tarot readings are great because they can easily give information, guidance and physical advice from him.

The best course of action is to follow your gut & look out for the signs that yes your subconscious has recently looked at the book he recommended. He’ll only recommend something thats purely for your benefit at the time.

For example, if you suddenly know what to include into this difficult spell, or find it easier to look at auras or something and its related to Thoth’s recommendations, that is 100% from him.

Thank you for reading everyone. May Source bless you in the ways you need for this month.



Elemental Spreads: Wood

Hello guys, Mysty here back with another Elemental Spreads post.

I love these posts because they show which elements I enjoy connecting to and then I get to share it through something that you can actively do to connect to the elements I have relationships with.

I regard the Local spirits as their own elementals. Not The Elementals (In capitals means the big bad boys which are fucking huge spirits, which high magick calls upon to keep the walls of magickal circles up in ceremonial magick).

Local Spirits are a part of the greater elementals yes, but they are not them in they’re entirety, no. But The Elemental Spirits are there out in the wild and you can interact with them, just takes a lot of energy. I rather work with some smaller elementals so they can spread the message about the Spell/Ritual like I did back in Rain Bottle Spell. (A previous Post)

Again, these are just my opinions. I’ve come across many witches and pagans with this same belief as me (hard animism) but you could have totally different belief than this.

With that out the way, lets dive into this Wood Elemental Spread group.

Wood, or Trees, or whatever you would like to call this element, is basically characterised and acknowledged in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and many other health practices.

During my life, I’ve had so many treatments from these types of practices that it would be a contradiction & a shame if I didn’t place Trees and Wood Spirits & as one of The Elemental’s into my own personal practice.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a Chiropractor or Acupuncturist, but they both have similar charts, depicting actually a pentagram (which is sort of hidden in the works there) and actually the 5 points of the graph relate to certain organs, nerves, muscles and mental emotion/thought group, and each point is corresponding to an element. Air, Water, Earth, Fire & Wood. When doing an NET, (Natural Emotional Treatment, I believe don’t quote me lol), the chiropractor will basically test all possible outcomes of the bad joint/bone/muscle/organ function and get back to the root reason why said thing is sore or unwell.

The element of Wood, if you think about Tree Roots, they go deep, just as our emotions, thoughts and feelings. Our subconscious may manifest different problems within a physical problem, but may ultimately have started out of stress, burn out & various other causes.

That, finding the root cause, is exactly, what the Wood Element means to me. That’s what I’m going to share with you today.

These spreads, like all future & previous posts, can be directed to anyone. Your higher self, the spirit of your deck, an ancestor, a local spirit, anyone.

Spread 1: Following the Clues

1: What is the core issue of the situation? <The Root>

2: How does this core issue manifest in my reality? (Physical = Pentacles, Emotional = Cups, Person = Character card, etc.)

3: How is this issue currently affecting me?

4: What is the main course of action I should take?

5: General advice/Final Comments/Main advice going in for solving this?

Spread 2: Why am I craving this?

1: Card to represent your craving (known or not) (picked out of deck)

2: The real reason why this craving exists.

3: How this craving can be balanced out properly.

4: First steps into the correct direction to do (3)

5: General Advice/Final Comments/Main advice going in for solving this?

Spread 3: Roots run Deep.

1: Why do I dislike this person? What is the subconscious reason?

2: How is this manifesting in my life?

3: Should this person be in my life at the moment?

4: How should I deal with them?

Thank you all for reading today. Hope you have enjoyed my new posts this month & if you have any questions feel free to comment on any of my posts.



Elemental Spreads: Spirit

Hello guys, Mysty here. Back with more Tarot/Oracle Spreads.

Today is about Spirit. This isn’t important to everyone’s practice, but generally when I say ‘Spirit’ or ‘Spirits’ I’m usually talking about actual Elemental Spirits, Earth-bound Spirits which are dead humans which haven’t been mourned properly and need assistance to get to the Spirit Realm, or its just the over arching term of Spirit.

Spirit as an umbrella term is more about Deities, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Angels, Guides, Spirit Animals, Totems, Local Spirts (Called Spirit Locoli sometimes), Physical Elemental Spirits like Lake ___ Spirit. It’s really an over arching term for anything that is classified a spirit or higher being.

So, these Spreads will hopefully touch on some things that you may associate with the term, Spirit or Spirits. If you don’t believe in Spirit or Spirits, then that’s okay, go check out my other posts 🙂

Spread 1: Heard not Seen

This Spread is only for talking to Spirits, opening up a conversation with them. This is very much like how I do it; but in spread form: (Open up a session when talking with a particular spirit)(Only for psychics and mediums pls)

1: Spirit, how would you best describe your situation currently?

2: Spirit, have you seen the light of the Spirit Realm?

3: Spirit, can you give me some clues as to which ancestry line you come from?

4: How can I help you at this time?

5; Spirit, is there any other information you would like to add at this time?

(Either continue the reading with the spirit using Tarot or other methods or Close Off, Thank the Spirit for coming, and firmly say Goodbye)

Spread 2: Ancestors

Ancestors are, basically the revered dead (honoured). Normally the ones that you communicate to have seen the light (successfully been mourned, are on a scale of enlightenment/towards being a higher being), have alot of knowledge in the fields that you are interested in, and thats why they are contacting you or, are need of some assistance of some kind, or you need some assistance, or they’re just cool and they want to come talk to you.

1: Ancestor, which line of mine do you originate from?

2: Ancestor, What is the main message that you would like to convey?

3: Ancestor, is there anything I need to do for you?

4: Ancestor, is there any information about this that you would like for me to receive?

5: Ancestor what is your advice moving forward?

Spread 3: Spirit Guide

Choose one of your Spirit Guides to communicate with first.

1: Spirit Guide, what is the overarching theme of your message?

2: Spirit Guide, what is the most crucial thing for me to learn about this situation?

3: What is your advice on this situation?

4: Are you the best Guide for this, or is another Guide suited for this?

5: What medicine (animal/life energy) should I call upon, if needed?

6: How can I develop a stronger relationship with you personally?

Spread 4: My Spirit

1: Higher Self, what does my Spirit need at this time to keep in balance?

2: Higher Self, how should I go about providing this?

3: What are the advantages if I do?

4: What are the disadvantages if I don’t or what will I miss out on?


The Magick of Mount Wellington, Tasmania

Hello everyone! Mysty is here! Back with another smashing post.

So, today I wanted to briefly talk about my experiences and connections made on Mount Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania.

Mount Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania.

Oh. What a beautiful place. Holy shit guys. It was absolutely fantastic, even when the January fires of this year were tormenting the whole island and the air around the Mountain in all directions was full of smoke I still had a blast.

If you’re wondering, the background photo on my pages was taken a-top Mount Wellington, if you wanted to know.


The place felt like I was transported to another world. It’s apparently a sacred mountain to the indigenous Aboriginal community and has a few legends of its own.

What I got from it was this punch of overwhelming power. It was as though someone set of a giant explosion of energy and opened up a gateway to the Overworld.

I found the portal, and soon got over there. The whole top of the Mountain is covered in what looks to be weathered Andesite or Diorite (or Granodiorite) <It depended on which area you went to, but the mountain is obviously covered by igneous rocks> (Just a quick Geological Assessment but it may be slightly off, hey, I’m not a Geologist & I only had 1 day there with 0 tools but this is just my analysis)

So there was these Andesite/Diorite fingers. Looong shaped, roughly weathered, smooth edges. Beautiful. It was like the Mother’s personal hands. It was absolutely amazing. If you closely look in a photo there’s one laying down in the bottom right section. (Just imagine them sticking up like blades of grass everywhere, then large boulders, smaller rocks, pebbles and hardy shrubs dotting the horizon.


The portal to the Overworld was situated on a large, dome-like Andesite/Diorite rock. Not too off looking like Uluru, which had a few of the Fingers around it.

(Since I was on holiday I had no tools) I quickly consecrated a wand from a suitable stick, blessed it to the Goddess, and proceeded with a ritual.

The ritual was a dedication of me to the Craft. To me being a Witch. To my love of the Goddess. The Mother who gave me life, breath and this body. I gave much thanks & offered her my life in return of her blessings.

I thanked the Spirits of the local area too. I didn’t want to leave them out. The wand was ultimately put back into nature to serve as a thank you to the time I spent up there and not only leaving a piece of me behind, but leaving a connection behind so I could easily return in Astral form. (Yep guess what I did later!)

The wand, because I don’t actually use wands, was not consecrated for using in the ritual, just a pure connection from me to the land.

What I did during the ritual was simply place my hands on the large, Uluru like stone, and just talked to the Goddess. That’s it! Only prayer, intentions, a bit of energy work, grounding myself there, feeling the wind, connecting to the Spirit Locoli’s.

This was before I had any Deities watching over me. Before Bastet, Thoth, Seshat & Athena came along. I just spoke to the All-Deity. Source. Mother. Father. Great Spirit.

It was truely a blessing to be there in such a sacred place. The Wind cleansed me from top to toe. The Earth with this massive mountain underneath me grounded me to my Mother and the Portal helped me connect to Spirit.


Months and months later, earlier this year I travelled to the Mountain to cleanse my energy yet again. But something was different this time. Something was so so magickal.

So perfect. Because I did that ritual beforehand, the journey was so strong. My physical body was crying and sobbing, overcome with the energy and the healing medicine of Mount Wellington was filling my body. It was a guided journey and I feel like my practice has definitely benefited from dream work and Journeying so far.

It was the craziest journey I’ve had yet and to this day one of the most powerful and life changing experiences I’ve had. Don’t under-estimate the power you have or how you can easily connect to the spiritual energy of a physical, sacred place.

I’ll never forget Mount Wellington. Tasmania is an amazing place to visit and I’m definitely going back someday.

Thank you for reading everyone. May Source shine down on you highest blessings,



Nah, I’m not paying…

Hey guys, me Mysty here. So, this post will be a little different to what you’re normally used to. This is just I guess, one of my opinions or viewpoints on quite a serious topic, Dietary Requirements.

I don’t know, maybe its just Australia thats expensive with marketed items like gluten free, vegan friendly, lactose free, soy (which is lactose free but sorry for those that are allergic). Some requirements are not at all at what you would think.

Mine are quite weird. I’m highly sensitive (will get pretty sick but won’t die, don’t worry), to a few things:

  • egg, lactose milk & dairy products, bread (especially wholemeal), and a few other vegetables such as mushrooms. I love mushrooms so I’m going to keep eating them haha.

But why, out of all things, should someone, who is either sensitive or allergic to these things should have to pay more for options without these ingredients?

I just find it hard to understand, why do I have to pay for who I am!? Like, why does Joe get a meal average less expensive then me just because I cannot have egg?

I’m baffled Australia. A Barista this morning told me that would be 50c more for Soy milk? That is my dietary requirement!!! What is your problem? Can’t your business actually hold water because a few of your customers want soy as an option?

A number of baristas here do that. But also a few of them choose not to charge anything for different milks and I am really grateful for that. As a Student, I don’t have a lot, so I am especially grateful for they’re choices.

So am I going to back up businesses that make money upon people’s weaknesses? Think again.

Thanks for reading guys. Hope you are not tired of my Elemental Spreads. It’s just a cool thing that came to mind to write about that readers could actively do, not just read. It’s been getting a lot of views so thank you guys sooo much.

More Elemental Spreads coming out soon, and more Magick from me,

Best and Highest Blessings,



Elemental Spreads: Earth

Hello everyone, Mysty here. Back with another Tarot/ Oracle Card spread.

Today is centred on the element Earth. It’s such an important one because Earth keeps us grounded during meditations, before and after ritual, or during the day time for us pagans (and hopefully witches too). It helps us discern true from false, it helps us see clearly. Without Earth we probably wouldn’t be able to a lot of things.

Earth is associated with pentacles (if your practice uses them, I rarely do), the Earth itself, our individual bodies, most root-y herbs, and cultivate peace and harmony.

Spread 1: Is this right?

1: Is this ___ (situation) right for this time in my life?

2: Will it be beneficial for the future? (Yes/No)

3: For Yes/No, why?

4: How do I continue to be grounded during this situation?

Spread 2: I am the Mountain

1: What has made me stronger?

2: Why has this made me stronger?

3: How can I remind myself of my strengths?

4: How can I continue to develop my strengths?

Spread 3: You are my Rock.

1: Who am I relying upon at the moment in general?

2: Who am I leaning on for my emotional health?

3: How can I grow to be dependent from these people?

4: General Advice?

Spread 4: Earth my Body.

1: What new exercise should I put into my routine?

2: What foods should I enjoy more?

3: What foods should I eat less of?

4: What will help me keep balance between my physical, mental and spiritual health through this month?

Thank you all for reading. Hope these Elemental Spreads are a bit different to what you’re used to and hopefully you can use them.

I recently did one of the Air Spreads yesterday morning and it was totally fantastic, couldn’t have asked for a better spread. Hopefully you think so too.

Cheers guys! Look out for more Elemental Spreads from me this week.



Elemental Spreads: Air

Hey everyone, Mysty here! Ready for a new post? Let’s go!

Air is one of the elements I am really passionate about. I feel like its not talked about enough, and I’m really proud of having a connection to The Wind and Wind Spirits, I absolutely adore them. They are so sweet and kind and blessed the land with Rain when I asked them for help.

They are full of generosity and kindness, they should get more attention from us pagans. The Element of Air rules knowledge, wisdom, the mind, meditation, athame/wand depending on your tradition.

Spread 1: Fly like the Wind

1: What aspects of my life should I develop more closely this month?

2: What actions should I take to develop these?

3: What knowledge do I need to continue to grow in this aspect?

4: What is your birds-eye view and overall opinion?

Spread 2: Music in the Soul

1: What makes my heart truly sing?

2: Why does it make my heart sing?

3: What should I do to develop this further? What flow pattern should I put into action?

4: Is this a essential part of my life or a side-line?

5: What advice would you give to me about this during the coming month?

Spread 3: Mind Magick

1: What should I be focused on this week?

2: What should I let go of this week?

3: Why (for Card 1)?

4: Why (for Card 2)?

5: Overall advice? (Optional)

Spread 4: Uniqueness

1: What special talents do I have that I am un-aware of?

2: What advice do you give to develop these unique gifts?

3: Can these unique gifts be incorporated into my Practice?

4: What knowledge and experience do I need to continue growing this new gift in the future?

Thank you guys as always for reading. Hope these spreads inspire you to create your own and possibly use these or they’re concepts.



Elemental Spreads: Fire

Hello everyone, Mysty here. Hello! I wanted to do something a little bit different today. I wanted to do a few Tarot & Oracle Card spreads and over a couple of days I’ll be doing a few of them, and each set of layouts will be centred around one of the elements.

The purpose of these spreads is to get in touch with different elements. How they feel to you, how they impact your life. Maybe you might have a good relationship with one element. Like me with fire, since I’m a fire sign. These spreads will hopefully foster new growth in each element.

Spread 1: Building a relationship with Fire

1: What should I do this week to develop a relationship with you, Fire?

2: Fire, what advice do you have for me in relation to my passions?

3: Fire, what advice do you have for me in relation to my talents?

4: What should I burn out of my life?

5: Which relationships require more of my attention this week?

Spread 2: Fire in your life.

1: What should I put more passion into this week?

2: What should I put more energy into this week?

3: How do I accomplish (1)?

4: How do I accomplish (2)?

Spread 3: Taking control of the Flames

1: What fires are getting out of control in my life?

2: What should I do to control these flames?

3: What’s the immediate actions I should take to start this process?

4: Any advice moving forward/ Something to look out for?

Spread 4: Camfire

1: What skills/ talents do I need to be aware of?

2: Which of these should I warm up to at this time?

3: How do I go about nurturing these newfound talents?

4: What hobbies are useless to me in the future?

5: How do I get rid of these to make way for the new?

Hope you all enjoyed this post. Keep a look out for new ones. I’ll be doing Water through to Storms, not just the 1-5 elements, I’m going to branch it out because elements and Elemental Spirits are very important in my practice.

Highest Blessings,



Conglomerate Stone: Retrieving Soul Fragments.

Hello everyone, Mysty here. Just wanted to quickly share today about one of my favourite stones, my personal Conglomerate.

My Personal Conglomerate. I know it doesn’t look like much, but this is a powerful stone.

Last week I shared about the things you could do in your Pagan and Witchcraft practices when you have barely any time & a small spell. If you would like to review them go check out my last two posts.

If you think about it. Conglomerate is a perfect stone for retrieving soul fragments. Why? Because its made up of tiny little stones, into a larger stone. It’s made up of fragments! It is one big whole, made of smaller pieces which embodies the energies of exactly retrieving soul fragments. It probably possesses multiple souls of each individual stone. There’s probably sand, mud and I can see bits of quartzite at the bottom. How do I know its a Conglomerate? Easy. I’ll zoom in for you just here. I also nearly have an engineering degree, and one of my favourite subjects we had to do was Geology. So I remember all the various terms there are.

Zoomed in photo, where you can clearly see each individual stone. (Sorry for photo quality)

Just a reminder, not every stone is (a) going to co-operate with you (b) going to work the same with you as it does for me (c) going to open up to you from the get go.

I’ve had this Conglomerate for around…hmm since I was 7 years old. I found it in my backyard and I used it to crush shale stone and other herbs when I was mucking around as a kid. So it really had a while to get used to my local area’s energies and my own.

This stone has definitely helped me retrieve alot of the parts of me which were missing, in the ethereal plane, where the parts of you which were present at the time of trauma have been lost and disconnected from yourself from & since the time of the event.

Again, as my disclaimer clearly points out, I’m not a health care practitioner, aka, not a Doctor. So, my advice is purely for spiritual purposes only, not mental health.

With that out the way, lets dive into the method I use:

General Method to Retrieve Soul Fragments

  • Start by getting comfortable & in a light meditative state
  • Then have a selection of stones in front of you & ask them individually if they have a talent or skill in retrieving soul fragments. If this is unsuccessful then unfortunately you cannot continue the next steps until you either use a drumming trance technique or find another stone for this.
  • Using the stone which feels right, place it gently in your hands like a cradle and begin a slightly deeper meditation.
  • Think about a particular time which was traumatic and go back there. Think about as much detail as you can, but only as much as you’re comfortable with. We don’t want any negative effects from going back there.
  • Find yourself in the area of the trancelike dream and make your past self’s body aura what ever colour you like. I normally go for a pink/purple for the ethereal realm.
  • Now zoom out your view of the event /or/ walk back with your coloured aura all the way back to where you are sitting in the present.
  • Make the part of your soul fragment smaller and denser and insert it using the power of the stone into a place within your own aura where it needs to go. It will find its way there.
  • Raise yourself back up to normal consciousness and out of the meditative state. I normally wiggle my toes and fingers & open my eyes.


  • I’m not sure what results you will experience after completing this. But for me, I’ve experienced a clearer and healthier mind, better meditation and a lighter body after doing this meditation.
  • It feels like a burden has lifted, your aura is more alined and your soul is back on track.
  • There could be negative effects from doing this without proper meditation and trance experience. I suggest doing meditation until you are satisfied with your progress before attempting this method.

Thank you all for reading!

Best and Highest Blessings.



How to Cut Someone Off

Hey guys, me Mysty here. There’s been a uprising of many people on the internet, with various stages of coming out, such as the #metoo movement and the like, which is really highlighting the flawed society Western Culture has, but it’s also given the larger, worldwide community a platform to talk about such things.

Today’s spell is curtesy of yours truly, who has, gone through her own sexual assault. I’m not going to get into the details, but its a harsh memory and it’s well on its way out of my circle of influence.

This spell’s purpose is to, well, cut the ties you might have to an abuser, a bully, someone that you want to get out of your life, a thorn in your side.


  • 2 candles
  • 1 thread/string/piece of thin root (I used Sitratro root which has been stripped in half when raw and left to dry outside before using a thin, long bit) (One of my posts have talked about it in more detail) (Plant Series: Do humble backyard weeds have a purpose?: https://mystnokomis.home.blog/2019/03/30/do-humble-backyard-weeds-have-a-purpose/ )
  • New matches
  • scissors/ knife/ sharp thing
  • Old used matches
  • Intention & Visualisation


Get in the mood. Get in the zone, this one is relatively on the fence of a curse & a charm. It doesn’t necessarily do damage and it doesn’t necessarily do any healing. It promotes said person to get out of your life or to remove their influence. I’ve been having alot of re-occuring dreams with this person, and its time to get rid of them!

Second, bring your visualization. You’re going to take your thread and put it out in front of you. Imagine the person right in front of you. What they smell like/ their attitude/ their essence. Cut the thread in half.

The side closest to you represents you, and the side closest to them, represents them.

Be careful with this next part. Place their piece, the one end of the thread directly into the flame of candle #1. My root took a while to burn and was safe with my fingers. But be careful with yours, maybe even use two old matches like chopsticks to hold it over the flame.

Watch it burn. Let it sink in. That person is gone from your life & so is their influence.

State either out loud or in your head that this persons influence is truly gone, your life has no space for them and neither does your mind.

Next, take your side and put it into candle #2’s flame, stating out loud or in your head, “___ influence is gone, they are dead to me, I, myself, am free” Or something along those lines. A sort, potent line is best.

If any bits dropped into the warm wax of the candle, make sure theirs gets its way to the bin, a bin that is not in your room!! Please. I used an old match to scoop it out and chuck it in the bin.

If any parts of yours dropped into your candle, and you want to remove it, its safe to put it into a bin which is situated in your room.

<Your room/workspace is entirely filled with things that directly affect your body & aura, please don’t put baneful magick items or spell items in this area, they need to be disposed of properly. & I believe I have talked about this before>

Ground and Centre after finishing.


  • The same night of doing this spell. No dream! Yesss. It totally worked! Was so over those dreams, I had about a whole week worth of them. Now they’re gone. I’m really happy with this result guys!

Thanks guys for reading as always. I send my warmest regards to you and may your Gods bless you with a future ever so bright.



What to Witch when you have no time at all?

Hey guys, Mysty here! I have found a few slithers of time and here I am. I love my blog and I hope you all have benefited from my posts so far.

Its really important to me to keep going with My Craft, even though I may not have the right time carved out to do a ritual during the week. I barely have time to do anything of my choice between my family or my life.

Being forced into a degree I hate, a Church I dislike and a City I am not fond of anymore.

Everyday I wake up, wanting to be in some place else. A cottage in a thick forest, a mountainside retreat, a Buddhist Temple down the street (there is actually one down the street, very lucky for us). < and yes I knew it rhymed. Do it all the time.>

So between my life and trying to get my life to where I want it to be, how do I keep being a practicing Witch? (& Pagan).

I’m going to make a list of things that fit for both that I do on a regular basis, and also some things that I aspire to do on a regular basis.

Pagan Daily’s

  • I talk to my Gods & Goddesses. At the moment, Bastet, Athena and Thoth. I talk to them about random stuff & something that they might want to help me with at the time & then giving them an appropriate offering w/ a mini “Will you accept ~this offering~ in exchange to do ~this action~ Please/Thank you” Ritual
  • General offerings to my Gods & Goddesses, since they keep my house & things spiritually protected and purified. <When I say ‘purified’ it means the typical ‘cleaning/cleansed’ that other witches do say, but not with the -wipe the spiritual slate clean sort of cleanse- >
  • Rituals using herbs and/or trees and plants outside when I go for a walk. Doing a walking meditation while walking and acknowledging the sights and sounds I come across.
  • Talking to plants & having a good conversation with them.

Witchy Daily’s

  • Energy psy ball meditation
  • Candle or silent meditation
  • Meditation for cultivating peace
  • Sigil Spells
  • Warding my house, self healing, protection and/ or purification.
  • Divination
  • Writing in my Book of Shadows
  • Research & Listening to Podcasts. Read, read, read. Library when I can.
  • Purification of my tools, crystals, loose things, stones, etc
  • Finding good tools outdoors and respectfully asking for it, then dedicating it if successful
  • Putting back natural items which have completed their purpose. De-dedicating it, purification, thanking ceremony & placed back in a good wild-spot
  • Small rituals with my Deities when I can.

Aspired Daily’s

  • More focus on my psychic abilities and gifts. Nurturing them.
  • Focusing more on my manifesting powers & more spell work
  • More focused and twice daily meditations.
  • Doing a small course in meditation & asking my local Buddhist community.
  • Attending the Buddhist temple when I can.
  • Using my crystals more in my work
  • Wild crafting and using what I know about botany in My Craft.

Thanks for reading everyone!

What are your daily’s? What do you aspire to do daily in your Practice? Don’t feel like this is a pressure test. Doesn’t matter what you do or when you do it, but I feel like a regular routine makes our Craft grow and develop. Mine definitely has so far. I still have growing room & more to learn.

Highest blessings everyone, may luck find you well.



Simple Self Purification Ritual

Hello Everyone, Mysty here!

I’m so exited to be back on my blog and so how I’m going to tackle it is, JUST DO IT!


Yeah, so I’ll be doing my work when and where I can. I’m currently inundated with work, uni and life. So my blog took a backseat when I was in exam period. But will resume fully when I’m back to university next semester (in a month).

Self Purification made simple!


-Bath Salts

-Dried twig of rosemary intact

Reason: (To do self purification)

-cutting off curses, cutting off ties to other people, purifying your whole aura, purifying your spirit, purifying your spirit from other influences or spirits


1. With your ingredients, go into the shower.

2. Say the following for the salt: “This body of earth, i consecrate you for purifying my mind, body and spirit. So Mote it Be” (Visualizing what ever appropriate colour which comes to mind encasing and glowing from the object)

3. Say the following for the rosemary “This body of water, I consecrate you for purifying my mind body and spirit. So Mote it Be.” Same visualization with the rosemary (can be different in colour)

3. Proceed with the showering. Rub the bath salts on you, in your minds eye, spiritually remove, scrape off, discard (down the drain) any black or brown energy on you. There may even be an entity latching onto you.

4. With the tip of the rosemary, physically scrape a line, from the tip of your head, down to the middle of your body (in between your legs), down one leg then the other. Releasing the energy built up inside your spirit and your aura overtime. Visualizing it bursting outwards. The darkness, replaced by light of your choosing ( I normally choose either green, goldy white, white etc)

5. Do step 4 again, now starting from the tip of your head and going backwards, to the base of your head, all the way down to the start of your butt. Do the same visualization.

6. Make sure to get all the black stuff out of you and down the drain.

7. Protect yourself with your preferred shielding technique. Ground yourself with your preferred technique. Centre yourself with your preferred technique.


-Hopefully you’re not allergic to this method, but just test your skin before hand if you’re unsure.

-If it leaves a red line, it doesnt matter thats part of the process & it will be there for around 20-30 mins.

-(my skin is pretty sensitive, and I had no reaction. So you should be fine)

Cheers guys. Its good to be back.